Become a member today of the Phillip Island RSL and gain access to heaps of great rewards, discounts and competitions.
Make it a habit to swipe your Membership card at the RSL Rewards Booth for the chance to win instant prizes or go into a draw to win monthly $50 venue vouchers. You can use your RSL Rewards card at all participating RSL’s across Victoria and receive reciprocal rights. Service Membership of the RSL is for anyone who is currently serving or has served in the ADF or any of Australia’s allied armed forces.
The Phillip Island RSL believes that your service is an invaluable contribution to our country so when you turn 80 we subsidise the cost of your membership. Affiliate Membership is a type of RSL membership that caters for family members of serving and ex-service men and women.

Social Membership is for those that would like to be a part of their local RSL Sub-Branch on a social level. The cost of joining as a student member of the RSL is $10.00, memberships are due by the 31st December each year. This is the very new update all major 3 search engines now improved their image Search Results Pages (iSERP).
Apart from iSERP design, Yahoo added some more quality images to their image search engine index. Pokemon - Mega Charizard X Action Feature Figure Watch out rival trainers, Battle Action Mega Charizard X is fired up and ready for battle!At 6" tall with eight points of articulation, no one can stop Mega Charizard X! Service membership offers serving and ex-serving personnel mateship and comradeship with others of similar life experiences.

Social Membership provides for the same benefits as Service and Affiliate members, however the right to vote on RSL matters does not apply.
With an effective tracking system and insurance program, EMS is able to offer a secure delivery worldwide.
Its purpose is to provide a form of RSL membership that maintains the ‘bloodlines’ of those who have served their country in both peace and war.
You can track your package with the tracking code provided and it will be delivered within a week.

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