Nicki Minaj butt implants rumors have been spreading like wildfire since the popular pop RnB artist rose to superstar status. In the past, Minaj has denied having undergone plastic surgery, but her claims were limited to the subject of nose job, eyelid alteration, and lip implants. It is not at all surprising if Nicki really did get implants on her behind because Hollywood, particularly the music business, is mostly about looking hot and desirable to the public even if it means going under the knife.
Fraser is asking to reduce his annual payments of $900,000, reports The Daily Mail, as he claims his acting career has slowed and he can no longer afford to pay alimony and child support at that level.
In addition to his career decline, Fraser also cited to the court a series of medical issues that have reduced his film roles.
According to the Internet Movie Database, Fraser has a number of upcoming movie roles with 10 either completed or in production.

While she is not exactly the first Hollywood celebrity to be the subject of plastic surgery speculations, Minaj is a particularly interesting topic because her butt is rather prominent.
She has never confirmed or denied having had butt implants, so people continue to speculate up to this point. While her vocal talents may have gotten her through the threshold, it is quite possible that she believes good looks (or at least a rumor-worthy appearance) will keep her relevant and marketable for a much longer time than her contemporaries. His ex-wife, Afton Smith, claims the actor is hiding money and that he can continue to make the payments.
He is currently appearing as the voice of Scorch Supernova in Escape from Planet Earth, his first film in two years.
Regardless of what she is wearing (which recently is not all that much clothing at all), Nicki’s gluts are always the center of attention.

As with other Hollywood stars who are thought to have undergone butt augmentation (Kim Kardashian is one of the more popular ones), Nicki tries to avoid the subject altogether except for the occasional voicing of displeasure caused by the rumors.
Based on some of the photos from before her superstar days, it appears that her rear went from flat and unremarkable to plump and extremely conspicuous. In any case, her derriere is certainly making her a lot of money these days if her concert ticket sales are any indication.

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