So if you aren’t happy with your lack of a money tree, it’s time to start growing your own!
I’m teaching a course on how to use your archetypes to your advantage so that you stop doing the things that sabotage your efforts.  Grow your money tree and create a foundational system to make and keep more money!  If you are interested, click here for more info. When clients first come to us they typically have the same refrain: “I am paying salaries, sick pay, vacation pay, major medical, matching Social Security and Medicare, paying into unemployment and Workman’s Comp. What I’ve found a client really means is they want an idea that is not “outside the box”, that won’t increase their audit profile, an idea that won’t get them in trouble with Internal Revenue. Think about it this way: there is not a company on the New York Stock Exchange, a union nor government agency that doesn’t have a pension plan. The Money Tree or Jade Plant is probably one of the most tolerant house plants around, it can cope with poor light and little water so ideal for those less green fingered of us! Throughout the last 13 years, I have learned a lot not only about real estate but business in general.
This is probably one of my favorite topics, but I really am going to let the video reveal the rest.

Co-Founder of the National Association of Expert Advisors, Michael Reese had been one of Keller Williams' top 50 agents worldwide and is often ranked as one of the top 5 teams in the Southwest Region. So using the rules that are on the books to create a custom designed plan for the closely held business or professional practice may be the answer. In the future, monies coming out of an IRA or ?qualified plan are subject to ordinary income taxes. Look at it in conjunction with your CPA and make a business decision on what is right for your situation. I have failed multiple times in business, but not once have I stopped trying to find the BEST way to generate business and in turn, generate more money.
Last year we released the secret behind having your very own money tree in your business and it is surprisingly easy once you know the formula.
He broke the record for buyer sales for the Keller Williams franchise he worked out of in Frisco, Texas - one of the largest in the world.
Gone are the days of building the business and putting everything back into the company to grow.

In other words, consider a form of a pension plan (Known as ‘qualified’ because the contribution qualifies for an income tax deduction). They need to be allowed to dry out between waterings and just the occasional bit of plant food will see these plants thrive. Mike earned $1,000,000 in GCI after only his 3rd year in the business, and he's never made less since. To ensure that you get priority notification, click the link below to join the waiting list. How is the business set up, as a Corporation either S or C, as an LLC, LLP, PA, Partnership or Sole-Proprietor? He has spoken nationally and internationally on retirement plans, has been quoted in USA Today, written articles for several industry journals and has appeared on many financial radio shows discussing the topic of retirement and financial matters.

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