The Abundance and Prosperity Spray increases a focus on one’s goals and prepare one to receive abundance, wealth, affluence, and prosperity.
Abundance & Prosperity Bath Drops Helps to increase a focus on one’s goals and prepare one to receive abundance, wealth, affluence, and prosperity.
Russian Scientists Produce A SHOCKING Technology That Can Transmute Any Element Into Another! I want to begin by exposing and hopefully dispensing with a myth about how one achieves abundance.
But for people who don’t experience abundance in their lives, the suggestion that having abundance only requires a slight shift in attitude is, more often than not, a set-up for failure. My point is this: it has become a cliche to suggest that one’s attitude makes the difference between scarcity and abundance. Oprah is convinced Steven Spielberg invited her to play the role of Sofia in “The Color Purple” because she really wanted the role and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I haven’t read the entire book, but I’ve read a lot about it and I’ve spoken with people who are absolutely convinced the law of attraction is real and that you can attract money, work, happiness, romance, power—anything you desire—to you simply by thinking about it and—this is important—by not thinking about its opposite: poverty, unemployment, sadness, loneliness, weakness, etc.
There are many commentators and critics who debunk the pseudo-science behind concepts like the law of attraction, or who challenge the therapeutic efficacy and even the ethics of counseling people facing serious crises to simply change their thoughts and feelings, or who expose the enormous profits to be gained from selling easy answers to people in distress. What impresses me about a phenomenon like the Oprah Winfrey Show, which peddled the just change your attitude cliche to tens of millions of viewers for years, and what impresses me about a phenomenon like The Secret, which has sold tens of millions of copies in forty languages across the globe, is not those occasional moments where the law of attraction appears to actually work. I think the spiritual lesson we draw from these kinds of images—whether we find them in ancient scripture, a modern hymn, or a minister’s reference to New England farm-stands overflowing with the earth’s bounty—is that the earth can and will provide everything we need.
Nevertheless, this spiritual vision of a return to Eden, of achieving some level of abundance for all humanity, is part of our spiritual heritage.
A money plant tree, also known as either Jade Plants or Money Trees, is a very special type of tree that can be grown inside your home.
Money Tree is also known as the Ever Green locally, the Money plant (Pothos) is an easy to grow climber plant. After taking stem cutting from parent plant, make a small hole in the soil and plant the stem (and any root if present) in the soil and press the soil firmly. Money tree does not require much care, but make sure you don’t over water it, over fertilize it.
If there are fungal infections clean the leaves with soup water and put the tree under sunlight for couple of hours. In Chinese culture the Jin Chan (also known as Chan Chu) ‘money toad’ is a Feng Chui prosperity charm used to attract wealth and guard against bad luck. Believed to provide protection from the ‘evil eye’, the fascinus - a representation of the male member - was a popular lucky charm in ancient Rome. Originating in China, maculomancy is the art of divining fortune from the shape, size and placement of birthmarks and moles. The maneki-neko, or ‘beckoning cat’, is a Japanese talisman believed to bring good fortune and wealth. Legend has it that in 18th century Britain, King George III almost came a cropper when the horses pulling his carriage suddenly went out of control.
These days the swastika has decidedly negative associations, due to its adoption by the Nazi Party in Germany in the run up to WWII.
Pigs have long been considered a symbol of luck and prosperity across European and Chinese cultures. In the Smarta tradition of Indonesia and Malaysia, the nut of the Rudraksha tree is believed to be an incarnation of Bhagwan Shiva – one of the five primary forms of God. In Western cultures, touching or knocking on wood is a superstition used to attract good luck. Golf balls, a word from the Queen and a rude picture of Andy Warhol: just some of the treats awaiting visitors to the Moon. The 1,320 tonnes statue depicting the Chinese god of war has taken up residence in Jingzhou city, dominating everything in its path.
In a few years this new discovery means science might have solved the problem of MRSA infections. This product is great to be used for prosperity soak and meditation to open the root and heart chakras and help to release emotions of unworthiness and worry. Potions can be used as medicine, lethal poison, or give the drinker any effect from strength enhancement to immunity to flames. Felix Felicis causes the drinker to have a limited period of good luck, during which they are likely to succeed in all endeavours in which success is possible. You may have noticed this: conversations about abundance can easily degenerate into a feel-good cliche that completely ignores reality. While I agree one’s attitude is crucial to living a fulfilling and meaningful life, it is also true that scarcity results from larger social, economic and spiritual realities over which individuals have little control. I just read a story on The Secret website from a devotee whose dog was diagnosed by two different vets with a massive tumor on her liver. I believe the person with the sick dog used the technique she learned from The Secret with complete faith that it would work.
