One of the more recent inclusions to the Pokemon series, specifically for the Gamecube games, is the addition of Shadow Pokemon. Now, to be able to purify the Pokemon completely in Colosseum, you need to bring the Pokemon to Celebi?s Shrine in Agate Town.
In the two Gamecube games, which are known as Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD, the main character is equipped with a device that allows you to steal these Shadow Pokemon from their trainers to use for your own deeds. If you look in the Pokemon?s description, you?ll see a purple bar divided into five sections.
In XD, use the Purify Chamber that works by placing a Shadow Pokemon in the Middle then Purified or Regular Pokemon around it and the speed and amount of purification depends on the amount of Pokemon and their types. Simply talk to the shrine, select a Pokemon that can have the "door to its heart unlocked", and it will get rid the Pokemon of its shadow status and it will become a normal Pokemon once more. Having said that, it?s much more of a focus to catch Pokemon in these games than any other with this mechanic, because there are no actual wild Pokemon.

Well if you get into a battle with any Pokemon with it, you?ll see that it only starts off with the shadow moves that it can learn which, in Colosseum, is limited to one move: Shadow Rush. If you get the bar as low as possible, you get the option to rid the Pokemon of its Shadow status. Another effect of purifying is that it rids the Pokemon of the Shadow move that it has and replaces it with a fourth move for the Pokemon.
Also, all shadow Pokemon behave differently in terms of growth, move development, and loyalty.
When you enter a battle in the Gamecube adventures, these Pokemon will make themselves apparent to you by either being shown to you by the female sidekick in Colosseum, or using the scanning device in XD. If used, this move will have a chance to put the Shadow Pokemon into "Hyper Mode", in which the Pokemon will often score a critical hit with shadow attacks, but not really listen to any other command besides that.
Once it has been purified, the Pokemon will gain all the experience & effort points it earned from it's battles as a Shadow Pokemon and rise in level accordingly, maybe even evolve!

One of the main focuses in the games are to catch these Pokemon, so the tactic to catch these Pokemon is generally the same as the Pokemon in the other games. While XD has various other moves in which you could use instead of a suicidal Struggle? attack (which you can find by clicking here), you will probably want to get rid of the move for better moves. If you don?t know it? it?s where you lower the opponents HP, and add a status effect, then throw a type of ball. On a side note, the Shadow moves in Colosseum will not be affected by Weaknesses or Resistances while in XD, the Shadow Type is Super Effective against all other types.
If you?re looking for the lists of Pokemon that have this Shadow aura about them, look in the respective sections for the lists.

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