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But while good karma can eventually earn a person a higher place in the caste system in a future life, the ultimate goal of any Hindu adherent is moksha, or salvation from samsara. The belief in reincarnation is also predominant in two prevalent religions from India: Jainism and Sikhism. Make sure your photos are bigger than bigger than 2000 X 3000 pixels (6 megapixels), photos are in JPGE format and the file size is less than 10 Mb. Imagesbazaar showcase photographs taken by highly professional photographers and The Mash Audio Visuals Private Limited team scrutinize images fof display.
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All the system has offline which is very problematic for photographer to reach the images to them. We recommend you download and use one of the following modern browser for a more enjoyable and secure web experience. Salvation comes only after a person has abandoned all pursuits and desires and accepts that the individual soul is the same as Brahman, the universal soul or god. Jain adherents believe the soul accumulates karma as an actual physical substance, unlike the conceptual Hindu idea of karmic law. In the next section, we'll learn about the Buddhist understanding of samsara, karma and the Eightfold Path.
The wheel's first three spokes represent Jainism's golden age; the final three spokes represent the religion's decline and eventual extinction before rebirth. All images presented here are hand picked by an expert team of professional photographers to ensure highest quality and service to customers. Yet Hinduism, the world's oldest surviving religion, is unified by its acceptance of samsara, a chain of births and deaths linked by reincarnation. The first three -- kama, artha and dharma -- concern earthly pursuits like pleasure, power or well-being and virtue. By exiting the cycle, an individual no longer endures the pain and suffering of earthly existence performed countless times over.

As long as the soul is burdened by karmic particles, it must bind with a body, initiating a series of rebirths.
For Sikhs to exit the cycle of birth and rebirth, they must achieve complete knowledge and become one with God. Because we are currently in the period of decline -- between the fifth and sixth spokes -- Jain adherents believe that it is currently impossible to reach enlightenment. Only when a soul is free from all karma can it exit the cycle of reincarnation and join other disembodied souls in a state of perfection. However, because Jain followers believe that deliverance is currently impossible, devoted adherents simply pursue purification. Karma is not assigned or regulated by any god; it's simply earned by an individual and passed down through subsequent lives.

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