Bedroom is the place for relaxing and sleeping after all the hectic chores and burdens of daily life. DIY Framed canvas paintings, framed mirrors and other framed decorative items can be made at home without spending much money. If you want to make your bedroom looking modern and stylish without spending much money then idea of hanging handmade DIY light globes is most feasible and appropriate.
These were some creative and easy DIY bedroom decor ideas which can be used for decorating bedroom on budget in modern and stylish way.
This entry was posted on December 14, 2014, in Miscellaneous, Room Decor and tagged DIY decor, DIY home decor, Diy ideas. Well decorated bedrooms provide more comfort and relaxation as compare to undecorated rooms.
Use embroidery frames and frame some colorful printed fabric pieces in these frames to decorate walls of your bedroom.
If you are a teenager or decorating bedroom for teenager then idea of using garlands and buntings is best. Use colorful fabric for making buntings and heart shaped garlands and hang them on walls or bed crown to make bedroom different and cute.

See the pictures shown below for getting ideas about making DIY headboards with cushions at home. There is no need of buying expensive decoration items, just use these DIY ideas for decorating bedroom in new and cute style. Up use old CDs for making garland and hang these CD garland on your bedroom windows for inexpensive decoration. Make headboards with cushions of different sizes to make your bedroom colorful, stylish and modern. Make DIY frames for bedroom decorating, framed mirrors or some DIY light fixtures and globes. Hang this handmade light fixture in your bedroom to give it modern and stylish look without spending too much money.

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