Find out the information about the famous American art instructor, painter, and TV host in Facts about Bob Ross. The beauty of snowy Alaska became one of his main inspirations of his works in the future years. It seems that his decision to retire from the Air Force was correct for he became the famous worldwide host in The Joy of Painting. If you watch The Joy with Painting, Ross will show you the quick study technique of making oil painting.
On 4 July 1995, Ross passed away.  In the beginning of 1990s, he was diagnosed with lymphoma.
Facts about Byzantine Art present the information about the works of art of Byzantine Empire. Find out the African American sculptor who was linked with Harlem Renaissance in Facts about Augusta Savage. Ross had an accident which made him lost part of his left index finger when he worked as a carpenter along with his father. He changed his mind to become a painter after he believed that he could earn money more than in Air force.
But he stepped back from the show for it talked about the couple who were in business together. The famous TV program that he hosted is The Joy of Painting.  This program was very famous. Then he rose as the first sergeant at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska for Air Force Clinic.

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