Intro: How to make organic planting pots using old newspapersThis is a great way of making your own organic planting pots.
Step 4: Folding the bottom of the potUsing finger of your choice, fold excess paper towards bottom of bottle. 1) fold an inch wide flap down across the length of the paper to give your pot a crisp top edge, extra support, and a more pleasant aesthetic (it resembles the top edge of a terracotta pot). 3) prepare all of your materials (cut and fold paper, cut strips of tape, and get a scoop of the proper size for the soil) before you start to manufacture the pots in large quantities- this improves your efficiency at least twofold! Bloggers, publishers and marketers are always on the lookout for attracting attention to drive traffic, engage with their readers and customers and make money.
But the art and science of headline writing is being challenged by innovators who have realised that a technology driven web dominated by social networks and smart phones is changing the game. Traditional newspaper publishers have been caught napping and the New York Times is scrambling to learn how to pull readers, eyeballs and sharing on a technology driven social web. The reality is that the headlines are only the start and how they have used technology is also worth noting.
Build your website technology for optimal sharing and subscribing to social networks and email ists. Let’s have a closer look at three of these publishers, content marketers and headline artists, that seem to know how to make content move fast and far. Buzzfeed is one of these new generation social network driven websites that are making the traditional players sit up and take notice.
Today the site publishes 378 posts a day which are sourced by staff, syndicated content and external contributors.
Despite its humble and seemingly superficial beginnings, the impact of a website driven by data scientists and social media cannot be ignored. Along with superlatives the other dimension is the modeling of the tactic used by Upworthy. UpWorthy have published a Slideshare presentation that reveals that 56% of their posts don’t break 10,000 views and also reveal that only 0.3% of their articles reach the top level.
What are the top lessons and insights you have gleaned from these publishers and content marketers?
Calameo is a free publishing platform that allows users to create a professional looking magazine and presentation. Uniflip is a self-publishing web tool that enables users to convert PDF file and Word document into e-magazine and flipbook in flip page format. Google Currents is a social magazine app that allows users to create personalized publications in a swipable magazine format which can be perfectly viewed on the smartphones and tablets.
3D Issue is a premium publishing suite that can convert publications into page turning e-book and digital magazine. This free online ebook creator allows you to turn content from websites and blogs into e-book in various formats such as PDF, Kindle, ePub as well as Mobipocket formats. Realview is a powerful digital publishing suite where you can publish online magazine, e-newspapers, digital catalogue and other web documents.
Scribd is one of the largest digital document libraries that houses millions of ebooks, magazines, reports, and other documents in many languages. Flipviewer is another publishing tool that able to convert your PDF documents into digital page turning publications. Similar to Scribd, Issuu lets you explore a huge range of digital publications including e-books, e-magazines, newspapers, catalogs, etc.
OpenZine is a paid publishing tool that allows users to create web content in a magazine style blog. WordPress is a well-known free and open-source publishing platform used by millions of bloggers and web developers worldwide. A HTML 5 ebook framework that enables users to create interactive ebook and e-magazine for iPad and iPhone.

