Career advancement is limited, but additional certifications in new technologies like laser hair removal and microdermabrasion can increase demand for your skills (and your salary!). Education: Esthetician licensure and certification requirements vary from state to state, but if you live near a metropolitan area it's likely you can pursue certification a trade school near you. When it comes down to it, all resumes have four main sections: contact information, an objective, previous employment experience and education information. Your contact information should always include your first and last name, your current mailing address, phone number and an email address. Objective – To join the Sephora Field Support Center as a Beauty Advisor where I can offer my strong work ethic and customer service skills while further advancing my cosmetic artistry knowledge.
If you are a new beauty school graduate or newly licensed esthetician, you’ll want to highlight your information in the Education section. If you attended any other education in addition to beauty school such as college or high school, you’ll want to include that information in the Education section of your resume. When it comes to deciding on the order of sections on your resume, choose the section you have the most recent, relevant experience in first. For Employment Experience, list your last three jobs, in order from the most recent job to the the last. This entry was posted in Become an Esthetician and tagged beauty school, esthetics, resume, Sephora by Kathleen.
Amanda is an SFIEC graduate and even worked as an SFIEC Learning Leader for 4+ years before joining CODE last year. Amanda and I spent the morning talking about CODE Salon, why she became a licensed esthetician, how she got her start in the industry, why she loves working on brows so much and her favorite service to give a client. Within a couple of months, I made the decision to leave Peet’s, take out a student loan and go back to school. I feel like after a client has the Trio, she leaves the salon feeling really beautiful naturally, without having a ton of makeup on. Are you located in or visiting the San Francisco area and are interested in booking a fabulous service with Amanda? Call CODE Salon at 415-624-8340 to book your appointment.
Fun Fact about Hair Growth: It takes anywhere from 4 to 13 weeks for the hair to grow from the dermal papilla (the base of the hair follicle) to the surface of the skin.
Clients ask me these questions all the time whenever I am helping them determine an at-home skincare regimen for their skin type and particular skin concerns.
These types of moisturizers contain water-loving ingredients that absorb into the skin quickly without leaving any residue behind. For all skin types, it’s important to hydrate the skin internally and externally on a daily basis.
An esthetician is a trained professional whom is licensed to treat your skin topically and cosmetically, provide your skin with preventative care and give your skin treatments to help keep it young and healthy looking.
When most people think of an esthetician, they picture someone in the treatment room performing facials or a variety of waxing services. In the medical arena,  estheticians working in medical aesthetics typically work in a medical setting such as a plastic surgeon’s office, dermatologist office, a medical spa, in a hospital, clinic or laser center assisting medically trained professionals. The treatments that these estheticians can perform may include pre-and postoperative care, prepping the client for surgery or other medical services, camouflage makeup, microdermabrasion, patient education and retail sales. Comedogenicity is defined by Milady as the tendency of any topical substance to cause or to worsen a buildup of dead skin cells in the hair follicle (a pore), which often leads to the development of a comedone (a pimple.) When a product is considered comedogenic, it means that the emollient (heavy) ingredients inside the product are likely to block pores. If comedogenic products are known to cause acne, then why would someone want to use this type of product on their skin? Emollients inside comedogenic products are fatty agents that can act as either a vehicle or performance ingredient. There are many different types of oils that can be found in skin care and cosmetic products. After I made the decision to go to beauty school, the next big decision I had to make was which beauty school was I going to go to. Before making a decision on which beauty school to go to, it’s important to do your homework. I started off my beauty school research by asking my friends who were already working in the industry for beauty school recommendations. Another consideration that was important to me was the amount of time I would have to spend working on real clients during my program.  I wanted to attend a school that had clean facilities and plenty of clients to perform services on. After making my list of beauty school wants and deal breakers, I then visited the local beauty schools, online.
When I visited the beauty schools on my list in-person, I purposely visited the schools WITHOUT making an appointment.
The second school I visited was not nearly as appetizing or impressive as the first school. Fast forward four months after filling out and dropping off the appointment request sheet, I finally got a call from the school’s Admissions Leader, asking if I was still interested in attending the school.
When I came back to meet with the Admissions Leader, I was really impressed with the layout of the school.
One major red flag that worried me was the passing rate for the State Board Exam was considerably lower than the first school I had visited. I also felt a bit pressured by the Admissions Leader to sign up for the next program session and leave a deposit to save my spot in the class.
