These diagrams are useful for explaining the concept of marginal propensity to consume (MPC). Actually, this fact it not so important when dealing with consumption functions, but it is very important if the y-axis is measuring planned expenditure.
Equilibrium national income occurs where Y = E, and this would be every point on the 45 degree line.
Anyway, the other line in the diagram is the one that represents consumption in the economy at each level of income. This next diagram shows the relationship between the consumption function and the savings function. The multiplier shows how the economy moves from one equilibrium point to another following a disturbance produced by a rise or fall in W or J. So, using the formulae, the value of the multiplier in the example above is 5 (1 divided by 0.2).
If we now bring in the government and the foreign sectors, the multiplier works in the same way, but there are more withdrawals from the economy.
Working with entrepreneurs in hundreds of dozens and dozens of industries and marketplaces I’ve seen a cross-section of what works and what doesn’t.
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Your “everyone” deal is for every patient who comes in the office for a consult, follow-up visit  or whatever.
The other day I ordered a computer monitors – well right when I was checking out there was a check box if I wanted to add another 12-month warranty and also another check box for an accessory pack. Believe or not – I’ve even seen a simple check box on an order form take a losing mail order promotion and turn it into a winner. Yes, I would also like to get the special _____ version that includes an additional ____ and ____. Or if you are mailing ANYTHING out to customers don’t overlook the opportunity to send out package inserts with your outgoing packages.
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Over the past 13+ years I’ve worked with a lot of different industries, marketplaces, niches, etc.
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We now assume that money is withdrawn from the economy via taxation and the purchase of imports. This means that is the Government increases spending by ?100m, the overall effect on UK real GDP will be less than ?200m.

When SSI Steel announced the closure of its plant in Redcar in September 2015, 1700 jobs were lost.
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Of course, we would need to assess redundancy money and benefit leves to get a more accurate estimate. And I hope that gives you a small inkling of the power this concept could hold for your business or practice.
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When injections are greater than withdrawals, economic growth occurs – the economy is moving by a dynamic process towards a new equilibrium. So you see, the MPW is likely to be well over 0.5, giving a value of the multiplier of less than two.
Real GDP will grow by ?200m after this initial injection of ?100m new Government Spending (G). This loss in jobs meant a reduction in consumer spending in the area, which will create further job losses in local shops that depended on the steel employees’ spending. So I negotiated with her and we got the car at the price she wanted and even got more for her trade than I expected from the dealership.
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When W is greater than J, a contraction (recession) occurs – the economy shrinks towards a lower level of national income. Notice that if you spend 60p of an extra ?1, you must, by definition, be saving the other 40p.
You can see from the diagram that with so many withdrawals, the amount of money that subsequently flows around the economy after the initial injection is much smaller. There will be a time lag between when the households receive their factor incomes and when it all gets spent. On this new page I let them that today only they can become a special “Gold” member for only $15 more and they’ll get 2 additional bonuses not available in the regular package.
The Sony Vaio Z Series is the best portable laptop on the market, but at ?2,400 is it good value for money? Titles like Rainbow’s Gold, Top Banana and Castle Wizard offer a high quality gaming experience that is not too unlike many of the top WMS slots. Keynes, who invented the concept of the multiplier, believed that Governments had a key role to play in influencing aggregate demand towards a steady state of economic growth. And then the money has to go round the circular flow again and again until the full ?125 million is finally spent. There is a downwards multiplier effect or net withdrawal from the economy which produces a cumulative loss of GDP.
Put another way, Governments could engage in fruitful economic demand management to help an economy out of a recession (defined as a fall in real GDP). Best stop reading now, because the next 1,200 words won’t make you feel better about your life. In a sense, the MPS represented the marginal propensity to withdraw (MPW), because saving was the only withdrawal.
On the other hand if you can consider spending ?500 on a pair of earphones find a comfy chair and start stroking your credit card because you’re about to learn these are the ones to get. In other words, households have to borrow money to consume, or dip into previously saved money, while they temporarily (one hopes!) have no income.
The initial ?100 million will multiply to give a final increase in total national income of much more than ?100 million.
In fact, there is a formula that you can use to find the multiplier, and then another formula that can be used to find the final increase in national income. And if this is something of a drop intro apologies, but value for money is the fundamental quandary when reviewing ACS‘s truly remarkable T2 monitors. Usually, the dealership doesn’t even make anything on the actual car – but they make tons of profit with all these upsells.

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