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In a prior post, I discussed how most Lean practitioners focus primarily on the mechanical aspects of a process and often ignore the emotions of the customer. A Customer Journey Map is a document that visually illustrate customers’ processes, needs, and perceptions throughout their relationships with a company, or service(s). It is primarily an outside-in approach, taking the journey from the perspective of a customer. Here are a few steps that I’ve taken to effectively create an actionable Customer Journey Map.
Needs, Perceptions, Key Moments of Truth, and Wants must be known by this point in the process.
Gain empathy and clarity on exactly what our customers go through when they interact with our service. In which case having the customer explicitly involved in the mapping process is all important. After all my wife is frequently frustrated with me, but I am too thick skinned to notice it. I think for process steps that are, what can be considered, non-value-add but necessary given the current state of the system, I think this approach still applies.
For example, If I have to repeat my name and address to a customer service agent 2x when 1x is ideal given the state of the current call center tools, the agent can provide empathy, a joke, to make things lighthearted. Are there any web tools like Balsamiq that can help me generate a customer journey map…with ready-widget-libararies?
Pete – with the customer at the center of the Experience Map and the VSM, is there a way that you have reconciled these as one view or map? A customer journey map is really focused more on the emotional dimensions of the experience.

On the other hand, a customer journey map attempts to highlight the processing that occurs as a customer walks through the process – this processing represents 95% of the the mental processing that is not articulated but these emotional cues influence opinion, judgment, attitudes, and feelings toward the company, product, brand, or service. Very useful for capturing internal customer supplier relationships and can be an add on to a conveional value stream map rather than using a completely new template.
His work is used in case studies at the Harvard Business School, Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, and at Tepper School at Carnegie Mellon University. All software, cracks, keygen are tested and have no virus and under the protection of DMCA.
Copyright for all the images belongs to the original owners – no copyright infringement is intended. In other words, one can improve the process, but with complete disregard for the customer’s feelings as they go through the process. In this type of map, we’re actually highlighting the internal dialogue of the customer, and not just the process steps. So, the key is to identify the times when the customer is feeling anxiety, unhappy, frustrated – those are signals where an improvement must be made in order to improve the customer experience. This type of thinking can inform how we approach process steps that fall into this category. This approach should be used in conjunction with quantitative methods and continuous improvement. When the customer is feeling anxious, unhappy or unsure we need to look at the process and determine if the process or apart of the process is somehow contributing to the customers feelings.
One of the commenters on this post (Jennifer, see above), mentioned a tool her company develops for customer journey mapping that you might want to take a look at. Having put some time into setting in place Value Stream Maps and having them become a used and useful tool, I would like to find a way to layer these two approaches without having to have people reference two views of the impact of work on customers. A value stream map focuses mainly on visualizing the process and attempts to expose the 7 wastes, which are visible.
He helps companies like Amazon, Zappos, eBay, Backcountry, and others reduce costs and improve the customer experience.
What all of these have in common is that they highlight the process, time, inventory levels, and the actors. But, including the emotional aspect of the customer experience makes the story more complete, and can inform our approach – to improve AND perhaps even delight the customer.

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