As great as it is sending your Sim to pee and flirt with the neighbor’s daughter, those only give a small reward. The Sim Town is bursting with buildings to buy and build, and each of these buildings serve a purpose. Check The Sims Freeplay App on your Play Store for updates regularly because it occasionally gets updated for special events and holidays. While the flow of new Xbox games for Windows Phone has slowed this year, the number of free to play games in the Xbox lineup continues to grow. We’ll be profiling the In-App Purchases of each new free to play or IAP-heavy mobile Xbox title that comes along. The Windows Phone version of The Sims FreePlay has two types of currencies: Simoleons and Life Points. To access the store, select the purple shopping cart icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen. These are traditional Sims currency, represented by a green circle with a white shape inside. Pets: Your dog or cat can find various quantities of money and on very rare occasions, life points. Ghost hunting: Buy one or more haunted decoration items and your Sims can take up ghost hunting as a hobby. Competitions: After building a Competition Center, your Sims who have hobbies can compete to earn prizes, including Simoleons and Life Points.
Each subsequent houses and building you buy costs more than the one before it; eventually they get pretty expensive.
Whereas the sweet spot for Simoleon value is the $20 package, the $10 Life Point pack represents a fair value at a lower price. A curious aspect of the Specials section is all three items listed as 50-60 percent off Tropical Fish, Dress-up Chest, Wedding Bundle) seem to be showing up at regular price. There is just something about managing other people’s daily lives and watching them learn and grow that makes it so endearing.

From Shopping Malls that you can sell and buy stuff, to the Town Hall where you can learn woodworking and karate, to the Children School, there is no harm in expanding your town. In this Mystery Island, there are mysterious monuments and structures that you can build using rare resources that you gain from doing normal daily stuff with your Sims. For example, last month was the Christmas event and completing missions during the event will give you Christmas-themed stuff. The more often they work, the higher level they get in what they do, and the more xp and money they earn when they return from work. Well, when the next time your dog digs up something, praise it because it will dig up more the next time, and quicker. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. We’ve already looked at the IAPs of Six-Guns from Gameloft; this week we explore the purchases in Electronic Arts’ The Sims FreePlay for Windows Phone 8. Unlike many free to play games, players can earn both types of currency through regular gameplay – and I don’t mean by winning some daily lottery. Simoleons are used to purchase houses, buildings, businesses, furniture, appliances, and several other items. If you find yourself unable to afford a building or other expensive item needed for a goal or Achievement, your choices are to wait and earn the Simoleons or just buy them from the store.
Most importantly, Birthday cakes (needed to advance babies to toddlers and toddlers to preteens) and higher quality wedding rings cost Life Points. After maxing out a hobby, players can choose to start over in the hobby and earn the same rewards again. None of it is exclusive to the pack, but it’s essentially a $10 Simoleon package worth of items plus the five Life Points all for five bucks. Check back soon for our Sims FreePlay Achievement Guide, to be followed by our full review. Not only do they make you do very interesting things and act as a sort of tutorial for things you didn’t know existed, it also gives you rare Lifestyle Points that you can use for cool stuff and features.

The best part of it is that the competitions are based on the hobbies that your Sims can learn and level up on, so it really gives you the incentive to make your Sim a pro at something.
The best thing about it is that your Land Value goes up as you expand. The higher the value of your town, the more Lifestyle Points you get. Each structure or monument will give you special bonuses such as an increase in the xp or money you gain from baking, gardening, etc. One of my Sim’s houses was all decked out in red and white, Christmas Lights and even fireworks! Users who enjoy a game and feel motivated to purchase content can do so, while other players can simply play without spending.
Annoyingly, you have to choose an item and head to the purchase screen in order to actually view its price (just as with the iOS version). After your Sim finds the ghost, tap the red ghost icon and then tap the ghost three times before it escapes.
Of course, that means the low priced packs aren’t too great a value; the $5 pack provides so few Simoleons as to be practically worthless. The individual high value packages are still a better deal, but the bundle should do if you’re not looking to spend a lot. If you are having trouble progressing or just want some tips on getting more money, I hope this guide will help you.
Check in on the Competition Center regularly to send your best-leveled Sim to earn cash and Lifestyle Points. Participate in these special events to score some really cool stuff and earn good money and Lifestyle Points in the process.
Don’t speed up actions with Points unless you have a compelling reason, and only skip Goals whose requirements are extremely long term.

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