A collection of drawings dedicated to the spirit of the human form and intended as an inspirational tool for the aspiring art student and artist alike. This is probably the most life changing concept I’ve found on this planet, and I think a lot of others would agree with me as well. As you can see, the emotions and feelings of the levels start out miserable, negative, and horrible at the bottom, and progressively become more pleasant and positive as one ascends the scale. Suicidal people are at the bottom in the level of Shame, serial killers in Guilt, homeless people in Apathy, those who are mourning a loss (such as the loss of a loved one) in Grief, extremely paranoid and fearful people in Fear, very desiring of possessions, sex, validation, status etc people in Desire, very angry people in Anger, very proud people in Pride, and these all denote the lower levels of consciousness that hold the majority of human’s character defects. According to Hawkins, about 78% of the world calibrates below the level of Courage, which means they live in falsehood and a lack of life energy. If one chooses to live with courage, honesty, and integrity in every moment of their lives, then they will naturally ascend the Scale, increasing their personal power and happiness.

The levels of Courage to Reason represent the linear mind, which is a powerful and effective place to be. At 600 (Peace) is where Enlightenment comes into play, where this is no longer a separate sense of self (no object or subject), and the level of Enlightenment is recognizing God as Self and all things. Oh, he also states that just from learning about the Scale, absorbing it and realizing its implications, can increase one’s consciousness by 30 points!
This Scale has truly changed my life positively and increased my awareness, and I hope it can help you as well. Grab your FREE subscription to receive updates and advice on growing spiritually and living a happier and more fulfilling life. Possibly, it can be difficult to judge where one really is though, as perception is not essence.

He calibrates on his own then tells you the calibration usually through email, all it is is a number that correlates to a specific consciousness level on the Scale of Consciousness. This site includes but is not limited to the following; human anatomy studies, studies in idealized human proportion and a selection of life drawings all of which were created by Michael M. Also, one can jump around through different levels all throughout the day due to different experiences, choices, and actions, but the levels equal out to an average where one’s baseline resonates.

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