C’mon Eat Happy is a virtual group program (participate from anywhere, on your time) to help improve your mood and relieve stress. This program is ideal if you often find yourself overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, annoyed, depressed or just feeling blah.
1 in 10 Americans are on antidepressants and even more take meds for anti-anxiety and other mood disorders.
Important note: All emails about the program will go automatically to your Paypal email address.
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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. You will receive 10 days of expert coaching, emails, videos, a program manual, a cookbook and positive group support. Then there’s practically everyone else who feels pissed off and stressed out entirely too often.
Because healthy, happy eating does not have to come saddled with strict rules and deprivation. You will get a confirmation email and invitation to join our private Facebook group (optional). You will be sent a kick-off email on September 9th with a link to download your manual and cookbook (pdf files). Meet Whiff, the poker-faced monkey, Albert the cranky wolverine professor, Bubbles who’s a shiny popstar, and Bizkit the ever-hungry sheep!

You’ll learn about mood-regulating foods and get recipes, ideas and suggestions to try at your convenience. You won’t feel pressured to make extreme changes or follow strict rules because…well, that wouldn’t feel very happy, now would it?
It’s about real food that doesn’t cost a fortune – and savoring things like sweets, butter and wine! You can still benefit hugely from understanding the food-mood connection and knowing what to order for dinner.
Yes, I’ve dealt with my fair share of depression, including PPD with the birth of my son.

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