When posting a job within your applicant tracking system or ATS, Broadbean let’s you avoid the hassle and time posting your job opening and openings to multiple job boards individually. Other time friendly options include the ability to distribute your jobs through custom XML feeds on Twitter and Facebook.
For recruiters who are taking a more aggressive approach to filling positions versus the post and pray method, you can easily search and mine multiple job boards at the same time as long as you have seats on those platforms.
Other services include a candidate watchdog service that monitors your job boards based on keyword, location, and qualification that alerts you via email when a new job seeker updates or uploads a resume that matches your specific criteria. Jessica Miller-Merrell is a HR and Recruiting evangelist committed to demystifying the human capital industry.
Mac Disk Cloning utilities (also called Disk imaging utilities) are used to create a sector-by-sector, low-level copy of a Mac hard drive or volume. On the contrary, hard drive clones are a time-saving option when you need to set up multiple computers having the same configuration of software and operating system.
In case you need to deploy and provision new computers for providing users access to data resources, disk cloning utility can save you considerable amount of time and extraneous effort.
In an organization, it is essential to keep your hardware and software as consistent as possible. Data backups enable you to restore your critical files lost due to any system glitch or contingency. Related articles you might find interesting:Will you survive losing all your data (photos, docs etc.)? Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. You just need to prepare the source machine having the complete application suite and the operating system.

Disk clones not only help to reduce your labor-intensive task of reinstalling the operating system and the application software, they ensure that both the source and destination computers are close to identical. These backups prove to be worthwhile if you need to restore only a few files or pieces of software.
These utilities help you effortlessly clone your Mac hard drive or any specific volume on the drive.
If you like what you see, why not connect via Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to the RSS feed and always receive up-to-date information about new articles on this topic. Despite how funny political cartoons may be, they might also carry very strong messages, and these are often gendered.Political cartoons are a powerful medium because, although they are not news, they facilitate the delivery of specific messages. Backup programs copy the contents of your hard drive at the file level, whereas disk cloning tools do the same job at the bit level. You can push a single clone to multiple Macs with similar configuration and hardware components. Afterwards, you can use the source drive clone to provision other computers with the same set of software. When you need to restore your crashed Mac to its original state, you can do so using the most recent snapshot of the system. With the help of these tools, you can also take snapshots of your hard drive and use them to restore lost data at any point of time. Backups are primarily used to protect your data files in the event of system crash, hard drive failure, software malfunction, and the like. This is not because cartoonists are evil misogynists (although some might fit this description), but because they need to connect with particular cultural-accepted views on gender and gender relations.
This resonates with the idea that niqabi women are already oppressed, so why depict them with an agency that they do not have?Image via the LA Times.Another theme present in political cartoons is the prevalent attention to Muslim women’s bodies.

While Western women (such as female politicians) tend to be hyper-sexualized through sexy clothing, over-done makeup, and high heels, Muslim women are hyper-sexualized through the cartoonists’ obsession with their “exotic” way of covering. It is also commonly expressed that Muslim women’s bodies are not their own, but someone else’s (like the state, their male relatives, secular and religious institutions, or the media).Muslim women are not only “the other,” as we have explored in a previous post, but they are only a source of objectification and appropriation. Depictions of Muslim women in recent political cartoons serve mainly two purposes: they are political commentary (on terrorism, “barbarism,” extremism), and they are also a resource in the politics of fear.
They are shown as hiding something behind all that clothing; therefore, they are a security concern. In an era of securitization, this is a very powerful commentary.In addition to being scary beings, Muslim women are also shown as both weak and oppressed subjects (often by men) that have to be exposed to the Western ideal of freedom.
Nonetheless, despite their weakness, they must also be controlled (we don’t want the extremists getting them first!) Both of these themes discourage the audience from thinking critically about Muslim women and encourage fear, rage or simply mockery.Cartoon by Dario Castillejos. They are either behind men (sometimes with multiple children), ridiculed by Western characters, or carrying bombs. They are rarely depicted saying anything smart or “liberating.” They are also portrayed as hyper-religious, which makes them the object of jokes in highly “secularized” political cartoons.So how are we doing in political cartoons? Very often, cartoons are gendered and present very particular, sometimes even racist, views on what Muslim women as “the other” look like.
What is more, Muslim women are largely just the shadow in the picture that makes an important political commentary about males in either the West or the East, even when discussing issues relevant to women.  Although there some Muslim women cartoonists like Omayya Joha and Nigar Nazar, political cartoons in major Western papers are male, and women cartoonists are often treated as the other (which would make it even harder for a Muslim woman cartoonist, a “double-other,” to enter the field).Is this the way Muslim women continue to be presented and explained to Western audiences, through the eyes of mainly white Western men? Depiction of Muslim women in the Western media and much of the internet are highly problematic.

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