Heidi Clark believes there are no creative limitations when it comes to recycling old denim. Commonly used India, the charpai cot traditionally uses nylon strings, but in this modern iteration Siddharth Hirwani uses recycled strips of denim as the primary material. Shannon Wright and her partner Ryan Sisourath wanted to demonstrate how recycled denim could be used to create an insulating wall system.
Terry Dewal created this rag rug by cutting old jeans into strips, then weaving them on a floor loom. One of my former Sunday school students and his wife are expecting their first baby in April.
One of nature's recyclers, the moth would be thought pretty with its pink-gold highlights and auburn hair if it's children weren't so destructive. Since its lives mainly inside, it is around all year, preferring dark places like wardrobes. Expanded polystyrene or EPS foam is a closed-cell foam made of pre-expanded polystyrene beads.  It is typically used for packaging and for take-out containers for hot and cold foods. While these containers are commonly referred to as “styrofoam”, this is actually not its correct name. Wood, grass, food scraps and other natural materials undergo a process known as biodegradation when they are buried. Expanded Polystyrene is made up of many components EPF’s main component is styrene (C 8 H 8 ), which is derived from petroleum or natural gas and formed by a reaction between ethylene (C 2 H 4 ) and benzene (C 6 H 6 ).
Plastics are renowned for their waterproof insulation and that spells trouble for marine life in the ocean. The Pacific trash gyre, also know as the Pacific trash vortex, is a large area of marine debris floating in the North Pacific Ocean. For most people the Trash Gyre is thought of as a literal island when in reality the Pacific Trash Gyre is like a plastic soup of many tiny particles and pieces of plastic.

We decided to begin this campaign in order to inform the public about the impacts of styrofoam and to counteract many misleading claims being made by large corporations who manufacture these products. A bill to phase-out the use of EPS foam food ware is currently being heard by the Maui County Council. We were blown away by the breadth and skill showcased in the submissions, and a number of entrants went all-out and designed practical solutions for the home.
Channeling a cool country-western aesthetic, Heidi created a set of coasters from the seams of her old jeans, turning the rest of her trousers into a clever mat perfect for any table setting.
Three-inch strips have been cut and stitched together to make a roll of thicker material, which is used to weave the central bed on which a quilt or thin mattress can be spread out. Alison cut the all the unwanted denim she collected into long strips, sewed them together using rug braiding techniques, and crocheted herself a 100-plus-pound rug full of everyone’s memories.
Over 100 pairs of jeans were used for the insulation, and the wood framing was made from recycled and refinished wooden skid pallets. Designed by Open Your Eyes, this set of new covers can be stuffed at home with recycled clothing — including your favorite retired denim jeans — to build a new mattress! Since we don't know the gender, I'm planning to make one of each specific gift and store (or sell) the second one.I've been keeping my eye out at thrift shops for more cute receiving blankets, and I found another treasure trove at Salvation Army last week. While the Clothes Moths don't actually eat, their larvae (caterpillars) are designed to eat wool, silk, paper and organic material. Below you can read more about the environmental and health impacts of EPS foam and other “single-use” plastics. Styrofoam is actually a trademarked brand of polystyrene foam use for thermal insulation which is owned and manufactured by The Dow Chemical Company and not used for take-out containers.
This is a fancy way of saying they are transformed by different forms of bacteria and combine in the soil into other useful compounds. Petroleum is a non-renewable resource that commons from fossil fuels just like gasoline for our cars.  This is a problem since fossil fuels are already a scare resource needed for energy production world-wide and the extraction, transportation, processing and use of petroleum creates green-house gas emissions which contribute to climate change.

EPS foam products are not recyclable in the state of Hawai’i or in most other places.
Plastics do not break down like natural products do however they do break down into molecular pieces and litter the ocean floor. Sea turtles consume jellyfish as their diet and what do plastic bags look like in the water to those turtles?, jellyfish the turtles mistaken these plastic bags for jellyfish and either entangle themselves in them or die soon after consuming the plastic. Plastics may be a emerging market but there are too many things being overlooked about the consequences on other animals by using this product. The Pacific Trash Gyre is not one Gyre alone but are multiple patches and around 80% of the debris comes from land-based activities in activities in North America and Asia. From an intricate area rug woven from 120 pairs of jeans, to a handy recycled denim charpai cot, to a remarkable recycled denim insulating wall system, check out these incredible finalists and many more as we highlight 8 recycled denim designs for the home. However plastic does not biodegrade but instead photo-degrade or break down into molecular substances and stay in the environment for a very very long time. Since plastic never fully breaks down or biodegrades the Gyre still continues to accumulate and grow in size. I think I'll plan to do this in the future, since I really like the reversible aspect of it that way.I obsessed about the "right" size for a baby quilt and then realized that almost any size can work for this, so long as it's bigger than a baby. These tiny pieces of plastic and the chemicals they contain build up in our landfills and oceans, harm marine life and even enter the food chain. And the plastic that is recycled in Hawai’i is shipped to Asia where it is converted into stuffing for sleeping bags and other products.

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