Some tried it with a bunch of limos, others tried it with 10 of the HVY Dump, nothing worked.
While the first thing some players did when the latest GTA Online DLC launched was to dive straight into the fabulous lives of criminal kingpins running the Los Santos black market, others decided to dive right into the game files to see what they can dig up.Data mining has been the primary form of information leaking among the GTA 5 community pretty much ever since the PC version launched. Due to the way development pipelines work, Rockstar basically has much of the next DLC ready by the time they release the current one. Forum user DuPz0r created a helpful map you can see above (click it for a larger version), and user lewyeh compiled them all into a video.

Unfortunately, neither of the three supercars released broke any speed records, so fans are left wanting.But they may not be left wanting for long.
The Seven 70 is seemingly based on a Corvette and an Aston Martin, the Proto Tipo might have been inspired by a Bugatti and the Pfister has some clear Porsche elements. This is possibly the first electric car to make it to GTA 5, but it definitely is the first electric sports car in the game. And don’t worry about accidentally investing in the environment: the assembly process alone produces enough CO2 to offset two thousand acres of otherwise useless rainforest.

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