You do not need a lot of money to purchase stocks as you could clearly see in the example above the main reason most people never purchase stock is because they have never taken the time to educate themselves on the subject. Stock price divided by EPS = PE RATIO 10 \ 2 = 5 A stock price of $40 per share and an EPS of $4 per share would have a PE RATIO of 10 40 \ 4= 10   High P\E Investors think the company is growing or has future growth potential. This may also be an indication that the stock is over priced. A financial ratio that shows how much a company pays out in dividends each year relative to its stock price. If you should sell your stocks at a loss in value, you can write the loss off on your taxes make sure you speak with a tax expert to find out more details. If you are interested in buying stocks most banks or financial institutions offer online brokerage accounts in these accounts you make all of your own investment decisions and the trading fee can vary from as little as $5 per trade to as much as $20 per trade based on the financial institution. I read how they how they’ve revolutionized this, are the first in the world to do that, and are the only guru in this space, in this industry, this country, heck even this universe, who can do this as well as they can. Two very powerful people making totally different choices in the life they choose to lead, and the example they set to others. Like her WE too, Natalie MacNeil and I, want to get women to think about what they would like to accomplish with their businesses if there were no limits. Initially I was excited to read that Brendon Burchard has gone ahead and assembled an association of authors, speakers, coaches, seminar leaders, and online marketers who’ve been game changers.
Of the 26 listed in his email, just two were women, and one of those was in a partnership with her husband. When do you see power groups of women holding events with more powerful women and charging a fair sum for it?
And while I don’t expect every woman to want this grand, showy kind of success, they do deserve to be recognised for their amazing work, even if only within our own network of women.
In our second video, that you can view once you optin, Natalie and I showcased several amazing ladies with 6 and 7 figure businesses online who are amazing role models for what we can achieve. There are tonnes more amazing comments to absorb below our Product Launch Blueprint video and I expect even more with with the Who The Heck Are WE video just released. Yet there are still a few women out there, as well as men, who when approached to be key partners in supporting our launch, respectfully declined. It heartened me, then to receive a lovely email of thanks from Jennie in England, who’s recent teleseminar series I supported and was interviewed for. Jenny observed that I could have done the exact same thing as we are both empowering lifestyle entrepreneurs who want to run their business from anywhere.
Between your dreams and your reality, there is no distance,there is no time.Wake up to your dreams!
It’s a well known fact that when women support women we are a force to be reckoned with so let’s do more of it! Come and join Natalie and I on our webinar this Thursday where we tell you How To Build A Thriving Online Business And Create Your Ideal Lifestyle.
I thought this article was thought producing, which is what you want when writing, to inspire the reader. But things have changed, you clearly have identified women who are shining and I’d love to hear more about them and be one of them too.
I’ve been very lucky in my corporate life and now as an entrepreneur with big plans, to have some very supportive male and female mentors.
Love this article Natalie (of course love the shout out and so utterly unexpected) but much, much more than that – I too had the exact same thought when I received the same email you refer to from Brendon. But bottom line women need to get better about tooting their own horn and seeing value in themselves.
From years of corporate experience, I would say women still do not support each other the way the good ‘ol boys club does. Women at the top are still a rare breed and because there are so few power positions open to women they tend to see other women as competition rather than allies. And you are a greater person because of your open-minded attitude, sense of transparency and willing to share and support. We women rely on each other so much that we trick ourselves into believing we are safe in the bosom of our own sisters, instead of getting out there and playing with the boys. We need to change this discussion (globally) from WHY aren’t more women power players, to HOW can we become power players.
Hilary I agree with you 1000% and thank you for letting me see I’m not the only one thinking that way! And yes, it sounded harsh and yes I said it expecting a negative response because most people aren’t going to think about it that way.
Some women like to work alone, as do men – I don’t think this is sexist – they’re very much out for themselves and that’s cool as that’s where they will end up – supporting themselves. Natalie, your goal of collaborating and pushing everyone to play a bigger game is a good one. I coach men though too and am supportive of all entrepreneurs because what we do is take chances, takes risks and put ourselves on the line in order to create, produce and ship products and services that help everyone else.