After I had fully done my own homework and thoroughly researched all of the beauty schools on my list, did I make the decision on which beauty school would be the BEST beauty school for ME. This entry was posted in Become an Esthetician and tagged beauty school, esthetician, SFIEC by Kathleen. According to my ultimate product ingredients bible, A Consumer’s Dictionary of Cosmetics Ingredients, Sodium Laureth Sulfate is defined as being sodium salt of sulfated ethoxylated lauryl alcohol.
Just because a product contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate doesn’t mean that you have to stop using it. In over-the-counter (OTC) products containing AHAs such as lactic acid, the concentration is generally around 10% or less.
Regardless of the concentration of lactic acid your skin receives in your at-home or in-office treatments, it’s important that whenever you use an active ingredient like lactic acid, be sure to limit the amount of time you spend in the sun and slather yourself with sunscreen.
This entry was posted in Ingredients and tagged alpha hydroxy acid, natural, OTC, sunscreen by Kathleen. I’m in the process of getting a Washington esthetician license, with the help of my current California esthetician license. Once I have a valid esthetician license in the state of Washington, I’ll then need to decide if getting the master esthetician license will be worth the time and money for me and my career goals.
The only reason why I’d like to get a master esthetician license is to further advance myself as a professional within the skincare industry.
If Washington state grants your reciprocity from California, then you would be granted an esthetic license. Currently we have two out of state estheticians that received their WA Reciprosity for 750 hours enrolled in our school. Regardless, I’d still love to come by and check out the Washington Laser Institute in-person and possibly cover it on my blog for my readers.
Fast forward to today, my husband got a great job offer in Seattle and we moved here in October of 2014.
As I began my research into continuing my education, of course I came back to your blog for support. If you do decide to do the master program in Washington, would the things you learn and the certs you earn transfer back to California? No, unfortunately the certificates and education you receive in another state rarely transfers. Graduate from a school approved and licensed by the Department of Licensing with the minimum required state hours. According the the WA State Licensing (DOL) Official Site, you could qualify to apply for the master esthetics endorsements if you met the requirements by January 1, 2015, but this deadline has now come and gone and is no longer valid. Estheticians provide skin treatments, hair removal and other processes that help men and women maintain their personal appearance and boost self-esteem. Estheticians perform complex beauty procedures on clients who are probably sensitive about their appearance (or they probably wouldn't be paying an esthetician in the first place!). Many work only nights and weekends when their clients are available; others at salons, spas or resorts with a steady clientele will work throughout the day. Tastefully understated accessories, makeup and grooming are a good idea since knowledge of fashion and beauty is an asset for estheticians.
Cosmetologists are usually trained in nail, skin and hair care while estheticians focus completely on skin care technique.
For this post, I pulled up all three of my resumes that I’ve had over the last three years, starting with the first resume I created when I first graduated from beauty school. This section is going to contain all of your most recent, relevant professional experience within the beauty industry. If you had an impeccable attendance record, you’ll want to make that a bullet point as well.
Simply state the name of the school you attended, the city and state it’s located in, your area of study and your graduation date, as long as you graduated. If you just graduated from beauty school and have never worked in the beauty industry, you’ll want to put the Education section higher up on your resume and your Employment Experience underneath. Each job should include the company’s full name, the city and state in which the company is located in, your position at that company, the timespan of when you worked for the company and 5 to 8 bullet points describing what you did in that position.
You and I both have something in common – we both left bartending for the beauty industry. But i just graduated last week and I am focusing on booth renting for now but I kinda of want to become a mortician. We also discussed our favorite skin care products and geeked out about our own current skin home care routines. As soon as I would leave school, I’d go directly to the spa, work the night shift, close up the spa and then go back to school the next morning. You wake up in the morning and your lashes are already dark and look like they have mascara on them, but they don’t and it stays that way all day long. We usually book it for 45 minutes for a first time client and return clients are usually around 30 minutes.

Also, visit CODE Salon’s website to view their full menu of hair, face and body services. All the hair on your body grows in cycles, but not every hair is always at the same stage, at the same time. In this stage, hairs are completely erect in the follicle, allowing the hair to show above the skin’s surface. Water-based moisturizers are ideal to use as a daytime moisturizer and underneath makeup because they are so light.
Besides working in a spa or salon, estheticians can also work as a makeup artist, brand representative, product specialist, cosmetic buyer, beauty advisor, educator or in a physician’s office as an assistant performing esthetic treatments. When acting as a vehicle, emollients help the product spread across the skin’s surface and keep the product in place on the skin.
Mineral oil and petrolatum are considered to be oils from the earth that come from petroleum. An oil-free product means that it’s been formulated without any mineral or plant oils. I could stretch that out through a part-time program or I could buckle down and get it done in a full-time program. I asked them which school they went to, if they were happy or not with the school they chose and why. I don’t have a car so I needed to make sure whichever school I decided to attend, I would be able to get there easily and on time everyday.
