You are inside me, you are around me, I only see you wherever I go, because there is nothing in our universe of love except you and me.
I don’t that I will be able to stop trying to make you happier, give you more, because you always say that I make you so happy, even just being with me.
Being a good, responsible, and dedicated mother is perhaps one of the hardest responsibilities in the world – there are no off days or MC days, no salary, no (monetary) benefits, yet there are plenty of insane working conditions and hours. I believe that the best gifts that show your deep appreciation and love towards someone also happen to be the ones that you can’t buy off of a shelf or with a few clicks of the mouse. Here are 5 gifts that I feel are quite meaningful yet inexpensive, but they do require your time and efforts. Dresses, shoes, handbags, and even jewelry will go in and out of fashion, and eventually will be discarded once the items are no longer fitting.
Like, when you see someone’s personality in the way they walk and you just feel like hugging them every time you see them. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.
But the role does come with huge upside potential – a lifetime of purpose, memories, rewards, personal growth, and meaning.

When you give someone your time, you are giving them a portion of your life that you’ll never get back. I’ve received many cards over the years, especially when I was an educator, but the ones that stand out from all the rest are the ones that are handmade. There are tons of free video editors on the web, and if you have a PC, Windows Movie Maker is one of the easiest video editors to work with. I’ve lived through a few natural disasters, ones in which you had to abandon your belongings in an instant. A person should be aware of these facts, and he has to turn on and off those switches very timely. There are plenty of collage templates or free collage-making software available on the internet (here are some great examples).
If you really want to keep it simple, you can just record a video using a standard camera or your smartphone and not bother with editing.
Although there comes many moments when a person loses hope, but at that time only a friend or a companion can do the right thing for you. Although there come many decisions, which are harsh and difficult to take but that’s where the rationality lies.

I once made a mosaic collage of my father for Father’s Day using the Andrea Mosaic software, which is free and fairly straightforward and easy to work with.
There are plenty of free printable certificates on the internet to choose from, but if you are using one as a template, just make sure you write something meaningful in it. One of them was lucky enough to  quickly grab some items before the flames engulfed her home. The company I use to print personalized photo gifts is artscow, but since they’re based in China, shipping can take up to 2 weeks. For faster service, you could check out the Kodak Express page for your nearest print centre, which could have your collage printed and ready to collect on the same day.

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