However, there is a neat little trick that forces Google to use it’s USA results, regardless of which country you search from. In a recent USA Today article, 5 Jobs Immune to Recession, they cited that the most in-demand government career is for Administrative services managers. Administrative services managers coordinate and direct the many support services that allow organizations to operate efficiently. Some agencies require occupational health and safety specialists to have a bachelor’s degree in occupational health, safety, or a related field, such as engineering, biology, or chemistry. Obviously one of your biggest tasks when you get to the America will be to find a job in the USA. First of all, before you can start work, you need to have your Social Security Number (SSN).
Try and match your job hunt to the area you live in, or be prepared to change the area to find suitable work.
These are jobs like warehouse work, retail, fast food, casual labor, security guards and so on. These types of job normally require that you have some sort of skill that has taken training or experience to acquire. I read that for example italian embassy will accept it in italian (?) but i assume this is not the case in us?
If we have a business in our country before going into a US, and do not want to sell this business after going to the U.S., but want to continue this business as a green card holder, are we allowed to do so?
Without a SSN, I could not get a credit card to start building history and I could not get a driver’s license, could not rent an apartment. The drivers license typically takes everything you know about PLUS proof of an address (apartment lease, utility bill and so on). Would have been safer if I had insisted to apply directly with the SSA after entering, though.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. One of the most challenging things for Internationals during job search is to find the list of companies that can sponsor H1B  visa.
One of the things we always wonder during job search is to get the magic list of H1B visa sponsors in that area. Search based on the choices, you will get the results and then you can see further details. The strategy for you look for a job in an area is to first get the list of the companies in your area and then sort them out based on criteria like number of visa filed, denied, if they are debarred or not, etc.
At present I am working at a Private bank since 1993 onwards handling Mortgage loan section credit processing and Foreign exchange dept.
Im Arun with 11+ years of experience in retail operations for hyermarkets,apparels and telecom industries. I have performed Retail store operations,merchandizing, strategy building and retail advisory roles. I’ve 16+ years of software development experience out of which 7+ years worked at Cleveland, Ohio Location on H1B. If I-140 wasn’t approved, then you need to go through the cap again as 6 year limit has been reached.
I am work courier company 8yers exprience courier services,I am looking for a sponser in USA any location is fine with me. I have 2 years of experience as Embedded software developer in India, also Have an engineering degree .Now I am looking for a Job in USA in the same field. I am working as a software tester in a IT company (India) and looking for job in USA or any where. I am working in IT company (India) as SAP-ABAP-Webdynpro-workflow and looking for job in USA .