At the end of the day I expect people to belong to a myriad of groups, clubs, associations that work for them, as well as having coaches and mentors from different fields and backgrounds.
I believe utterly that women can empower and support each other in a unique and special way and I’m all for that. There are also loads of women out there who have great talent and potential as entrepreneurs but who are held back by a lack of confidence or belief in themselves.
Instead, lets work together, men and women, to transform the old school partriarchial models that are still the norm and bring on a new era of business that celebrates leadership driven by values, ethics and collaboration and not based on gender.
I once read this book which was all about POWER, and how we each (women AND men) have both masculine and feminine power we can access. Good on you Natalie for writing a post that is getting people going and all the best for the WE launch. They do not only need support; they need the money flow with it that puts them in the sadle.
I have been an advocate for some while now and I already worked out the weakness of my Dutch local hometown advocacy system. You can purchase stocks for as little as 15 cents per share or as much as $500.00 per share, you can buy 1 share or 10,000 shares it’s your choice.
To be honest, there have been too many days lately when I read news that really winds me up. It’s the others that give them a bad name in my mind, and also give us (awesome women) a bad name too. And when they are successful, with businesses that earn them a lot of money, they’re potential targets for harassment, not about their business aptitude, but about their sexuality, their looks and their lifestyle. A program where Tim of course had many of these same men as speakers, and other male online marketers and`big names’.
There needs to a woman’s club that is all about supporting women, but in a hugely motivating way, not an ego boosting one. In our latest video you’ll find out all about our successes and bragging rights in how we built our 6 figure businesses and why we want you to do the same. I feel like Natalie MacNeil and I are already making an impact in a much bigger way and it’s all because you want to play a bigger game and live the life you deserve just as much as we want you to. I get that they have their own businesses and launches going on, but we approached them as they regularly state they are big supporters of ensuring more women become successful entrepreneurs. She told me she had a big fat no from a lady she respected and admired, when she asked for her support as an affiliate. She was putting her all in to supporting others’ dreams to live their ideal lifestyle, by interviewing others already doing it.
There are lots of reasons for this, including fear, lack of role models and lack of a support network.
Let’s play whatever game we want to play that we enjoy playing and bring others along to play it with us. I agree there are also a lot of great organizations and associations and memberships for women but we still need these moving and shaking groups where we actively promote each other in a big bold way. Suellen your feedback and support in particular has really touched me and made me even more inspired to make WE Mastermind a global success. There are many, many websites, associations, groups, etc for advancing, promoting and guiding women. We need to start expanding our reach, opening up to new experiences, and not be afraid to tell one another when our stuff is crap. I joined because to be frank it was cheaper than a couple of other groups I was thinking about joining and I was going for quantity since I had just started my business. But you have to admit, while you may not have intended this to be a segregation topic, many women are adamantly for segregation. I think the more you focus on gender the more you segregate whether that’s what you intend to do or not.
I don’t mean you have to be obnoxious but you have to recognize your unique contribution to the world and be willing to talk about it.
It blows my mind that clubs steeped in tradition don’t consider inviting women after all these years to be part of their club.
So long as they feel supported, encouraged, motivated, enlightened, challenged and get a ton of value out of them.
For them, a forum or group of women can act as a fabulous place to nurture themselves and their ideas so that eventually they can take the LEAP they need to take to mix it up in more traditional (and often intimidating) business environments. After all it can be darn intimidating out there with the big boys and in the worst of cases require balls of steel. Both sources of power can be a force for good or can be used to do harm, it is how we as individuals choose to use them that is important. Some women benefit from the support of other women to regain a sense of their personal power.

Women supporting their men is a good one; but I think it has also to do with likelyhood and internalization.
So there is still a large group of females who think they can never be manager or don’t know how to play the game or inwilling to play the game. Women often come from a position with no money background; that is companies that produce a lot of profit ( Dutch situation).
I see the opportunities, but there is a lack of access to money and good women to support to and split of to get the job done.
Should the company go bankrupt, common stockholders have rights to a company’s assets only after bondholders, other debt holders, and preferred stockholders have been satisfied.
Buying stocks requires some research on the company and their history and from there you can make your own decisions on what stocks to buy.
Men and their big macho games, their old boys clubs and their ability to shout from the rooftops about how great they are. I wanted to support her and others even if it was potentially in `direct competition’ to what I do. The entry with the most votes by September 20 wins the prize that will ensure their business gets the best boost  possible. Women are nurturing and supportive but also independent and this can mean we feel the need to do it all by ourselves and not ask for support for fear it may make us look weak, or because we’re so self sufficient we feel we really can figure it out on our own. The reason I changed the focus of Empower Me to women AND men is so that we can all grow, stretch and learn TOGETHER. If we want success we have to break out of our comfort zones and demand our seat at the table.
I ignored my gut and did it anyway, even convinced myself it was ok and went to as many events as I could. I want to surround myself with leaders, decision makers and thought leaders from all races and both genders to maximize my own potential and learn from the best. I want to step up and show what I’m made of and earn my respect (and spot) by letting my work and actions speak for itself. We can join with me or with women but there is a need to have a women’s club that brings us together and pushes everyone to play a bigger game. That’s where us femtrepreneurs can shake it up a little by giving each other a boost up here and there.
Not very appealing is it – for women or for men (men need to liberate themselves from this way of being too!).
And while both men and women will drive this movement, I believe women are going to have a trailblazing role to play in helping everyone realise that there is a new game in town.
Women can abuse their masculine power just like men and as leaders, we must not fall into the trap of thinking that we have to play the macho game to succeed. The first one means the chance that an ordinary girl sees a higher female manager or a female ceo.
What would it take to develop a more vibrant and energetic working relationship between humanities professors and career centers?  I think deans and department chairs are key. Also, most women are feelers and are emotionally stronger, which also might be challenging for women to make tough decisions. I learned a long time ago that if I want to be big I have to do what the big players do, and that’s not holding back, excluding myself or standing in my own way to be loyal to my gender or my race(s). I know the big lesson for me is that when I finally make it to the level I’ve dreamed and am working toward, I will WANT to help women who are struggling to start.
At first, he had the training wheels because I was afraid he’d get hurt without them.
And to the person who mentioned about us not supporting each other like the O’ Boys Network, I sort of agree. Tackling this enemy, the incorporated thoughts mostly produce by others way up on the stairs of powers is an discouraging and limiting process to others who come next.
I’ll go further to say that those of us in power need to learn not to be so suspicious of other women. A women’s club starting with ambitions in ordinary jobs and with a path that could lead to connections with power, money and influence.
We can’t ride with the big boys unless and until we get some of them in our corner (no training wheels).

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