Drawing cartoon pirates: some fun facts before starting sketching!Pirates would pierce their ears in order to improve their eyesight!Pirate ships didn't have black sails.
Draw cute characters in minutes!Everything you need to learn how to draw within minutes can be found in this incredible printable collection. Doing so would give their prey a clue of their malicious intentions!The captain was elected through a vote. You can go for a more realistic look (5), a skull with hair (2) or a funny angry pirate (4)!

Impress friends and family with your new drawing abilities and create adorable cartoon characters and animals today! Then, fill half of the head in black to represent the scarf and do the same on the body to draw the pants.Continue to draw your character by adding the arms, the right leg and a piece of wood to replace the amputated left leg.
All the characters below have different hats and eyepatchs but still, they all look like good old pirates ready to board your ship to steal your money!
Finish your drawing by sketching details like the eye, the mouth and the skull on the scarf.

With more than 2000+ cartoon characters drawn over the past 8 years, I can definitely help you create the perfect illustration today!Click here to learn more about my services! This pirate is dressed in black but you can always play with the colors to change the mood of your characters.

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