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Because they want the world that only ever hears about Everest trekking to know about the people living here! Rice is often taken to the roofs of many houses to be placed into storage for the winter months. On good seasons a large family can have a surplus crop and be able to trade it for meat or other crops in neighboring villages. A restaurant waiter gets paid 100 rupees per day, plus 10% of the service charge added to meals, tips, and food. Note: There are often hidden extras here, including monthly bonuses, food and fuel allowances. 25 ministers on average in a fiscal year = NPR 4.47 million each month, including salaries and fuel, travel and daily allowances for all cabinet members.
Kings road in Kathmandu – a line of new cars parked outside an international fast food restaurant that local salary earners simply cannot afford to eat in. The fourth option is a rather murky one that involves independent freelance workers such as foreign trekking guides benefit from language skills that cannot be obtained reasonable within Nepal e.g.
This by the way was one the reasons TAAN (Trekkers Agencies Association of Nepal) stated when they tried to ban independent trekking in 2012. Compare the above salaries and you will see that a cleaner is earning less than one meal’s worth of money per day, for an 8-10 hour job. Match this with the vast amounts of money people are making in the tourism sector in Nepal and there is a huge difference. While the Government officials salaries may seem low, as you can see it’s their expenses that make them some of the wealthiest in Nepal in terms of lifestyle.
It’s no wonder so many Nepalese seek work overseas and there’s a revolving door of Nepalese governments coming and going.
Compare that to a near zero income back home and you can see why over 15% of the population live overseas.
This is changing however with the last few years of global downturn leading to an estimated 17% drop in employment overseas. Pressured to pay employment agencies most unskilled Nepalese workers are forced into debt repayment with agencies in Nepal.
Rape, physical abuse, non issuing of salaries, accidents and heath care problems are often reported on a frequent basis from overseas workers.
Back home many children are raised by their aunts, uncles and grandparents as both parents work overseas.
On the positive side of overseas workers those that can save money can often send a child to school back home.
In a generation or two the Nepalese families often return a single member home to build a new house on their hereditary land in Nepal.
Using the education received overseas and the money earned by some family members is often the biggest start in life new generations of Nepali families can have back home.

Interesting read, though I’m not sure what Nepal’s politicians will make of it! I remember when I first met some UN workers in East Africa and was astounded by the salaries.
Similar to you I’ve traveled to many parts of Nepal and indeed other countries with similar queries. I am really surprised to find such thorough reporting on the income status of Nepalese and also more surprised to find such a recent one.
Some of the figures are really surprising to me, especially as a Nepali, the salary of Prime minister is just Rs.
It might be always a good idea to improve the national educational system, especially considering more than half of the country is illiterate. This will increase employment and earnings for lowest of levels to the highest of entrepreneurs. In conclusion, I believe development in tourism sector will have spin-off effect in every sector Nepal is currently lacking and only this can drive country away from this bleak reality. I hope you continue the wonderful research that you have been doing in Nepal and other countries, and will make more people aware internationally on where the problems for humanity actually lies. Nepal has one of the world’s largest potentials for hydro power yet it sits there unused. In the tourist main cities you’ll find nearly all guesthouses and hotels will have WiFi. If your guesthouse has their WiFi router plugged into their battery back up then you’ll be ok barring your own devices battery limitations. From the start of the Internet people have found ways to use the Internet to generate income from home. We can create a free PayPal account in Nepal but we need an international Master or Credit card or Foreign Bank details to verify it. There are quite a few specialized websites that allow you to register and take as many surveys as you want. Well, firstly you can work from anywhere in the world that you can get an internet connection. It has also taken the market of stock to the heights as the large percentage of population has opted the method of trading stock online.
With this many visitors daily, it is very easy to get a nice chunk of traffic with your postings. The advantage of not having to spend the time and money to create your own product has made it one of the most popular ways to make money online.
If you have been trying to make money on the Internet for even a short while, you have undoubtedly heard quite a few names being thrown about. There are numerous advantages of setting up and running a sports or miscellaneous trading operation from home. We provide funding and technical expertise to local organizations that co-implement our community model—adapting our strategy based on local needs and conditions. Many Nepalis take the risk because rural poverty is endemic and enslavement in villages is common.
Poverty, armed conflict, and weak legal protections push women and girls into prostitution and men and boys into forced labor. Illegal debts plague the poor and marginalized in rural India—entire families are enslaved for borrowing small sums in emergencies.
The Nepalese caste system makes it often times inappropriate for a lower caste to ask or even question a higher caste about money matters. The embarrassed, knowing, smiling faces of the many Nepali I spoke to about their earnings. Mixed together with chili and garlic it creates the most popular meal that’s eaten only twice a day; Dhal Baht.
At best they can sometimes sell their produce for some cash. 83% of the population live in rural areas. Base salaries are paid into their home accounts while a live in country salary is paid in Nepalese rupees.
A better idea might be to improve the national education system rather than profit even more from tourism.
Examples of work drying up from Malaysia come from agriculture and manufacturing services not performing as well. If construction work slows not only are their less Nepalese laborers needed, but there’s also a downturn in the number of  cooks, waiters and housekeepers needed to support the industry.
With many Nepalese overseas workers returning home, not just due to lack of work, but also due to serious mistreatment and financial ruin. Offering 20% of the return fare should a worker want to leave after 6 months of employment overseas.
Makes one appreciate what they have, and again the wisdom of growing your own produce for health and financial sense. One guy was a filmmaker from Los Angeles who basically took an archiving job in Tanzania and said his salary was 2.5 times that of his salary in LA!

