Today we are going to look at some hints and tips that will make your life as you start play GTA Online a little easier. When you first fire up the game it can be so tempting to just run and steal that first car you find. The streets of online Los Santos are a horrible place where there are people waiting to shoot you in the face round every corner.
While it may make you feel like a total bad ass walking around with  few grand in your virtual pocket. Yeahpromotion » Blog Archive » Could Fortress Battle Compromise Defeat Battle of Clans? If you have been happily playing the likes of Base Invaders and other popular GTA Online missions, you would have installed the 1.04 update to find out that these missions no longer offer the same income and RP than what was previously possible. As you can imagine, many gamers are starting to get very frustrated with this, with each mission in the online mode slowly being nerfed to offer less money each time. Rockstar are keeping very silent on the GTA V Heists release date, but players are dying to know if Rockstar will allow players to make decent cash in Heists, or if the push to buy credit cards with real money is going to continue. At the same time, feel free to post your tips below if you have found a legit way to earn money in the game in a relatively short amount of time. What I want to know is, WHY Rockstar decided to stop us from giving money to other player that need it, cuz myself, and few other friends would like to give money to other player so they can buy stuff but rockstar has stopped it. Keep the game true by making it more realistic…scale the reward to the actual activity in a way that is logical and consistent with itself. What I don’t understand about gaming they keep pushing out games that are incomplete, have to many bugs and have to downloads patches for something that should already be there. What’s really funny is that rockstar may not realize in 1-2 weeks respectively bf4 and cod ghosts WILL take a majority of their audience, they better hurry the hell up.
Which is the basic game play; NOT the ability to make so much money quickly enough to buy THE MOST EXPENSIVE APARTMENT AND FILL UP YOUR GARAGES WITH THE MOST EXPENSIVE CARS IN THE GAME AND REACH RANK 100+ WITHIN A 1-2 WEEKS. First off, what difference does it make if people want to farm a mission and get a lot of money quickly?
Rockstar tries to say this is to balance the game but it really isn’t since they have no problems with people dropping money to buy the in game cash cards.
Second, all stuff like this will do is turn off a lot of hardcore players as well as turn off newer players that find it too time consuming to make good money.
They really should bring the RP & cash value of the missions back up to to the original amounts. The way I see it if it were any easier to level and make money than I’d be done with multiplayer in say… 2-3 months? What works for me is start off by jacking a good car (Baller or anything that sells for 9k) sell it, run a few missions(Survival, regular, races, whatever I’m in the mood for) maybe, catch an armored car, hunt a bounty, rinse and repeat. Yes your right, BUT take in to consideration, GTA IV had no missions no money making schemes and not as big of a map yet people still flooded those servers for 5 years!! Okay, Im beginning to understand… R* is giving us 500k, so they must even us out by making it harder to make money, so then people will still buy their cash cards.
I never did any of the money glitches however, I don’t blame anyone that has considering now how the missions money is so f**ked up!
Plus, now after the last patch update, in missions, players are not given the same amount of money…players that died get more than players that carried their dead ass!
Let me first say that as being good with money, I still have a couple mil and the income has not effected me to much.
If you’ve been meaning to tackle some cake making of your own, try this one first, and then work your way up to cakes from scratch. This entry is filed under cake, candy, cookies, dessert, food, macarons, recipe, semi-homemade.

