Any time I write about or discuss SharePoint and I dare mention any of its weaknesses instead of focusing solely on its strengths some SharePoint zealot suffers great indignation at my gall for criticizing the ultimate, perfect technology. However, once deployed, SharePoint is incredibly easy to use for blogging, creating Team Sites, My Profile driven social networking, and general collaboration. If you don’t need to implement a custom design, navigation schema, or integrate non-Microsoft applications, and only need basic collaboration and document sharing, SP 2010 is a brilliant solution (if you can justify the price tag). Oh and by the way, because of the built-in, or baked-in nature of its’ web content management, templates, and site collection structure, the governance is actually better than most solutions.
This news blog is focused on intranets, website and social media strategy and is authored by Toby Ward, founder and CEO of Prescient Digital Media. Popular blogging platform Tumblr is about to open up its users’ sites to advertising starting as early as this Thursday.
With more than 300 million blogs and over 137 billion posts, Tumblr is currently ranked 46th in terms of traffic. It’s spring break over here, and all I can think about is my spring break last year, when I was blissfully exploring Paris at all hours of the day and night. So in honor of France, and in memory of what was one of the best breaks in my 17 years of school, this post is all about my favorite French fad.
Mix together the flour and eggs (a wire whisk is generally a bad idea – all the batter gets stuck, so I like to use a fork). Cook the crepe for about a minute and a half to two minutes, or until the bottom is a very light brown.
Fruit: Use fresh fruit for best results (or frozen for a cool summer treat – this works especially well with blueberries).
Caitlin is a senior at The George Washington University, pursuing a degree in English with a minor in creative writing. The question is how many “online means of communication” are used by people to “to develop social and professional contacts.” Do they share the same characteristics?
The online platforms that come to mind when you mention the term Social Media are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and YouTube. Social Bookmarking sites enable members to store the addresses of their favorite web pages online.
These are Social media sites that allow members to store and share still images, podcasts and videos online.  Most of them are free though a few also charge membership fee, based on features and services that they provide.
Like other Social Media applications, Twitter too provides each member a personalized web address, and free creation, posting and sharing of tweets.

Sunil Saxena is an award winning media professional with over three decades of experience in New Media, Social Media, Mobile Journalism, Print Journalism, Media Education and Research.
It may leave a business user wanting, but it’s so easy to use that virtually no training is ever required for an end user.
In fact, SP2010 can do just about anything imaginable, as long as you have the time, money and patience to make it work. It still requires some work, and offline standards, policies, and proper stewardship and management, but it’s baked-in governance is about as good as it gets. It was a magical once-in-a-lifetime experience, one of those “I never thought this sort of thing could really happen to me” things.
The very same one that’s made it’s way to the back streets of Perugia, Italy and into the clutches of chain restaurants like Denny’s and IHop.
Not just any crepes mind you, but delicious, airy, goes-great-with-fresh-fruit, French crepes. Alternate choices include marshmallow fluff and, if you’re really addicted to the sweet life, icing. Great choices include any kind of berry, bananas, and lemon juice (lemon juice and sugar make a delicious crepe any day of the week). Now I’m personally a big believer in the power of Nutella to change a (wo)man’s life, but cookie butter, apple butter, and even just fresh jam are all wonderful options. She loves to travel, and when she can’t leave home to find adventure she’s more than willing to look for it in a good book.
Members can post comment on content posted by their fellow members creating conversation threads that add value to initial postings. A major advantage of this facility is that people can access their favorite pages from any computer, and from any part of the world.
Video sharing sites: These sites, as the name suggests, allow members to post, share and stream videos. Photo sharing sites: The photo-sharing sites have emerged as huge databases of photographs.
But if you see the functionalities they offer you realize they are like another Social Media application. This Social Media category gained popularity by the stunning success of Wikipedia, the world’s most famous Wiki. It’s not a best-of-breed solution when compared to anything but itself (but it is so diverse that it is hardly comparable to anything else), but it is highly effective when deployed properly.

Though the details are scarce, users who want to make money from the ads displayed on their Tumblr won’t just get it automatically, but rather through a partner program which has not been rolled out yet.
There delicious, if not nutritious, and if you haven’t gotten into them yet, there’s really no time like the present.
Tilt the pan in a circular motion to make sure that the crepe covers a nice surface area and isn’t too thick. I promise, no one’s going to judge; they’ll be too busy being jealous of your instagram-worthy creations. Today, Facebook is the dominant networking site in the world.  It has more members than any other Social Media site. They are no longer restricted to their Favorites folder housed on their personal or official laptop. They allow members to post, view and share photographs as thumbnails, medium or full-sized images.
They offer personalized web address, free web space and powerful content management systems enabling members to create, publish and share content literally free of cost. Millions of people tweet 140-character messages every day, giving a new dimension to online communication.
What makes Wikis unique is that they are built by the wisdom of hundreds unconnected people.
As I’m fond of saying, a successful intranet is only one-third technology, and two-thirds people and process (yes a proper plan is mandatory; nay, mission critical). Of course, if you use Tumblr and don’t want to make your blog a commercial space, you can opt out of it. It includes posting photographs and videos that may be about members or about subjects that interest them.
Together, they have made it possible for millions of people to write billions of words every day.

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