There are two methods of conversion, one is first converting British pounds to US dollars and then in turn converting the US dollars to Kenyan Shillings. If you would like to convert Kenyan Shillings to British Pounds without any internet access then you can simply open the economic section of your local Newspaper and check the conversion rate, this was the method used back before the internet world.
These methods can be used not only to convert these currencies but you can use this very method to convert any currency in the whole world. This method can also be used to convert Kenyan Shillings to US Dollars, or Kenyan Shilling to any currency that exists in the world. Newspaper one is a little bit old and outdated method, and only gives an approximate value.
This is used for those traders and people who have no intention of converting currency but like to stay updated of what is going on around the world.

News channels on television also give you updated information related to the current currency exchange rate. For those who earn their living by exchanging in markets, without the internet they would be nowhere.
This method can be only used if you have access to the internet, and is also the most commonly used methods as of today. Every second counts for these people, a slight delay can cause them great losses, but if luck favors them they can also be in great profits. Television is used by the long term investors, just to keep track they in any time in the near future will not have suffered great losses. Earlier software’s are being developed where you can convert you currency with the latest stock exchange rates, but now you just type 3 to 4 simple words on the internet and ola you have your current rate.

The internet has made faster transactions possible and due to this we can get what we want within seconds. Without the internet world we would have not been able to achieve such great heights in such short times.

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