I am looking for H1b visa sponsorship, having four year experience from Indian IT company and onsite experience too from HSBC Geneva Switzerland. I am anchal i am on H4 Visa i am looking for H1B sponsor ,i have experience in healthcare management. I am working for a MNC as Java engineer having 8 years of experience and looking for H1b 2016. I am looking for companies who can sponsor work visa in usa in the field of food technology.Please let me know.
I am a industrial engineer with experiences in production engineering manager and engineering planning & contractor affairs manager over 14 years of experience at car manufacturing company in Asia. With regard to the opening in your esteemed organization, I am looking forward for a sponsor in the manufacturing industry sectors. My previous experiences have supplied me with many skill sets that I can use during my tenure at the designated organization.
I will try my level best to utilize my skills and domain knowledge along with my commitment and hard work to become an asset for the firm.
This is very frustrating for those of us outside the USA who want to search Google specifically for American products, services or information. First-line administrative services managers directly supervise a staff that performs various support services.
For some positions, a master’s degree in industrial hygiene or a related subject is required. As part of your DV process you probably selected the option to have an SSN assigned for you. Your savings will dwindle very quickly (faster than you would believe possible), so it is good to get a job – any job. There is no point in moving to an area that just had the largest factory in town close down. Jobs like this would normally be easy to obtain, but the salary available will be fairly low. Types of work include construction trades (like plumbing, electricians), basic business skills (basic IT, sales, business admin functions) and so on. One excellent site I have used is Glassdoor – which provides salary ranges, reviews of the companies, information of what to expect in the hiring process and so on. It was not crowded at all and I got first at the security lines (there were no special ones for Immigrants). Which means still not being able to get a credit card and a driver’s license… Am I missing anything here, or is this how they expect people to just sit not doing anything for at least 5 weeks after they enter the country? I say the latter because if you are used to things being done efficiently the USA is about to teach you a lesson in patience. You don’t know the ways things are done and everything is a little different than you are used to.
Guess right now, being out of US, all I can do is hope to get it in the mail, get the number over phone with family at the address and open the bank account and credit card online.
Especially with the New H1B visa rules, it is getting even tougher to find a good H1B visa sponsor. I am working as Java developer with MNC and having total experience of 3 years in development. If I-140 was indeed approved and you have a copy of the receipt, then an employer (old or new) can file a cap-exempt petition for you on the basis of approved I-140. The information is more or less the same as referenced in this article, just that it is available on mobile phones for offline access. If you find this useful, we’d really appreciate it if you could use one of the social sharing buttons above to give us a share. They might, for example, oversee secretarial and reception services, administration, payroll, conference planning and travel, information and data processing, mail, materials scheduling and distribution, printing and reproduction, records management, telecommunications management, security, parking, energy consumption, and personal property procurement, supply, recycling, and disposal.

Mid-level managers, on the other hand, develop departmental plans, set goals and deadlines, implement procedures to improve productivity and customer service, and define the responsibilities of supervisory-level managers. There also are associate degree and 1-year certificate programs, which primarily are intended for technicians.
Most construction in the US is not brick construction – so your skills may not be as useful.
Jobs like this are often found through contacts, so developing a network of contacts is a crucial step. Gave the office the sealed envelope and passport, and in 5 minutes I had the endorsement stamp on the page next to the DV-1 visa, which makes for a 1 year temporary green card. When I asked to be able to apply for a SSN myself, they said that is done through Dep of Homeland and problems could arise because of a duplicate application, so they advised to wait 3 weeks. The fastest way is to not let USCIS apply and go to the ssa after being in the country a few days. Keep calm, be persistent and always ask the government staff to help you out because you are new in the country blah blah blah.
I went to the SS Admin in Alexandria a couple of days after entering the US and they didnt let me apply, advising me to wait 2 weeks. They manage support services for organizations as diverse as insurance companies, computer manufacturers, and government offices. Some mid-level administrative services managers oversee first-line supervisors from various departments, including the clerical staff.
So – a few days after you arrive in the USA, find the local SSA office (you can check that here ) and go in. You may have been a supervisor in your home country, but higher responsibility jobs require local knowledge. If you have a skill or a trade, you may find that trade is subject to licensing or insurance requirements that will take time to obtain. It helps to research what sort of company might require your skills within the area you choose to live, and in fact you may well choose the area based on the availability of work in your industry.
Mid-level managers also may be involved in the hiring and dismissal of employees, but they generally have no role in the formulation of personnel policy. So for example, someone supervising staff in the USA needs to know some HR rules, what is an acceptable way to address subordinates and so on. So – you may need to obtain casual work until you can improve your opportunities later. They will expect a more formal approach, probably fill in an application form, provide references and so on.
I am in NY this week, is it possible to apply from here or do I have to wait to go back to Alexandria in order to apply ? The interview to hire process for these jobs can be fast (next day or within days is not uncommon).
A new immigrant who expects to find this sort of work would be well advised to carry from the home country some letters of recommendation and history from former employers. You may check article Guide on How to Apply for H1B visa and Complete process for more info. You will need to take some ID (passport, and birth certificate is all you need for a DV winner). Employers will not really expect to see or check references, but once you have the job you are expected to perform well in order to keep your job.

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