You have been looking forward to it as a Sims fan or maybe not, but Sims Social is finally online! Bella Goth immediately gives you a small tutorial on how to control your mood, how to earn money and how you can finish your neighbours. There is enough choice of Furniture: couches, chairs, tables, beds, decorations, items for skills like a easel and a scope. The higher your level is, the harder you assignments will be and the more things you need to do to finish the assignments. In the promo it looked like you could visit your neighbours, chat and really see each other’s Sim. There are a lot of option to be found there: skirts, jeans, bikini’s, PJ’s, socks and shoes.
Unfortunately this means you cannot do the assignments in one time, and you need to ask your friends for energy and items. Unfortunately, dit is not right, your Sim can visit a Facebook friend, but your friend will get a notice afterward. The assignments you need to do, cannot be done on your own, like I already explained about the energy.

Whenever you complete an assignment, or your Sims went a level up you will get an option to share your reward.
Your mood takes more time to run red compared to the mood meter in The Sims 3, but you will run low on money a lot. It takes some time and a lot of Simoleons, but eventually you can show off your crib in front of your friends. Personally, I think this is a really downfall because I hoped for a chat ability while you visited each other.
When you finished a assignments you can share your rewards, so you can help your neighbours again by giving something. Usually I am not a big fan of Facebook games and at first I wasn’t really excited about the game.
When you don’t have a Facebookpage, and you’re not sure whether to create one to play the game?
There are eleven hairstyles, eight haircolours, two pages filled with different eyes, two pages with mouths, a few eyebrows and noises.
There is only one big but, the very first time you pick an outfit everything it free and available.

When you need an item for an assignments it is really easy to ask your friends, with a few clicks of the mouse your request is sent. Normally I’m not a big fan of Facebook games and at first I wasn’t really excited about The Sims Social. But when you want to change your outfit during the game, you’ll see more outfits and you need to pay for every item! It would have been nice to see the houses of your friends instead of the green area’s. But that’s not how it is done, by achieving goals and talking to your neghbours you’ll get energy. Your Facebook friends will probably become annoyed after a few request, because a few will turn in a lot before you know it.

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