I have worked as a communication professional for 22 years and I’m now teaching college students how to communicate effectively. These 4 tips are the cornerstone of my communication classes on a college level and are the communication skills that I use on a daily basis. Thought I'd do a small update on London Film and Comic Con which is approximately a month away now.
I will try to take as many pictures as possible during the builds so that I can do a post after the event for those wanting to know how they can create their own versions of what I'll be going as. For those wondering what I'll be going as; one costume will be the Miles Morales version of Spiderman, which is about 65-70% complete I would say. The design will be less cartoony and more realistic than what Mojo Jojo was like on the Powerpuff Girls. From what I've seen online no one has been able to do a good version of him thus far save a girl who did a decent gender swap one (genuinely wishing I had those boots for mine).
If all fails and I don't get it ready in time (I'll get it ready in time) I can always use Mojo Jojo for Halloween. Also is you want to keep up with all my latest posts and musing there's a load of widgets at the top of the page for my Twitter, Facebook and other social channels! It can be quite daunting because for most of us, the garage tends to end up being a catch-all for all the things we don’t want in the house anymore and it quickly adds up. Did you know that communication skills are ranked as one of the top skills that are needed in the workplace?
Research has shown that a person who listens is considered a better communicator than a person who mainly talks. Being active in your community will increase your network of friends and help with your communication skills! For those of you who follow me or know me you will know that I will be cosplaying when I go. Have you noticed that most CEOs and entrepreneurs have “reading lists” that they share? Talking to more people (and listening) gives you practice in becoming a better communicator.

Plus, since many of us use our garage as a dumping ground or rather storage for things we don’t want to deal with (myself included), there can be many items in there that you will want to make sure you get the proper person’s authority on if you intend to get rid of it.
Click to access 40 different sets!How do you use your free printable 2015 calendars? Are you a mom that wants to stay home with your kids?
I've decided to jump in at the deep end and create two full costumes for the event, which I will wear over the 3 days.
While no one likes organizing the garage, this will go much faster if you work as a group to get it done.If you have trouble with your pack rat spouse, click here to read this article, How to Organize Your House With a Pack Rat Spouse, that will greatly help you deal with that (I did for 14 years!)Work on it in phasesBecause the garage is so big, to avoid burnout (where you get to the point that you are just shoving things back in places just to get them picked up), try to do it over a period of time and days. She now teaches others how to do the same on her blog and through her bestselling eBooks.Latest posts by Sarah Titus (see all) Very Berry Ice Cream Float - August 10 Painted Pencil Jar - August 8 Best Green Tea Recipe - August 6 This post may contain affiliate links. Ordering a product through this link may result in a commission, which helps pay for the cost of running this site and keeps the content free. Sorting through a lot of clothes can be tiring, so I like to do just my sons clothes the first day or just my daughters clothes.Breaking it up into bite sized chunks that can be done each day will really help you not feel so overwhelmed. Likewise, the health advice that may have been shared in this post has not been evaluated by the FDA.
The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help.
Get started now and say goodbye to clutter forever!Time it rightAll winter long, I am just basically throwing stuff out in the garage, putting it in the spaces that it needs to go or in my cabinet where I keep the things I don’t know where to put or that I need to go through. Even though I purchase very little at this point, it still amazes me how much STUFF we have!For me, this works out fantastically. LOL…I like to fit in everything I HAVE TO first, things that are non-negotiable, THEN, I go back and start adding more until the site is full and has loads of stuff going on. That way, I make sure all my necessary work is done before I start playing around, adding more topics, books, fun stuff (for me). Enjoy the fresh air, getting out of the home we’ve all been shut in all winter from the snow. Find new homes for the following items of make arrangements to get rid of them properly; paint, propane tanks, paper products, food (unless it is sealed and in cabinets), and pet food.
They store things out of the way and you can shut the doors, so everything looks neat and tidy.

They fit right inside the gap of the garage door, and are not deep, so you can still park your car(s) in there and be just fine.Get the right toolsPurchase some organizational materials such as plastic tubs with lids, shelving, hooks, and bins. You can even get creative with items you already have such as baby food jars, plastic food containers with lids, and mason jars. These smaller containers are great for holding odds and ends such as craft supplies, nails, and screws.
You can take unwanted sports goods to a resale sporting good store and cash out, hold a yard sale, and sell some items on Craigslist. As soon as you have enough items that you want to donate, make arrangements with the store you will be donating them to.
Some even offer free pick-up of unwanted items, especially for larger items.Doing this while you are cleaning means that these items could be gone as soon as the day after, so you are less tempted to just store them longer with a promise to yourself to get them to their new home. Also, for your selling stuff, plan a specific date in the not-to-distant future to hold a yard sale or place them immediately online for sale.Finally, when you are ready to put everything away, be mindful of how things are placed.
Items that you use a lot should be placed in front of items that are seasonal such as Christmas decorations or things that are not used as often.How do you organize your garage on a budget?
How do you keep your garage organized throughout the year?Are you a mom that wants to stay home with your kids? You can get the hooks (they are bike hooks) at home improvement stores for a couple dollars each. I love the idea of the cabinets as well so you don’t have it hanging out and falling down. You can hang anything you want on your walls, like shovels, rakes, ect.Reply Sarah Titus saysJune 16 at 1:59 pmVery true Phillius! Save yourself some money and print your 2014 monthly calendars!Click each picture to save, then print.

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