Problem comes when people say they don’t publish them due to privacy or security issues. A person outside from Nepal can have a rough idea on how much person in Nepal earns and cost of visiting Nepal. I am a Nepali girl studying at a top-notch-hyper-expensive university in the US with the constant guilt that some weeks I spend more money on books than the GDP of my country!
The USA is on a different economic level to Nepal so a straight up comparison of guilt is not something I personally would dwell on.
Like you, I traveled parts of Nepal learning their daily livelihood and the trade construct they live on. The local level tea shop owner en route to Poon Hill will be able to sell tea and send his daughter to school and a Kathmandu based Trekking company will be able to hire local guides and profit from it. Also being a economist enthusiast, I cannot help but mention the law of comparative advantages and Nepal with the scenic beauty and unexplored cultures and traditions, has some serious advantage in Tourism. I’ve seen many wealthy Nepalese students not care about the price of a fare and just throw 300 rupees at the driver.
Many would argue that Nepal is suffering from too many tourists and the torque of over burdening them with costs. A terrible shame that will turn tourists around all in the name of helping people in remote villages.
It’s a great platform as an e-wallet facilitating billions of people all over the world to pay, receive, transfer, shop the funds and many more.
Free the Slaves helps educate Ghanaian parents about child rights to stop the flow of children into slavery at gold mines and on fishing boats. Free the Slaves educates families about the risks and empowers parents to retrieve their children from slavery. Free the Slaves educates parents to respect child rights and empowers communities to resist predatory traffickers.
We educate Haitians about the perils of sending children away and strengthen communities to lessen child vulnerability.
In Nepal, thousands must head overseas each year to find work because there are no jobs at home. And from the Middles East construction work and closures have led to a drying up of employment there. I totally agree with your point that wealth distribution starts at zero in Nepal– and its quite ironic that I understood how poor my country is recently as I was working for a group project where my study base was Rolpa, a rural district in Mid western part of Nepal.
I would be more concerned with spending USA level wages and recreating a USA lifestyle within Nepal and the detrimental effect that can have on local socio-economic input. Everyone knows a cab ride from Baneshwor to Newroad (I am guessing you still remember name of some places around KTM, anyway that would be 5-7 KM) would cost at least Rs. Nepal lack any other resources to establish itself on the global market except sale the natural beauty of its mystifying Himalayas or also the centuries old culture and heritage. We have generations of people living in foot hills of Himalayas and following traditions that is surprising in most unique of sense.
The problem was money was not invested wisely and sectors like tourism have become over exploited to the point of now turning away people.
Free the Slaves educates Nepalis about migrating safely and helps them confront slavery on their doorsteps.
Free the Slaves is strengthening the capacity of communities, civil society, the government, and international organizations to confront slavery. Overseas donations, in and out of country tax reliefs, plus expenses make this a very murky and unfortunate scale. It is sometimes believed that there are creatures on the other planets out there in the space, much developed and civilized that our earth, who knows if they pity over the life of Americans and Europeans! Just sad to see people down trodden to the point of saying there’s nothing they can do. I was trying to figure out how much a person earns a month– and I was stunned to see the dollar conversions of the figures. And I believe if given more advertisement to it, excluding the already existing Mount Everest Image, Nepal will be able to attract double or triple the amount of tourists.
Free the Slaves educates at-risk villagers about unsafe migration and mobilizes entire communities to rise up and break free from bondage.
May be there are more unmentioned add-ons, however, you must have easily realized the lavish lifestyle these high government official can afford.
I’d vote for the monarchy at this stage even though current king is straw short of a full bale.
Yet the development of the zone has not changed in all these years aside from some excavations.

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