To many nonprofits, this may seem counterintuitive; but Allyson makes an excellent point that ultimately comes down to your relationships with your donors.
If you take the time to identify your key advocates and build relationships with them, the return will be worth the time investment. Identifying key advocates and influencers: Conduct research to compile a list of those who are your strongest advocates or can influence others to do so.
Developing opportunities of value: Think about all the different ways these key advocates can help your nonprofit – such as, like Allyson mentioned, volunteer opportunities and social events. Keep building those relationships: Keep key advocates and influencers updated with new information and opportunities, ask for their input on a continual basis, and use their feedback.
You may have heard of the mammoth success of the nonprofit charity:water and its effectiveness in raising money online. Take the advice of the incredibly talented and enthusiastic Paull Young, past Director of Digital at the organization, currently at Instagram working on Strategic Partnerships. He wrote a fantastically insightful post on Medium about the 5 things he learned during his tenure at charity:water – lessons that I believe can translate to even the smallest of nonprofit organizations. Rather, they create positive, uplifting opportunities for people to build on the good work being done by the organization. In a model where inspiration is key, and a media environment where sharing wins, Opportunity not Guilt is critical for our content strategy. Content that inspires, motivates and elicits happy emotions gets spread much more often than content that is depressing. We have to devise means of making known the facts in such a way as to touch the imagination of the world. The majority of people in this world will never make a donation to your nonprofit, and they will never like you on Facebook or retweet your tweets.
It is incredibly hard to cut through the clutter and noise of everyday life to activate well-intentioned but overwhelmed people. Technology is just a tool to inspire and activate people, as well as to provide them with a unique experience through video, dynamic blog posts and other great content. Go back to lesson #1 – everything they do creates a cycle where these fundraisers are inspired, activated and given a fantastic experience. The golden rule of social sharing – getting people to share your stuff with their social networks – is to make them look and feel good.
People share information because they want to influence others, and because they want to make a good impression! Making your supporters look and feel like heroes involves creating content that is not just about asking. One of the ideas that interests me, and which I have been thinking about a lot recently, is the use of positive images.
I tend to gravitate to this approach on a personal level, however a lot of experienced fundraisers insist that negative images are much more powerful and much more effective in raising money (I speak here specifically in terms of international development space).
It seems quite a contentious issue, because at the end of the day its about raising money for worthwhile projects. More than 7,000 people have downloaded the book (you have to fill out a form first) and the reviews have been glowing.
If you’re having a creative block on the fundraising front, ask your child (or a family friend’s child) what your organization does. Learning: We provide thousands of free articles, tutorials and resources to the social good community. A Jet Blue plane hit turbulence so severe, it ripped the toilet off its housing, knocked a flight attendant into the ceiling, and injured 24 people.

The 12-year-old's mother, Julissa Viana, of New City, New York, tweeted that the bear was missing when the family reached the Outer Banks on Aug. Olympic organizers have made climate change a central theme at the current games—and for good reason. BrunchNews connects you to the latest and trending news from the best news websites around the world.
25 Unusual Ways to Make Quick Money: From selling plasma to recycling scrap metal, Daily Finance covers some of the weirdest ways to make a quick buck.
14 Quick Ways to Raise Cash: Mowing lawns, selling jewelry, redeeming credit card rewards or selling your DVD collection on eBay could help you raise that last few dollars. While it’s easy to be tempted into strategies that raise money faster, don’t be fooled into thinking that quicker is always better. And check out our easy and simple and quick and fast fundraising ideas pages for even more tips!
Lola has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and her mom is trying to raise money to get the necessary treatment that will save Lola's life. Most people are fairly Internet savvy these days and are familiar with eBay and their services.
If you have a valuable item that you don’t really want to sell but would like to borrow against as collateral, pawn shops are the best route to go. There are countless things you can do such as dog sitting, house sitting and even baby sitting to earn extra income for a personal emergency. The penalties are severe and you really should try to solve things another way, but if you have no choice you can always look at borrowing against your insurance policies or IRAs. Many nonprofits are so focused on raising money and meeting their budgets, they often don’t treat their donors as important stakeholders in the organization.
Offer value and make them an important part of your efforts and organization, and you will see them giving more of their time and money in return. Check out this handy infographic from SmallAct and BlackBaud on identifying your influencers and scoring them for fundraising efforts. Other ways might be through online word-of-mouth – spreading the word through their social networks through a blog post, tweet, donation widget, etc. Through ongoing relationship and community-building, you can develop broader fundraising programs that engage not only them, but their communities. You manage to inspire someone with a tweet, a story, a Facebook post, an email or a great video. How do you keep donors in the fold, and further inspire them to then raise money on your behalf or spread the word about the cause?
What this means is that your organization is going to get your message spread further and across more networks if it is positive and uplifting. This then motivates them to share the work of charity:water with their networks to create new fundraisers, and so on and so forth.
Donors get a simple training and are then assigned new donors to personally thank on behalf of the cause.
You’re more likely to solve lingering problems with creative solutions if you give your brain a break. Really. On Tuesday, Facebook announced it would begin circumventing ad blocking software in an effort to show more ads in the News Feed.
Join us to help pay for his bone marrow transplant, and give Dad his best shot at new life, cancer-free!
There are actually countless other sites out there that do the same thing but narrow their focus.

They are not cheap with fees, but at least you can get your items back when your feet are underneath you. In this excellent post on Frogloop, Allyson Kapin outlines some ways nonprofits can boost donations in 2012. Your donors are a critical part of your community and want to be a part of your organization fighting for social change. Focus on those who respond to your outreach and concentrate your community-building efforts on them.
This activation is followed up by a high-quality personalized experience with the nonprofit. I can help you navigate the choppy waters of nonprofit marketing, using online tools and strategies designed for YOUR nonprofit.
There’s no better way to get out of the metaphorical weeds than to ask advice of someone who is only a few feet high. So if you’re in need of a quick buck, check out the following links for some inspiration. Either way, this resource lists some odd jobs that can help you get paid in your free time. If you’re looking to fundraise money, read our fundraising strategy and techniques page for tried and tested ways to do it successfully. From sending a simple “Thinking of You” to raising money for out-of-pocket expenses, GiveForward empowers anyone to build a community and take action when it counts. We all know that having an emergency “fund” is a good way to go, but life is not always that simple. Whether you are into baseball cards, antiques or jewelry, there are online auction sites for you to raise emergency cash.
It might not be a popular option but it does work and you can at least be certain of the results. If you do a great job at a reasonable price, you will have no problems finding extra work with friends and family. Show them how they can help you meet your mission through actions, volunteer opportunities, social events, etc.
Get your FREE copy of my brand new e-book, The Ultimate Nonprofit Guide to Creating Great Social Media Graphics. The big disadvantage here is that you will not generally get near as much for your stuff going this route compared to online. Give them several paths to engage with your organization and make them feel like they are a valuable part of your mission. For charity:water, they aim to activate people to become fundraisers and start their own campaigns. That said, we sometimes have to scramble and find ways to raise money for personal emergencies. Still, the purchase is made and the product is delivered on the spot, so you save shipping charges at least. This message is crystal clear on their website, in all their videos and throughout all of their communications. How can you be more creative in producing a unique donor experience – one that will bring them back again and again?

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