Breakfast for dinner is not only an inexpensive meal idea, but it is also one that is easy to prepare. This is another meal that is (usually) very easy easy and quick to prepare, as well as being inexpensive.
Boil and stuff your peppers with mexican rice, veggies and cheese, and you are in for a very tasty, frugal meal! Tortilla shells are not very expensive (you could also make your own tortilla shells) and neither is lettuce or ground beef.
Subscribe to our email list to receive a FREE video outlining my top 5 tips for saving money on groceries. Kraft Dinner and hamburger, it is the quickest easiest thing and about a quarter the cost of Hamburger helper. Eggs, bacon and hashbrowns is what I love the most, but you can also try breakfast sausages, pancakes, yogurt, oatmeal and fruit. Cheese slices, apple sauce, some raisins, a few crackers, a cup of yogurt, the last bit of deli meat.

We're dedicated to helping you learn the exact strategies to saving big money every time you shop. You should only eat small amounts of food at a time so your stomach doesn’t stretch out like it does when you eat a huge meal. This is a great way to use up the remaining bits of food you have and not letting them go to waste.
You can also make your own pasta sauce (which is way better than any jarred stuff I’ve ever tried, if I do say so myself). Rice, scrambled eggs, bacon bits and peas is what we put in our fried rice, but experiment and add anything that you enjoy.
Usually add finely chopped carrot, celery, spring onion and green peppers and ofcourse any leftover cooked and shredded chicken.

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