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Now talk to your heart’s content without worrying about phone bills or internet connectivity. All data plans are throttled after the customer uses the amount of data in their monthly plan.Those traveling to abroad can add a $5 monthly add-on which includes unlimited voice minutes to Canada and Mexico. For $10 a month, a customer can have 1,000 minutes to call more than 200 countries.It is clear from these moves that Virgin Mobile is aiming towards T-Mobile in their quest to retake the title of the #1 prepaid carrier. I was thinking this same $30 T-mobile plan but at a lower price since the talk and text would be taken away.
Are you sure those Red Pocket Internet-only plans are compatible with smartphones, or are they just for tablets?
A text is data, a call is data, everything that your phone sends still has to be encoded digitally and transmitted along the same network. Unfortunately, separating the two allows them to charge more which is why they have no incentive to change this practice.

In fact, the bandwidth required to watch YouTube on your phone far outstrips the bandwidth needs of phone calls and SMS messaging. Furthermore, VOIP and chat apps on cell phones are already implementing the exact same phone and text messaging capability that SMS and cellular voice provide.
The only thing we don’t have is a cellular plan from a major phone company that is data only.

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