As the name implies, this web service provides you a number of templates for creating a professional looking newspaper. IN SUMATION: I essentially started a band that night, and we have been playing my originals all over town and having a blast.
The final product (ie the pots) are great for your small plants, they can be put very tightly together and when the plant is ready to be put into the ground you can plant it with pot still on.
Thank you for your added suggestions, they I didn't do the glue stick cause I cut a little bit and tucked it under the flap. But I will not live for centuries (thank God for that one.) So I cannot drink centuries worth of water that comes from the copper pipes in my house. Facebook with it’s fast evolving multi-media and mobile technology is becoming the engine that drives viral sharing. They understand how the social web works and they also understand email and search engine marketing. Upworthy, Viral Nova and Buzzfeed are the masters of taking already popular content on the web and taking it viral. What started as an online laboratory called “Buzzfeed Labs” in 2006 (which was an initiative to create, test and measure viral content) is now evolving into a more serious long form journalism site.
To put some perspective on its popularity that has the traditional players such as the New York Times worried, here are their traffic numbers according to Quantcast. Many of these articles, videos and quizzes have attracted millions of Facebook likes, shares and comments and thousands of retweets on Twitter. It was started by the 31 year old, Scott DeLong who operates from his home in North Canton Ohio. Do you find yourself desperately looking for something to share about two-thirds of the way through the month? Their intuitive user interfaces let you being able to publish a professional looking e-magazine, ebooks and online newspapers in just a few steps. The cross-platform online service lets you design and publish on any website, tablet and mobile devices, as well as Facebook pages. The free publishing platform enables you import articles from blogs and feeds, embed YouTube videos, upload pictures and many more interactive features. Users can output digital editions for laptops, tablets, ebook readers and other mobile devices. It allows users to create digital content like e-magazines, ebooks, and catalogues by converting PDF files. The publications can be perfectly viewed on the desktop computers, smartphones, tablets and Facebook. The site allows users to upload documents in various formats including PDF, Office documents and ePUB files, turning them into digital magazines.
Users are allowed to upload their printed materials and publish them online with animated page flip functionality.
Its intuitive user interface and straightforward features enable you to design the blog the way you want. It has a huge variety of templates, both free and premium that can turn your blog into a magazine-style website.
To his credit, my dad then called the girl I liked and told her not to make fun of my haircut.
For ten minutes before you go to sleep and for ten minutes when you wake up, just be quiet and stretch.
If you have to be around them ( a boss, a child, a parent, a spouse, etc) then just don’t engage.
I’ve always been acutely aware that the lack of exercise in my life makes depression exponentially worse. I read lots of your posts, and stories, and other people’s stories, and the next thing I knew I was writing.

I am stronger, open to defeat and sadness, and haven’t been severely dark since reading this article. They are a real estate services company that has taken some these ideas and woven it into their content creation, marketing and link hustling.
Also included are clever use of emotion and broken the traditional mold of how long a headline should be. Point 2 on creating several headings for the same article is a brilliant idea, will apply this one on my next round of content promotion. Today we’ve done a thorough research and short listed 15 e-magazine publishing tools that are absolutely worth your attention.
Additionally, these tools are highly customizable to suit users’ different digital publication needs. The tool is integrated with multiple social networks sharing the publications with wider audience, globally.
Additionally, the website is integrated with social networks which are helpful in promoting your uploaded materials. I try to let go of everything and accept it for what it is, EVEN (and to the fun part), making this music video I will link. We also made little trays from scrap wood to hold the cups, and some masking tape to label each seedling. If the indentation had not been there I probably would have just cut out a big enough hole to accomplish more or less the same thing. They have taken their real estate blog from 2,000 to 18 million views per month in just 2 years.
So whether you want to create a fashion e-magazine to promote your boutique, sell ebooks to make extra money or publish school newspaper to recognize students’ hard works, these tools work best for you!
To make the digital content more interesting, Joomag allows users to include links, video and audio, Flash animation, photo gallery and many more. The best way to be psychic is to start off telling people that one day in the distant past they had a haircut they didn’t like and they were very upset about that.
I wasn’t sure how else to contact you James Altucher, and maybe you never see this, but here is the song that MADE ME FEEL BETTER. I have suffered depression on and off since childhood, thought I’d sent it packing, then hit a dark bottom after a really difficult break up.
Then awhile later, after I had written a lot of songs (that also made me feel better), I played that little ol’ song for a guy on the back porch of a music festival. If you are having trouble sleeping, take some natural remedy or take some anti-anxiety medicine. That tipped the first domino sending me spiraling to the bottom and a slew of other tragedies. It did cause me to fail #3, but as long as I was doing all the rest and remembering to #2 regularly, I figured I was fine. He remembered it, found me on facebook, and encouraged me to come play it on stage at his showcase.
Stand outside the shower naked, wet, take a picture of yourself and post it on facebook (kidding).
About chemicals on newspapers: worth checking that the inks on the newspaper you read are fully soy based. I also tamped down the damp potting soil with a piece of dowel rod to compact it like a peat pellet.

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