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The game landed on consoles in mid-September, and has been breaking records and making headlines since.
Grand Theft Auto Online GTA Online is a dynamic and persistent online world for sixteen players. GTAV has gotten outstanding reviews and is one of the most complete games of one of the greatest game franchises in history.

Free Shark Cards are in limited supply so grab yours … GTA 5: Get FREE Shark Cards + Money Online! But the fun is not done yet.GTA has one more trick up its sleeve, which will be releasing this game on PC consoles. This content will take a look at when you can expect to see GTA on the computer and how the gameplay will run.The good news is that although it’s a bit later than Xbox and PlayStation, GTA will be released on the PC on November 22. Now, keep in mind that this is yet another date given by Rockstar games, and this may even be pushed out again as we get closer to mid-November.But in the mean time, fans who prefer to play PC games can get excited for that holiday season release. And with all of the hype and excitement that GTA V has already garnered, it only makes sense that a holiday release would be perfect for the PC version.As for the game itself, you can expect many of the same great options that are available on the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game.
You will have the opportunity of playing as one of three characters as you play through Los Santos as a criminal looking to make money and stay ahead of the law.The first character you will play as is Franklin, a street-wise gangster from the streets who is trying to shake the less-then-successful ways of his LS homies.

After a few missions with Franklin, you’ll meet Michael, who is a retired theft who made his millions years ago in a jewel heist gone wrong.We later find out that Michael was friends with Trevor, another playable character, and the two will again cross paths in this game. The players intertwine and interact with each other perfectly, adding to the dimension and entertainment of GTA V.All eyes will remain on that November 22, release date for GTA on the computer.
After all, not everyone in the world has an Xbox or PlayStation and computers are much more accessible in many places.

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