What impresses me is that so many millions of people are so hungry for a way out of dissatisfaction.

In more traditional religious contexts we hear, “The Lord will provide.” We’re aware, though, that we’re out of balance, that many people don’t have access to the earth’s bounty—healthy food, clean air, drinkable water, shelter. I think it’s essential that we hold onto it, that we adapt it to present-day realities, that we preach it, teach it, pray it, write it, sing it, dance it, post it, blog it, tweet it. Commonly available for sales and even in parks, the Money plant is a grower’s choice for both indoor and outdoor in larger pots or hangover.
Plant seeds in the shallow rows at a rate of two to three money plant seeds every 1 to 2 inches.
Always keep the soil moist but money plant doesn’t like wet feet so make sure the soil is rich in organic material. Liquid fertilizer with hormone additive such as Nitrogen-Posphorus-Potassium will speed up grown and revitalized weak plant.  Yellow leaves can be the sign of over watering and excessive supply of fertilizer.
A uniting feature of humanity through the ages has been our belief in the power of unknown forces to affect our fate. Feng Chui experts recommend putting a Jin Chan statue in the ‘lucky corner’ of your room, with a Chinese coin in its mouth.
Facial moles are considered to be lucky, especially if they are in a hidden location, such as within the hair, eyebrows or beard. The cat – traditionally a calico Japanese Bobtail – has one, or sometimes both, paws raised in a beckoning gesture.
The only person brave enough to stop the horses was a chimney sweep, whose swift actions saved the king’s life. Yet prior to this, it was regarded as a symbol of love, light and luck across eastern civilisations.
As the Egyptians believed that the sun god Ra rolled the sun across the heavens every day, the scarab beetle’s habit of rolling dung gave it a sacred status in their society. In the Middle Ages, owning plenty of pigs meant you were wealthy and this association can still be seen today in the tradition of collecting money in a piggy bank. Worn strung together as bracelets, or on earrings and necklaces, the nuts are thought to keep the wearer healthy and well respected. Potions are not necessarily used by drinking, as some can be applied by physical contact or create an effect simply by being created, such as the Regeneration Potion. Some scholars, like Kennilworthy Whisp, believe that Quidditch was introduced in Africa by European witches and wizards travelling there in search of alchemical and astronomical information. The cliche is the often enthusiastically stated claim that all it takes to have abundance in your life is a slight shift in attitude. She’s famous and successful—at least in part—for repeating this cliche over and over again.
This person tells her dog over and over again that she is healed and intentionally never mentions the words sick, cancer, tumor, etc.
And many people don’t have access to decent education, health care, work that pays a living wage and on and on. We—people of faith, people of conscience, people who affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person—need to keep this vision of abundance for all people alive in the world because there are competing visions at work, visions organized around the principles of domination, exploitation, control and unbridled profit.
It is believed that a money tree will bring you good luck, good fortune, wealth and prosperity. The use of lucky talismans is common to almost all cultures, but the objects that people put their faith in vary greatly from one place to another. And moles that are round in shape, very dark or pure red, or that have a hair sprouting from them are viewed as being highly auspicious (if not particularly attractive).
Often positioned in the entrance of shops and restaurants, one paw is believed to bring luck while the other brings wealth. He was so thankful he invited the man to his daughter’s wedding and declared all sweeps to be lucky. Its name originates from the Sanskrit word ‘svastika’ that translates as ‘lucky or auspicious object’. Tree spirits, or dryads, were believed to hold the power to heal the sick and give blessings of good fortune. This is excellent product for those who struggle and worry about money and want to move to a wealth consciousness. It is a therapy that works via the sense of smell (olfaction) and takes approximately two seconds to give a desired effect, generally speaking.
Potions have a distinct advantage over typical spells in that they could be used even by the non-Magical, provided that they have the potion itself at their disposal.
I’m gonna guess no one here this morning will say, “I prefer to tend the garden of dissatisfaction. Farm stands are full of the bounty of the land—pumpkins, applies, pears, corn, squash and all manner of pies. Just a snap of the fingers, a turn of the head, an unanticipated moment of peace and wallah! I named a dense constellation of deep-seeded thoughts behaviors, habits, addictions, long-standing physical and emotional attachments, relationships, commitments, loyalties, assumptions, financial arrangements, family dynamics, children’s needs and much more that has brought us to where we are, makes us who we are, and holds us firmly in place. A salient example: in 2006 she dedicated two shows to an exploration of The Secret, the best-selling book from Australian filmmaker and self-help guru Rhonda Byrne.

