Great for little Indy, your tiny Olympic runner, Skyrim role playing, or to decorate castle, jungle, or cave themed rooms with! I love this design on the Mass Effect 3 female Shepard, and Aphel himself loves redheaded, pale women.
Mass Effect 3, developers say, will take the player on a high-octane mission to destroy the Reapers once and for all, and make some tough decisions about who lives and who dies. Mmmm, I may be being sexist here but personally playing as a skinny female with a big gun does not feel very heroic or awe-inspiring. Hopefully there will be in game easter egg commentary from random NPC's about smelling Gingerbread.

Jude give us here some geeky cooking recipes using 8bit retro-gaming icons like Koopa or Ganon. A popular vote by Bioware determined that the Mass Effect 3 female Shepard model will have red hair and a paler complexion.
Definitely not complaining about changing over to a more attractive female Shepard, although I've never had the desire to play the female option in Mass Effect. ME1 and 2 both had that epic feel of being a unstoppable war machine, as you deal with the impending reaper invasion. While the blonde Mass Effect 3 female Shepard won the popular vote on Facebook, it seems that the majority of Mass Effect fans prefer the redheaded Commander, and I can't say I disagree.

Male Shepard's corny lines and hilarious perv smile make the game for me, and I couldn't ditch that even for a hot, redheaded female Shep.

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