I wanted to see what the facilities looked like and how the staff would act if I showed up to the school unannounced.
I took a tour of the school, met current students and faculty and even had a chance to sit with the Admissions Leader in her office. I couldn’t help but laugh when I told her that not only had I filled out the form over four months ago, but had already enrolled and started my esthetics program at another school. In order to make that decision, I had to go through all of the notes I had taken on each of the schools I had visited and compared them to the list I had created of everything my perfect school would have to offer.
For those of us whom aren’t scientists, Sodium Laureth Sulfate is considered a surfactant, similar to a detergent. Even though this ingredient is considered perfectly safe for consumer use by the FDA, it can still be irritating for some. If your favorite foaming facial cleanser contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate and you have yet to experience any sort of irritation or excessively dry skin, then by all means, keep using it. Products administered by licensed estheticians generally contain a 20 to 30% concentration. The cool thing is once this process is done, I’ll have both a California and Washington esthetician license. Do you think it’s worth investing the time and money to further advance myself as an expert within this industry? I’m still waiting to see if Washington state grants me reciprocity from California before I decide on my next step. When I was thinking about becoming an esthetician back in 2011, I came across your blog and it was a huge inspiration to me. I’m still working in esthetics, but only behind-the-scenes doing marketing and social media. Work environment can vary from sterile to spa like, and plush resorts to home-based businesses.
You'll need extensive knowledge of skin types, potential allergies and other complications that may arise from treatments so that you can make expert recommendations for each client. Flexible hours are common, so if you don't like the schedule at your entry-level esthetician gig, don't despair – there are plenty of chances to change hours when you change employers (especially if that new employer is you)! For workdays, spas and clinics will probably have a dress code; often that just means black dress slacks and a nice shirt, but each employer will vary. This often means that estheticians have a deeper knowledge of skin care treatments than cosmetologists, but curricula will vary from school to school and standards change from state to state, so do your homework before choosing the program for you - unless you really like skin care and have an extreme aversion to hair and nails. I’ve always had a current, professional resume and have updated it depending on the current job I was applying for.
This was the same resume that started it all for me and helped me land the job at Sephora as a Beauty Advisor.
If you don’t already, now is a great time to sign up for a free email service such as yahoo, gmail or hotmail.
On my first resume, I choose to include an objective because I was making a career change from eight years as a bartender to working in the beauty industry.
If you were a retailing superstar on the salon floor while you were in school, you’ll want to include what your average sales tickets were for the services you performed and the retail your clients took home.
Later on down the road as you gain relevant, professional experience within the industry, you’ll want to switch the order of these two sections.
I was really successful, but it wasn’t really making my heart sing in terms of what I wanted to do with my career. I knew that because this was going to be a second career for me, I had to be able to go to a place that was going to set me up for success.
I went to the best school, got a great education and even got to work at a spa in Oakland while I was going to school.
It also made me realize that this wasn’t necessarily the avenue I wanted my career to go down. Once the hair has detached itself from the bulb, its also gets cut off from the blood supply. The lack of oil therefore requires an extra level of hydration and protection on the surface of the skin.
Under the state-issued license, we can perform facials, facial massages, hair removal, body wraps, makeup application and treat acne. Estheticians cannot prescribe medication, give medical advice or perform any sort of medical treatments. Dry skin typically doesn’t produce enough sebum (oil) to protect itself from dehydration. When acting as a performance ingredient, emollients help lubricate the skin’s surface and prevent dehydration. The benefits to these types of oils is that they are time-tested, help protect dry skin against dehydration and can be used without any preservatives because they don’t harbor bacteria. If I had to cut back on the amount of shifts I worked each week, that meant that my income would decrease. Either way, whichever school I would choose to attend, I wanted to make sure that I was going to enjoy being there for all of those 600 hours. The better you prepare yourself, the more likely you are the ask the right questions and when the time comes, be armed to make a well informed decision. I also asked them if they had to do it all over again, which school would they go to and why.
A couple of the sites were well put together and provided lots of information about attending the school, the esthetics program and what I could expect by attending an esthetics program.
In the back of my mind I expected the Admissions Leader to be pushy and want to quickly sign me up for the school’s program. The higher the concentration of Sodium Laureth Sulfate in a product, the higher the irritation factor can be. If you are concerned about experiencing negative effects from products that contain this ingredient, try alternating your cleansers. It’s usually a syrupy product normally found in blood and muscle tissue that is a product of the metabolism of glucose and glycogen.
