The process required for an immigrant to better adapt to his or her new reality is getting a job.
Now, you are new to the neighborhood and not know anyone, or worse yet, no one in the entire city knows you.
The first thing you should know is that in Canada, unlike in Latin American countries, offers of employment do not have a wide range of distribution. Another way to get a job is through employment agencies (companies that act as some sort of recruiting agencies). The best way to achieve these good relations is to try to link and be related to organizations, clubs, and activities that will allow you to meet people who are already established in Canada. In addition, there is the Job Bank, a federal government agency, administered by the Ministry of Manpower and Training (HRSDC), where resources and provide information to people who are seeking employment.
If you take note of the following advice about how to carry out an effective job search in Canada, then you should be able to successfully find work and start a new life there. To choose a specific sector, think about your professional objectives: what you want from your career in terms of professional targets and what a company can offer you.
The CV and the cover letter are two fundamental pillars of the job search, no matter what country you want to work in.
There are also specific differences about the resume and cover letter in Canada than in other countries. Depending on the job position, you may also have to complete a psychometric, numerical, aptitude or knowledge-based test during this second interview. Remember that the interviewer will have read your resume and cover letter so you do not wish to repeat the same information during the interview. Consult our Canada job interview section to find more detailed tips to help you successfully overcome this step of the job application process.
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Job Junction at 6950 Mumford Road in Halifax, just across the street from the Halifax Shopping Center. We’re all looking for jobs that fit our previous education, personal interests, goals, desires and passions in life. TalentEgg is a job search site designed specifically for university and post-university students who are stuck in their job hunt.
The Career Edge Organization assist recent graduates (within three years of graduation) who are unemployed or underemployed find paid internships, varying in length from four to 12 months. If you are ready to unleash your inner tree-hugger, then GoodWork Canada is the site for you.
For the radical hipster, social activist, fervent foodie, or generally kind soul, Charity Village is a comprehensive list of employment opportunities for people searching for a job in the non-profit sector. One of the largest online recruitment and career management industries in Canada, Workopolis has extensive resources to help write a strong resume, calculate potential salaries, and alert you to possible jobs that fit with your needs and talents. Neuvoo is a Canadian job search engine that indexes jobs directly from companies’ career websites, placement agencies and job boards.
The government of Ontario provides a comprehensive listing of employment opportunities for students wishing to work within the province.

The Ontario government provides resources for youth and new professionals seeking employment in the public service.
FSWEP provides full-time secondary and post-secondary students with experience in the federal public sector in an area related to their field of study. Toronto Youth Employment Services (YES) is an easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate job board that lists employment opportunities for youth in the Toronto area. Kingston is Hiring was launched by the Kingston Economic Development Cooperation in April 2013, and advertises employment opportunities in the Kingston area. is a Canadian job search engine that allows you to search jobs by industry, location and the length of your contract. Better Canadian Jobs is a new national job board, designed to help you with the job search.
JobCareer allows job seekers to search through jobs from thousands of company recruitment pages and job board sites, upload and manage their resumes which can be discovered by potential employers, and read tips and advice on how to get a job. is an aggregator of job listings that lets you search for existing employment placement services job listings in Ontario. Creative Jobs Canada is targeted specifically to creative, marketing, media, and design professionals to connect them with employers working in those fields. offers applications, job tips, company overviews and career-related articles for major businesses to help Canadians find work. Ideally, look for official information from the companies in which you are interested to work at. For example, meetings in which large numbers of employers offer detailed information to potential employees; those are some sort of job fair. But do not forget that getting a job also depends on your professional skills and your attitude to overcome obstacles on the road. To do this you must read the job description carefully and then tailor your resume and cover letter to the requirements of the job offer. In Canada, for example, you are expected to include a professional objective at the start of your resume; consult our designated Canadian resume section to find out more. First, a telephone interview, with the aim of finding out if the information that you tell the interviewer matches that which you have included on your resume and cover letter.
Prepare for the interview by familiarising yourself with your previous work experience and academic history.
Your next step is to wait for a letter confirming that you qualify to be in the express entry pool.
After you set up the security question you may begin with your profile and start looking for suitable jobs.
This will speed up the processing of your Express Entry Application, and could allow you to get to Canada within 6 months.
There are a variety of online job banks that target their services towards a specific type of individual. This Toronto-based organization lists hundreds of internships, co-ops, summer jobs, student jobs, entry level jobs and early career jobs, available to search based on what you are studying. It has a large online job board devoted specifically to students, helping them land entry-level jobs, internships, and co-ops, and regularly posts articles related to job hunting and career prep. Filled with jobs aimed at the eco-lover, conservationist and environmentalist, this site is an extensive resource for those searching for a good job that they know will please Mother Nature. We centralise all jobs available on the web to help people find new career opportunities, much like a Google for jobs. The site provides everything from free job-search services and self-marketing support to job postings for a summer law student program and a stewardship youth ranger program.
It divides jobs by province, region, and job category to help you narrow your job search and find something that complements your skills, location and desired salary!
The site lists jobs that include everything from office work to lab work and jobs in information technology.

In addition to its job board, the site provides advice for youth attempting to start a business, workshops for those hoping to gain more training, and assistance for disadvantaged or low-income youth in the job hunting process.
Jobs are filtered by location, employment category, and employer for those seeking out careers in this region. The site also gives you the option of posting your resume or creating job alerts so that you’re notified when a posting comes up relevant to your search. You can post your CV, search through their job database, and contact individuals about the postings that interest you. Find job in Canada requires active job hunting and it applies to both immigrants and Canadian citizens.
Remember that the most important in order to get a job in Canada is to be aware of the work culture of this country. If you focus on one particular field, you can tailor your application and previous experiences to one area.
Knowing your response to these questions will also help you for the steps that we are going to discuss below. Next is the personal interview; a more in-depth, face-to-face session with the interviewer who will ask you more technical, competency-based questions. Also make sure you are prepared with some real world examples and anecdotes in which you demonstrated a particular skill in the past. They will then give you a letter with Express Entry ID number and Job Seeker Validation Number. She eventually opted for graduate studies at the London School of Economics, and thanks to several career websites in the UK that allowed her to look further into her career options, she found a job. FSWEP is the main agency used by federal organizations in the recruitment and hiring of students.
There are only few jobs which are open to citizens only whereas most jobs are open to hire immigrants and citizens. Lastly, be aware that an interviewer will be looking to catch you out and therefore may ask something slightly unnatural such as an account of your personal weaknesses. Wanting the same thing for young adults entering the workforce in Canada, she came back and started TalentEgg! It may be helpful for immigrants to accept the entry level jobs to gain valuable Canadian experience to build the foundation for better job opportunities in their profession. Immigrants must have Social Insurance Number (SIN) in order to legally work in Canada so all the employers will require this information. If you have not applied for SIN yet then first thing you have to do is visit nearest Services Canada location and apply for one. Use Employment Agencies: Immigrants can take advantage of many government employment counseling services to improve their skills. Depending on the place of residence, you might be able to find some good options available to you to improve your education and professional skills. Build Social Network: Networking has become one of the most important tool when it comes to job hunting in Canada.
So it is important that you go out and network with people you meet at job fairs or social gatherings in your neighborhood. Search Search for: Latest Guides May 21, 2016 0 What Documents Do I Need to Apply for Australia Graduate visa?

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