Every year I see ideas like this and think about saving up for something really nice at the end of the year. I just joined your FB page,I love all the ideas you have,first thing I’m working on is the 52 week money Jar!!! I love this idea but think the heftier amounts heading towards the end of the year may be more difficult for me to save so from week 27 I’m going to put it into reverse and work backwards to smaller amounts again. It’s yours to save how you would like, this is an example of how to save for that something special and not break the bank.
Maybe start backwards at the $52 and work to the $1 if you can’t save at the end of the year.
If you find a template that is not in the coins that you want, use it to make another one for yourself. I made my chart today…put 125.00 (xmas money) in and marked off Jan and Feb and a couple random weeks!! The idea behind this is simply showing that by putting a little away each week – by the end of the year you will have a good chunk of money to do with as you see fit.
You could just open a Christmas account because then you couldn’t get into it until November ware as your Savings account you could still be tempted to get into it. Many are making a good point about how it can get difficult in November & December when the larger amounts are piled on (and during holiday season where spare money goes quick). For the people worried about the large amounts towards the end of the year… I was thinking why not print out the list but not do it in order. My husband gets paid every two weeks, if you look at the chart and take the first week and the last week it is $53 a payday. The links don’t work for printing the $1 version for adults or the 25 cent version for kids. What if you had it set up with your bank account like they do with some Way to Save accounts? I am going to start with the $52 per week, because as the year goes on, I has less money, especially in the month of December.
I do something like this but also add in the money I save by using coupons at the grocery store, or the savings specials they run at Safeway and NOb Hill.
This is cool but for people like my husband and I we only have his income and he gets paid every two weeks so we might not be able to save up the amounts for every week even if we double it on payday. Great minds think alike this is exactly what I was thinking that way you can put the higher amounts in when you can afford it e.g when you get paid and the lower amounts when you’re running low of funds especially if your doing it in ?! The real challenge here is to find a way to cut your expenses every week to allow you to increase your weekly savings. Its a suprise at the end of the year because we put spare change and an average of $10 to $15 a week in them.

I am on SS and only get small amount left after rent an lights are paid for but going to set a side 25.00 and at least it will be something better then nothing at the end of the year an something to look foreward to doing each month. I’m interested in the 52 week $ challenge… Coule you please send me the 2014 schedule ?
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Our little girls birthday is in june so we have enough for her bday party and then 6 months later enough for santa.
Wait and see how much extra you have that week which you can afford to save and then check it off. Your talking some big numbers later on in the year and that money is needed for groceries and bills. Tired of slaving away at the office for your boss, and, getting a salary which can be compared to peanuts? You are saved the unnecessary hassle of traveling to work on a daily basis and not even getting the kind of salary you feel you are entitled to. Facebook Money Maker enables you to make all the money in the world without having to report to anyone who you may call your superior. Regardless of whether you may or may not be having any prior experience or knowledge in it, this program has been proven to make a person successful, from the very first day.
Just pick something that you would normally never splurge on and seems slightly out of reach… then break it down however you like in terms of your weekly amount to save. Would really like the biweekly as I get paid on the 15th and 30th of every month please help would really like to start this great idea! You are upping it a dollar every week, for instance, you start with $1 the first week, $2 the second week, when you are at, lets say 26 weeks it will only be $26 and 52 weeks will be $52.

If you are a familiar use of Facebook, and the chances are high that you are, then, getting familiar with this program will be an easy task for you.
As you are adding these very little amounts you are increasing what you already have in your jar for a total of $1378 for 52 weeks. How many hours do you usually spend on the Internet, and particularly the social media, on a daily basis, without any productive goal in mind? Be your own boss  and create your own working schedule as per your needs, desires and requirements. Right after you become a member, you will be guided through it’s step by step process, and, will supported further should any assistance be required.
Thank you for the inspiration and I think I will do the same for my kids with the quarters.
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