Many people have lost data in the game by just turning the game off when they have had enough. Although the developer provided a full list of notes, the big thing that they conveniently forgot and what many players are finding out – job income has been cut in half. Rockstar are treating it like a business like any other developer would, but at the same time they are significantly patching up a lot of the content in the game in a negative way which is starting to move away from the original state of the game.
Have you stopped playing entirely, or are you playing just because you are waiting for Heists to arrive? You seriously believe that after the clusterfucl{ that was the release of GTA 5 online that rockstar will seriously make Heist missions? For instance, if I do a mission for Gerald and I have to take out an entire gang, my reward is $500. Does anyone remember how pissed off everyone was when the release date kept being pushed back? This game is literally becoming a damn near unfair hierarchy where the players with the most guap, who obviously have the most resources, ABUSE them. It’s obvious Rockstar did this to try and get people to either grind more (and spend more time in the mode so Rockstar can brag about all the hours people log in the game) or get frustrated by the slow cash making process and will buy the cash cards. The same goes for games like COD when they give you all those bonus xp codes and everything else. Had a pretty good chase myself and killed 6 hunters that were after me and before I know it *DING* money in my pocket.
Why downgrade the amount of money you earn from doing a mission, Just because people keep playing it over and over to get some quick cash? Like somebody mentioned before they are constantly trying to force people into buying their money packs well NEWSFLASH, some people don’t have money to waste on cash packs and the least they can do to compensate is offer decent paying missions.
They’ve messed up with the online launch and in returned screwed up the ROI for the game.
You can either invite people to come and join you or you can just want for someone to invite you. So make sure that when you do have a ton of money on you that you whip out your phone and use the online banking in the game to make deposits.
In the real world who is going to murder a dozen people and transport a kilo of drugs for $500 measly dollars? Players who live normal lives, don’t obsess over the game by logging 6-10+ hours per day, are just ripe for the picking when it comes to situations like this. There is no real life reward for getting a lot of money and buying stuff in the game so why care if some get stuff before others do? However, i can understand the benefit to Rockstar as a business option to knock down the RP & cash values of the misssions to try to entice players to use the cash cards (if they ever become available) but the blow back of that could possibly result in people losing interest in playing the online mode, resulting to Rockstart depending on people buying the game add ons. I played Story mode and got to about halfway in the story when my main missions stopped appearing.
But the worst of all is the penalty system for blowing up a person’s car (or a few) banning my account from playing with MY FRIENDS on top of charging us for their insurance? As if you have an annoying person he keeps driving by killing or just shooting at you or your car, why if you blow them up for being a pain in the ass, YOU have to pay THEIR insurance?! The reason everyone wants quick cash is because everything you buy online is super expensive. And even then, you work your ass off maybe die couple of times, you buy some ammo and spend bout $3000 -$4000 on ammo and armour. This is Rockstar’s answer in hopes to recover the lost money made from the online part of the game. As sacrilege as it may seem, I love mixing in pieces of macarons to baked goods like donuts, and now cakes.

If some want to spend hours farming and buy everything they want within a few days of playing then all the power to them. There’s always an argument for patience, but why make gamers wait for heists and such any longer than waiting for the actual game release. I, personally, would rather not get the 500k and have kept the mission pay as it was before the 1.04 update. And then you finish the mission to get $10,000 or $12,500 then you have to spend all that money that you just got, on a shitty silencer.
Start with melted chocolate OR fresh fruit whipped cream (mix in strawberries instead of blueberries, like the recipe calls for) and top with bite-size pieces of strawberry (sliced or diced).
So, I added some pretty chamomile flowers to one of the cakes and the result, with pink chocolate icing is pretty in pink. So it only made sense to top one of the cakes with some of favorite pastel rainbow candies from Sugarfina. You see the first car you steal you are stuck with until you have enough money to buy a new one.
Either way if a white dot is heading your way make sure you have a finger on the trigger ready.
So ummmmm, why punish us after punishing us just because we WANT to blow up cars since ppl WANT to use them as a shield?
Servers that mix countries, why would I want to play missions with people from other countries that don’t speak English? And it’s much easier to keep things game play wise like the single player mode at first until you are comfortable. Why not just keep punishing us by charging us money & when we run out of money put us in passive mode till we make more money? Jeff if you say that its all cheap then you have obviously done the car selling glitch, or the save and load glitch to get yourself loads of money…. Either you fight back, or are forced to wuss out and go to another Session since you probably don’t even have the resources yet or support yet. BUT the good side of it is, you get a LOT of Jerks out there who think its cool to just come over to you and blow up your car for kicks and Giggles when maybe your sat in the car chatting to a friend whilst waiting for them to catch up and someone blows you and your car up. I blew up TONS of player’s cars after they got mine impounded several times a week or so ago and was NEVER threatened with the Bad Sport Lobby—I mean I seriously destroyed SEVERAL cars SEVERAL times. And everyone should stop thinking for the sake of themselves that the money and rank cuts are so terrible.
That is Soooooo frustrating when you weren’t even doing anything just sitting minding your own business, but the good thing is that Jerk who blew you up HAS to pay for YOUR insurance. My friends and I talk about his all the time, and are anticipating the release of PS4 and Battlefield 4 , leaving GTA in the past and moving back into a game run by a company that knows how to make online gaming work efficiently without trying to screw you in the end. I was pissed, and tired of being attacked incessantly for no good reason-because I’m a girl…like I said, for no good reason. It used to be fun completing missions with friends over and over to afford these little things, but now I enter a mission and come away with less than I went in with?! I understand they are a company trying to make money, but the game sold has been downgraded, the service provided is mediocre, and in the gaming business people move on quickly to a new game.

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