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If you can convince allot of people of your bulls*** umm sorry philosophies then maybe :) The Church did alright.
Studying philosophy can teach you to structure your argument and look for the logical flaws in others'. Hi-5 for Socrates imitation. I strongly suggest you check out Anathem as an example of a way to make philosophy + scientific fiction sellable, one of the best books I've ever read. Yes, you just have to apply the philosophy, such as being a writer as someone suggested, or perhaps an artist, or some sort of bulls*** motivational coach type person.
As to your first question casa, if the universe works such that time can be broken down into digital units, than yes. And other people like this thread. Door you accuse others of talking s*** when the only person actually talking s*** is you. Persay why do you assume that, maybe that's not the right question to be asking. Heh, you'd have to be a pretentious f*** wit to suggest that Socrates, whose influence on cultural thinking, knowledge and understanding spans continents and has endured centuries, would have better spent his time impressing fools and getting laid. Incorrect. On a side note, because I'd prefer to take this conversation back to the interesting direction, regarding suggestions for ways to make a living from philosophy. Has anybody here ever read Utopia? Philosophy will only make you money if you have a really good idea and are prepared and motivated to turn it into something. I have a long-term goal of writing a novel which I started a fair while back now (round 2002). Ayn Rand's books such as Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead are both heavily, heavily infused with her philosophy of objectivism, if you are looking for fiction books with philosophical ideals weaved throughout.
I read some Nagarjuna last week it was pretty interesting for a non-western look. Regardless of what you might say Door I find thinking about this stuff very relaxing and therapeutic even. Nerf - If I was going to post any in-depth information about it on the net, the last place would be QGL.
Since I'm the kind of sucker that actually did go study philosophy I'm going to pipe up. The question about making money from philosophy is pretty much answered. FaceMan what are your philosophy on that orange cloud off of the Queensland coast the other day?

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And with two very different playable characters, it'll offer up more player choice than you can Blink at.
Just do it in your own time, don't need a degree to think. Otherwise, maybe if you published interesting books.
But as taggs said, you normally need to be something more than just a philosopher like an author.
I've taken one course and I found it interesting but also frustrating as I was in late 20s and half the course were 18yr olds who didn't have much to offer.
Diamond Age by the same author was also great for similar reasons, though not quite so much.
It was you who threw an enraged fit. You also seem to work on some perverse logic that somebody should feel bad for being introverted. Maybe we don't think much of emotional income, or even the idea of it. gamer I just remembered that while looking through a graduation booklet some time back, there was a whole section for either phds or masters in philosophy. That Socrates influence wasn't great, that he actually would have better spent his time getting laid, or that those who dismiss a quote encouraging self awareness aren't f*** wits.
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If you’re looking to fundraise money, read our fundraising strategy and techniques page for tried and tested ways to do it successfully. From sending a simple “Thinking of You” to raising money for out-of-pocket expenses, GiveForward empowers anyone to build a community and take action when it counts. The mature age students added quite a bit. I listen to about 2hrs of philosophy podcasts each week and try and do some reading where I can. Well, I don't, and if your type are the only ones out there then I'm more than happy to leave you to enjoy your own company. Every one of them was mentioned alongside a description of some heavy research they were involved in to earn the degree, and a friend and I were going through the list talking about how unexpectedly practical each project was (advanced computing problems, robotics, etc) - to the point I think many higher education practical projects are written off as "philosophy" degrees, meaning you may be able to get a bit of both worlds (practical and philosophy) if you start in philosophy. Shows that heavy thinking doesn't guarantee converging on some perfect ideal, which is a pity because it's how many have imagined we'd be able to get on with intelligence from other worlds.
I don't plan on making any money out of it though until I see the finished product which may be in 10+ years. I admit I didn't look too far when I decided it wasn't going to be financially viable for me, because I wanted to do Engineering and Science anyway and 2 was the limit. Think that is part of the reason why a lot of people like Starship Troopers so much, though personally I found it frustratingly incompatible with observable human and animal behaviour. These days it might depend more on marketing and Oprah references than anything else, to sell such a book.
It's hard for me to find company that I genuinely enjoy because the purposefully regurgitated triviality of current society gets to me very fast. Happiness is not my goal anyhow.
If it was I'm sure I could make it happen, with drugs at the very least, or most likely giving up on my non-stop work ethic.
But I have ambition, and will be frustrated while it is not fulfilled or seeming further away or impossible.

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