Do you tend to find that no matter how much you’re earning, you’re spending just as much?  Saving money seems to be something most of us want to do, but few of us do well.   Whether we earn $30k or $130k, it appears to be almost human nature to find more and more things to spend our money on until there’s only a few dollars left as we stagger towards our next pay day.
Having spoken with many Mudgee residents and families madly trying to save up for their first home deposit or rental bond, we thought we’d share a few tips to help get your bank account back into the black. Set yourself goals.  What do you want?  Whether it’s a new home, a holiday, car, new outfit or school fees, start making your list.
Calculate how much you’ll need to save.  Once you’ve calculated how much you’ll need for each item on your list of goals, and the timeframe you have to work in, you’ll be able to easily establish just how much you’ll need to save each week to achieve your goal. Once your balance reaches your target it’s time to reap the rewards!  Whether it’s buying your first home, moving out of mum and dad’s into your first Mudgee rental house, or taking a great trip away, enjoy the freedom your savings has afforded you. This entry was posted in Real Estate Tips and tagged Mudgee Real Estate, Real Estate Mudgee, Saving Money, savings account on March 13, 2013 by adamwoods. The cost of living isn’t likely to go down any time soon, and even with sales and competition in the retail marketplace, it’s likely that you’re still paying good money for your goods and services because businesses have to pay ever increasing overheads too. Reuse or repair items that can have different purposes, such as plastic ice cream containers, bottles and other things that you would normally throw away.
Become energy and water efficient by replacing old fittings with newer energy and water saving devices.
Riding, walking or car pooling to work may not be practical for everyone, but if you can do this even once a week, it will save your petrol use and putting extra kilometres on your car.
This entry was posted in Home & Lifestyle and tagged Community, Energy Saving Ideas, I Love Mudgee, Local Community, Mudgee Community, Saving Money, We Love Mudgee on February 3, 2012 by adamwoods. We all know that electricity costs rose at the start of this month, up to 13% for some Mudgee region residents, so many of us are starting to think seriously about how we can save money by cutting back on our electricity consumption around the home. This entry was posted in Mudgee News, Real Estate Tips and tagged Climate Smark, Electricity Consumption, Energy Saving Ideas, Saving Money on July 9, 2010 by adamwoods.

YOUR COMPANY HERE If you're interested in becoming a site Sponsor, please contact me today and we can make a deal to promote your business here! Data released yesterday by Commsec shows that over the last 20 years, the average size of a home in Australia has increased by more than 30%.
Floating office: Quirky locations include a houseboat in Kinga€™s Cross, Central LondonThe website allows anyone to list rooms or properties online for short or long-term rental, says its UK listings have doubled to 80,000 in the past 12 months and it expects the trend to continue.
One host from Forest Hill, in South-East London, claimed his guests caused A?12,000 worth of damage to his luxury new-build home during a New Yeara€™s Eve party to which police were called.And a host in Fulham, South-West London, found a guest holding a party for 100 people in her flat. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. So today we wanted to share, and ask you to share, tips for stretching your dollar further. Or if you work in a business with a few people that drink coffee, consider signing up for a coffee machine that you only pay for the coffee pods, by putting in a dollar for a coffee, you’ll cover your costs and only spend a fraction of what you’d spend at a cafe, whilst still getting a good quality morning coffee. If it’s an item that’s in good condition and you just don’t want or need it any more, you could resell it. This can help save you money in the long run with lower consumption and lower quarterly or monthly bills.
The few dollars you save every time you fill up add up over time and can end up saving you over a hundred dollars over the course of a year (based on a $4 average saving every fortnight). Not to mention the health benefits of exercising every day if you do choose to walk or ride to work!
Check out catalogues and make a list of what you need so that you’re not tempted to buy unnecessary items that will add to your shopping bill. Homeowners will be permitted to earn up to A?1,000 a year tax free from renting out a whole property on homesharing websites.

She was allegedly assaulted when she tried to shut the party down.Airbnb says such problems are a€?extremely rarea€™ and it points out that hosts are protected by certain guarantees.
Google “free coffee machines for the office” to find out what deals are available and suitable to your home or office. Shopping online so that you’re not tempted by other things on the shelf can also help keep money in your pocket. There have been reports of wild parties and police involvement at properties rented out using Airbnb. Some are happy sitting in the living room with us, but others have been more hands off.a€™Joel, who works in internet marketing, and Alex, who is employed at the citya€™s Heriot-Watt University, are saving the money they are making for travelling.
In what is thought to be the first court case of its kind, a judge recently ruled against the tenant of a flat in Brixton, South-West London, who was renting a home on the website.
It often sparks a creative idea.a€™Ally Kingston, a 26-year-old freelance brand strategist, regularly rents out her flat in a former tannery near London Bridge, in Central London, through the website and typically earns A?85 each day it is booked. The neighbours had complained about noisy parties and the tenant was found to have breached his lease agreement. Hosts are also able to add a security deposit to their listing but if they wish to claim on this they must do so within 48 hours of checkout.Not everyone is convinced that hosts are fully protected.
Dan Weber, the founder of website Airbnbhell, is a disgruntled former US host who believes the company allowed guests to take him for a ride.A He initially thought the website was a€?an amazing concepta€™, but he says he was left out of pocket after a British couple who had stayed in his property for almost six months filed a complaint two days before they were due to leave. The pair claimed there were rodents in the property and Airbnb handed them back half of their money.Weber insists the images provided by the tenants were fraudulent.

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