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Global Forex Institute was established by Sandile Shezi and George van der Riet to bring affordable, effective Forex training that works, to the masses. Global Forex Institute prides itself with being one of the few establishments of its kind, solely owned by young South African entrepreneurs. Due to the strong belief behind formal education, Global Forex Institute was thereafter centred to close the gap between the ordinary man and the millionaires, particularly in the black communities by providing world class Forex training and mentorship. Sandile Shezi (CEO) is a serial entrepreneur and one of the most successful young black entrepreneurs in South Africa.

We're dedicated to helping you learn the exact strategies to saving big money every time you shop. Global Forex Institute has the experience and skills to teach the total beginner, as well as the professional, to perfect the art of turning time into money. It is due to our trading and training experience that our clients are given the opportunity not only to learn how to create wealth and income, but also understand that knowing what to do and being disciplined will determine the difference between being a trader or a gambler. Our advice is to place a small order with the lowest shipping charge, then go back and take advantage of the free shipping on larger orders! Global Forex Institute is the only company in South Africa that provides Forex Training not for income but to help curb unemployment.
Global Forex Institute pledges to empower the Nation with knowledge that could change millions of people’s lives and in the process change our country for the better.

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Global Forex Institute makes their money from trading and their results are on the website for everyone to see. The training that Global Forex Institute does is part of the community work and their way of giving something back.
With over 2000 clients trained Global Forex Institute is truly Africa’s leading Forex training provider.

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