Lactic acid helps to moisturize the skin, slough off dead skin cells, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of sun spots, reduce hyperpigmentation, improve skin texture and even stimulate collagen production. My California esthetician license states that I have 600 hours of instruction and have passed both the written and practical exam. This meant completing the Request for Certification of a California License form, printing it out, signing and sending it in with a $10 check. I work in marketing, managing social media, email campaigns, the website and blog for a medical spa.
I do have an interest in learning everything I can about this industry because I enjoy it and would love to eventually expand my blog to market myself as a marketing and social media expert for other, fellow estheticians out there.
In the meantime, I did contact a local beauty school asking if there was a 450 master course that I could take so I wouldn’t have to start over.
We provide a comprehensive 450 hour only training and prepare you for the written and practical master esthetic examination. About a year ago I was approached by a health insurance carrier here to take a position and although I was loving being an esthetician the opportunity was too good to pass up. I’m not with clients in the treatment room during the day, but I still work for an awesome medical spa (SkinSpirit) with clinics in both California and Washington. This flexibility gives estheticians the freedom to work almost anywhere they can find enough clients. When I left the world of bartending behind and decided to take a leap into the beauty industry, I had to give my resume as I knew it and give it a complete overhaul. For what I lacked in professional industry experience, I made up for it with a clean, well-organized resume that highlighted the skills I already had along with the new skills I picked up in beauty school. It might even be a good idea to increase your first and last name slightly and make them bold.
I wanted to state clearly on my resume what type of position I was seeking out because none of my previous work experience had ever been in the beauty industry.
If you were a visionary and did anything above and beyond the typical curriculum in beauty school, you’ll want to make sure these activities are also reflected on your resume. Now I realize that professionally shaped brows really pull a whole look together, with or without makeup.
Two years ago, she added Celebrity Brow Artist to her resume when she had the opportunity to work on Adam Lambert‘s brows at her previous salon. I also needed to be able to get in and out of school as quickly as possible, while getting a great education and allowing me to be successful in my new career in esthetics. I was able to work with my esthetician while getting to watch her work with clients and learn from her.

I feel like so many people in this world have a lot of vellus, blonde, translucent hairs mixed in the area surrounding their brows that actually make the shape of their brow. Lash tinting gives you the darkness and the length, but it doesn’t give you the volume. Since most of the hair on the body is in the Anagen Stage at the same time, it makes it the perfect time in the hair growth cycle to wax. Even though oily skin is characteristic of producing excess oil, using a water-based moisturizer on an oily skin type will provide needed protection from environmental pollution and will help keep the skin hydrated. When deciding on which product to use, choose the right type of moisturizer for your skin that contains active ingredients formulated for your specific skin type.
One of my fears was that I would make the decision to go to school and then end up hate being there and want to quit. She briskly told me that I would have to make an appointment to see someone and that she could not answer any questions about the school. I also liked that there were a day options, night options, part-time and full-time schedules available for the program. I could tell that the Admissions Leader was a bit frustrated that I wanted to take my time and do more research before making my decision. Sodium Laureth Sulfate gives products like facial cleansers, bubble bath, shower gel and shampoo that rich, foaming lather. In plain English, lactic acid is a member of the Alpha Hydroxy Acid family that comes from sour or fermented milk.
Even though having an esthetician license isn’t necessary in my current position, it has proved to be invaluable with all of the research and writing I do about the services and treatments we offer in all of our clinics.
Who knows, maybe after I start school, my interests might change and I’ll want to work in a medical setting as a licensed esthetician.
I was told by Olympia where headquarters for this is,that I could go to School in Arizona at The National Laser Institute.
If this is the case, I recommend looking up licensing requirements for Washington state, since this is the state you want to be licensed in.
I now had the challenge of taking all of my professional experience over the last eight years as a bartender and organizing it into a resume that would convince a potential employer within the beauty industry to hire a newbie like me. As you build up your work experience within the industry, you can go back and tailor your resume to fit all of your newfound skills and experience. You want your name to stand out on your resume so that it’s easy for potential employers to identify who you are from all of the other information you choose to include on your resume. I decided to take a little time to re-evaluate what I wanted to do with my career and was thinking about what I loved. When I graduated from SFIEC and got my license, I was ready to hit the floor at the spa right away. I was a young esthetician and wasn’t really sure of what career path in esthetics I wanted to take. This fatal attraction obsession that hydrators have for water works out in the skin’s favor. If oily skin isn’t moisturized on a regular basis, the skin becomes dry and stripped of its natural oils. Preventative care is the number one reason why clients visit an esthetician in the first place.
