Designed for the really messy trauma call or those situations when equipment retrieval is difficult, the FASPLINT™ provides optimum immobilisation at a very affordable price. The FASPLINT™ is a semi-disposable vacuum splint that provides fast, secure immobilisation without circumferential pressure, eliminating the potential for vessel and nerve damage. The FASPLINT™ is supplied as a kit with case, pump and splints in Small, Medium and Large sizes. Following a successful management buyout on 27th March 2012, Bound Tree Medical Europe Ltd become a fully independent company from our former US parent company Bound Tree Medical, LLC. As an MLM company with a mission, Sisel International has a high reputation with an excellent opportunity in the home-based business circle. By using direct distribution, Sisel representatives can create residual income and produce stellar bonuses with the Sisel International Compensation Plan. Distributors will make more money with Sisel and give themselves an edge by using Sisel’s 5-star seamless compensation plan.

With the Sisel International Compensation Plan it’s easy to make allowances and still earn rewards even four generations deep.
Like many MLM companies concerned with both customer and distributor satisfaction, Sisel has taken everything into consideration that could be offered in a plan and keep both parties in a happy harbor.
As a company, Sisel gives people a chance to earn more and do more with the Sisel International Compensation Plan. Sisel offers its direct distributors a five-part compensation plan with everything in bonuses from a 30% fast start bonus to an automobile bonus to a master check match.
Included in the plan are retention bonuses, distributor commissions and monthly to weekly rewards for all distributor levels. By earning a better placement and making more money with Sisel, distributors even have a luxury vehicle bonus within their reach. With the Sisel International Compensation Plan, individuals everywhere can enjoy a sizzling life and great business rewards.

With the Sisel International Compensation Plan, distributors have the chance to rank higher and earn more as a direct distributor. Direct distributors become part of a placement plan that is highly reward-centered and ranges from 1-7 levels that include bronze, silver, platinum and gold awards based on placement. The Sisel International Compensation Plan bases distributor awards on overall levels, ranging from level 1-4.
By making more money with Sisel, individuals can rake in tremendous payout rates and build a residual income lasting more than one lifetime.

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