This is why so many people long for abundance and are so drawn to easy answers like just change your attitude which doesn’t address the real roots of scarcity.But “earth was given as a garden” may not be any better. Without a vision of abundance for all people, justice, fairness and equality erode and access to the fruits of the earth remain elusive for many. Popular modern versions are battery-powered so the paw moves up and down in a cute, cat-like kind of way.
The tradition has continued to this day, with some brides and grooms hiring a sweep for their wedding to bring them luck in their marriage. It was thought that if you knocked on a tree before whispering your secret desires, evil spirits wouldn’t hear them. There are also certain Magical effects that can only be induced through the use of Potions.
It indeed led him into a near-freakish but plausible set of circumstances in which all the right choices seemed obvious to him. And there are days when we really don’t want to get out of bed because our burdens feel too heavy to bear.
McTigue is the last Unitarian Universalist minister I would ever accuse of resorting to cliche, yet it sneaks even into her deeply insightful words.
We can blame their lack of abundance on a character flaw, on the fact that they didn’t want their lives to change enough. When they have set of leaves they are ready to be transferred to a small of medium size pot.
Please give me more of that!” I’m guessing—I could be wrong—none of you prefers to tend the garden of dissatisfaction.
But when sitting in worship and the minister asks if you’ll tend the garden of dissatisfaction or abundance,I’m gonna guess you’d prefer abundance. But I’m also familiar with the proverbial aspiring actress who never gets a call-back despite how utterly dedicated she is to her craft and how much she thinks about succeeding. And given how many people live on the planet today; given what we know about water and food crises, health care costs, climate change, and the damage wrought by production and use of non-renewable energy, I think it’s a fair question whether the earth has the capacity to provide for everyone. Dig holes for each money tree plant seedling that is large enough to accommodate the root system and transfer the tree in the holes. A person under the potion’s inspiration would likely prove highly adaptable to any unexpected change in the circumstances. But in my experience, the people who can get to the garden of abundance with only a slight shift in attitude are people who already live there, but just forgot. And if we think it’s their fault, then there’s no obligation for us to ask about the often very legitimate reasons why they’re living with dissatisfaction. So, the advice to an individual to simply change of their attitude is often a set-up for failure.
So, I’ll leave you with this question to ponder for next Sunday: if there are no quick fix, easy answers to the various forms scarcity takes, if just change your attitude is an insufficient though highly seductive response to scarcity, then what is the work—what is the difficult, roll-up-our sleeves work—that will bring that vision of Eden to fruition?
Rowling has noted that — even if they were to follow the instructions exactly and had all the ingredients — a Muggle could not brew a potion because there is always the need to channel magic at some point, at some stage one would have to use a wand. There are always infinite possibilities in any situation, some of which doubtless lead to the desired outcome, and Felix can highlight them no matter what happens.
McTigue, “grows easily, it blossoms freely, and its richness awaits us each time we open our[selves to it]: life, breath, kindness, friends, love….
They already experience abundance in their lives, but something draws them into the garden of dissatisfaction. Let’s say a person experiences scarcity in their life because they live with a mental illness. And I am worried about the thousands of people who will read the story about a dog’s miraculous remission and who, as a result, will put their faith in the power of a positive attitude to heal their own dog, or their cat, or their own body, or their spouse’s body, or their child’s body, or their parent’s body. What do each of you offer, what does your minister offer, what does you congregational offer, what does Unitarian Universalism offer, what does liberal religion offer to people who are crying out for some measure of abundance in their lives? In Pottermore, this is seen as the final step of brewing a Potion is always to wave the wand. It could be something petty, or it could be something serious like the death of a loved-one, a difficult diagnosis or the break-up of a marriage. Horace Slughorn claimed that he used the potion twice in his life: once when he was 24 years old, and again when he was 57, each resulting in a perfect day. So they tend the garden of dissatisfaction for a little while until they remember what they already know.
One reason a person with mental illness might lack abundance is not because of their attitude toward themselves, but because of society’s negative attitude toward people with mental illness.
In fifteen years of ministry I’ve watched far too many loving, hopeful, prayerful, positive people yearn for a loved-one to survive a life-threatening illness and the person still dies. One reason a poor person might lack abundance is not their attitude towards themselves, but society’s negative attitude toward poor people.

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