The trapped water helps to increase the moisture in the epidermis, which helps to prevent dehydration. These types of oils act like human sebum (oil), which is a huge benefit for dry skin that doesn’t produce enough oil because they help to prevent dehydration in dry skin.
If I was going to take such a big financial risk, I wanted to be sure that I picked a school that I’d be happy attending. What was really valuable was hearing why they made the choices they did and why their choices worked for them. I was more than willing to invest in my future, but I needed to be sure that Uncle Sam would be able to help me out.
She encouraged me to visit other beauty schools in the area and to get an actual service from each of the schools that I visited. When I dropped in unannounced at this school, they didn’t have anyone available to see me right away. The cost of the overall program was considerably lower than the first school I had visited. Even though lactic acid is known as a chemical exfoliant, its perfectly natural because it’s found in our bodies.
That’s originally what I wanted to do when I first went to beauty school in California.
My only two options were to stick with the 750-hour license or start over and go for the master esthetician 1200-hour license.
I love the idea of taking a 450-hour comprehensive training class as opposed to a 1200-hour course. Where do you start when creating a resume for a job you don’t have any professional industry experience in yet? If using your first and last name isn’t an available option with that provider, try using the first letter of your first name and last name or first name, middle initial and last name.
Her most popular service is the Trio Service which includes brow shaping, brow tinting and lash tinting. I realized that on my days off from work, I was either getting my brows done or receiving facials from my esthetician. I was really lucky to be able to start working under my esthetician immediately as soon as I got my license. I knew that teaching at SFIEC was an opportunity too good to pass up in terms of meeting new people, networking and being able to figure out what my esthetics passion was. The lack of natural oils in the skin will cause it to overcompensate for its dryness by producing more oil, which can then lead to future breakouts. Be sure to look at the first three to four ingredients of a product to help determine if the moisturizer will be formulated for your specific skin type. Clients are realizing that the quickest way to stop congested, aging, saggy and unhappy skin is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Would I still be able to work enough to survive financially while being able to attend all of my classes, have enough time to study between my classes and get enough sleep between going to work and school?
After finishing my online research, I compiled a list of questions along with a list of beauty schools I wanted to check out in-person. She also wanted me to make a list of salons or spas that I respected in the area and visit them, asking the spa or salon manager which beauty school in the area they think produces the most qualified and best prepared students. It made me question why I would choose to go to a school like this in the first place, even if the tuition was much cheaper than the first school.
If users deny their skin of any oil at all, they risk drying out their skin and possibly create other skin conditions to treat on down the line.
Your skin will get the best of both worlds-a deep, effective cleanse on one day and a rich, moisturizing cleanse the next. Lactic acid is the least irritating AHA of all, but can still cause stinging in the most sensitive skin types such as fair, damaged and allergy-prone skin.
Once you’ve checked your resume, give it to two other people and ask to have them proofread it for you.
She also performs customizable facials (45 or 75 minutes), back treatments, full body waxing for both men and women, basic makeup applications, special occasion makeup and private makeup lessons. I became a better brow artist and a better esthetician because I chose to become a teacher at SFIEC. Then the true identity of the brow that I always knew was there shows through and I can then show the client. Acne-prone skin also needs moisture from a water-based moistrizer, especially with drying acne medications that are used on a regular basis. Our license only allows us to treat the five most outer layers of the skin, which make up the epidermis.
I also had to accept the fact that I wasn’t going to have any sort of social life while I was in school. Sure the location was ideal and the facilities were new, but the low State Board Exam passing rate, the pressure to sign up and even the low tuition all made me second guess the school’s program all together.
I never really thought about being able to spend a whole day in the spa and have it as an actual career. How am I not good at this?” Like with anything else in life, it was just a matter of practice, dedication, doing a million brows and getting better and better. The surface of the skin is protected while the oil and water moisture content in the skin remain balanced.
I got the feeling that the Admissions Leader really cared about me making the best decision for myself. At the cost of $12,000 and Twelve days studying each day with a different area with a plastic Surgeon. When it comes to the dermis layer, subcutaneous layer of skin and beyond, the skin has to be treated by a medical professional. I couldn’t see myself working nights and going to school days, five days a week for that long period of time.
I couldn’t stop thinking about the first school I had visited and the wonderful experience I had there. Each day I’m there I will be learning all specifications I need to obtain my Washington State Medical Masters Esthetician . Most people are scared of it because they’ve either had a bad experience with having them being dyed too dark or never truly having a perfect tint. I’ve always been artistic, but never really found my niche for how I was going to produce the art I wanted to show the world. Even though my first experience at this school was less than ideal, I still wanted to give it a shot.

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