In 1991, the Batwa forest people of Uganda were evicted from their land when two national parks were created to protect the shrinking habitat of the endangered mountain gorilla. Traditionally, the Batwa used bamboo stalks to carry water and cook food a€” stuffing them with meat and foliage to steam over a fire.
The Batwa Trail, now 2 years old, helps preserve and promote culture by having Batwa guides show tourists their traditional way of life. Living entirely off the land, the Batwa developed a deep knowledge of the forest's plants and their uses. Intimately tied to the mountains and forests, the Batwa used to perform daily dances in honor of their land.
Equipped with two sticks, tinder and a lot of patience, the Batwa make small clumps of smoldering grass to ward off bees and harvest fresh honeycombs.
Besides finding safety in the forests, the Batwa also took shelter in a local cave they called Garama. Pushed from their homes without land of their own or compensation, many Batwa have been forced to squat on the land of others and perform menial jobs. Like other hunter-gatherers of Central Africa who've been cast out of their jungle homes, when the Batwa forest people of southwest Uganda lost their forest, they lost their identity. Mgahinga National Park's 13 square miles are dense with towering bamboo, braided vines, wild fruit, forest elephants and cape buffalo.
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After the formation of the Mgahinga National Park, the Batwa were forced out and prohibited from any hunting or gathering. But the creation of the park also drove the Batwa from their land, and has taken away a big part of their identity.
The benefits of these plants are still known by many of the older generation, but have been largely lost on the youth who have spent their entire lives living outside the forest. The cave is a low-ceilinged lava tube beneath the mountain where the chief used to hold his councils, and where women and children hid during battle. A choir in the darkness sings a song of sadness about how the Batwa were driven from the forest, and how much they miss it.
After the formation of Mgahinga National Park, they were forced out and prohibited from hunting or gathering.

The place is also filled with poignant memories for the Batwa because they can no longer live here a€” they can only visit.
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For $80 a person a€” lunch and rain gear not included a€” tourists can trek with the tribesmen deep into Mgahinga and encounter the lost world of the Batwa. They are threatened by encroaching logging, national park evictions, racism, and health problems that come with extreme poverty.

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