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Wishing myself luck and hopefully I can be a good sales person so I can save without really taking away from our budget.
Even if I did have them, I wouldn't be able to access them since I'm having problems with my computer. It was hard at first but it’s because I never go to the bank for cash, I started using the cash back button at the grocery stores to get the cash I need. Still doing the money challenge backwards but this time I am going to try my best to get the money to save for the week differently.

Keep track, someone suggested to do it bingo style and just cross out the amount you save each week.
Eva Notty  is a super sweet girl with a gorgeous face and large yummy boobs, so I really appreciate seeing her bare breasts any chance I get. You can also use a regular saving account that you can transfer money to from your checking and just make the transfer every week or once a month for the corresponding total for the month. NottyBoy has a great website  where you get a chance to be in his shoes and see Eva as if she was your own personal big boob pleasure toy.
The amount does decrease as you go so if you are short on a week or two just remember to make it up another week.

How ever you do it, I think that saving some money for a rainy day or for a trip might not be such a bad idea. What could be more awesome than to have a sexy fantasy girl to fulfill your big boob dreams!! This year I have decided to step it up a bit to make it more enjoyable, challenging and pretty.

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