My name is Alexandra Kovacova and I was born in Slovakia but already at early age I knew I was going to leave the country. I studied in Czech republic and Spain and when I got MA degree in Spanish philology I decided to work while getting my last exams at English philology. You can find cabin crew offers all over internet or just go to the airline website directly to check it out. Talking about money you can make and how long you work, it varies between the airlines and bases.
Like I said, you get to travel only during your days off and most of the time I flew somewhere for those 2 or 3 days, unless it was a beach time or someone was visiting me over and I stayed.
Drink more [water:)] as on a plane your body dehydrates quicker and also use more body lotions, face and hand creams. If there’s one Caribbean Island that’s synonymous with glitz, glamour and incredible beaches, it has to be Barbados. Robes de bal que vous croyez en especes d'amour, qui prennent la robe est la meme: une robe de bal longue.

3 and 2 days off and 5 days should be work days, but some of them were standby days when they could call you during 11 hours that day to go to work. Get a lot of patience for some nasty passengers, sexual comments, long looks and butt-snapping, get used to be made fun of or shouted at for no reason.
I laughed a lot as it was my mom’s dream job for me so I took the chance, passed the interview in Slovakia and then also the 6 weeks of everyday tests in the Czech republic.
Depending on the airline, sometimes you have to pay for the cabin crew course like I did (1,000 – 2,000 euros). We had 2 longer flights or 4 shorter flights per day (some bases also 6 super short flights) starting in your base and finishing there too so every night we came back. It happened to me only twice during 2 years but some people were called off every week from standbyes.
Every sickness gets worse on board and some of the worst are simple cold, earache and headache. I was promised to be based in Spain as I didn’t care that much about work but more about the country.

Besides blogging her way around the world and being the sexiest Slovak with a keyboard, Alex also has had the real dream travel job experience of screaming babies and rambunctious customers at 30,000 feet. But there were people who worked more in other bases and earned more, but also people who earned much less. You don’t see absolutely anything, not even the inside of the airport as you have 25-minute turnaround when the passengers disembark, you prepare everything for the next flight, new passengers embark and we leave the airport. They were even checking us if we answered the phone and most of the time they called me when I was in the shower or taking a pee, literally; or at 4am during the earliest hours of the morning. After a year there I realised Spain was never going to happen so at least managed to change the base somewhere warmer – this time to Brindisi, not a very known town in the Southern Italy.
Not fun if you are insomniac like me and finally manage to fall asleep and they wake you up just to see if you answer the phone.

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