So, whether you just love looking at tattoos or you’re looking for some inspiration for your own tattoo, take a peek at these 12 unique tattoo ideas for parents. To honor her son who was born very premature, Laura from Adventures in Juggling had a tattoo of tiny baby feet inked on her chest.
You can always look at your kid’s own art pads for inspiration, which is exactly what Mike at Puzzling Posts did.
My friend Chris from Sea Black Prints has this amazing tattoo sleeve created in honor of his family. This gorgeous butterfly, moth and ladybug tattoo on mom Joanne actually represents her daughter’s aspirations to become an entomologist. So, this tattoo is actually courtesy of the adult daughter of our friend Kelly, from Mocha Momma, but the concept is fantastic for parents too.
One of my favorite tattoo ideas for parents is this braille tattoo on my wrist. Each braille letter represents the first initial of each of my four kids. I really wish this didn’t have my old watermark on the photos, but I had my artist draw up a visual from a poem that reminds me of my kids.

I had my now almost 9yr old sign his name on a piece of paper as he completed 1st grade, then had that tattooed on my left calf.
Then, as they graduate from high school, I’ll get their new signatures below the earlier ones. There are some of us in southside Chicago, me included, who have had the privilege of voting for him seven times. To protect us from the bad guys, the Constitution also hedges out the good guys equally my friend. This is actually her mom’s own handwriting with a song lyric that Kelly used to sing to her as a baby. It took a long time to come up with my idea, but I have the fret board of a 4 string bass with my son’s name as inlays tattooed on my lower arm.
Want to do 2 halves of a pb&j sandwich holding hands and then kids represented as peanuts (boys or berries (girls). The unstoppable duo’s latest efforts will appeal to anyone, who loves Nineties-inspired fashion.

I also love the idea of having your child write something, their own name perhaps?, and having that tattooed on you.
Dubbed Golden Child, Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s fall 2016 collection for Pacsun is finally available for purchase, featuring a myriad of back-to-school staples and pieces you can wear on a daily basis.
Fun, easy-to-wear and perfect for the ultimate back-to-school look, Pacsun took the Jenners to a sort of retroactive creative process, which catapulted the designers, entrepreneurs and models to both the Nineties and back to their childhood in California.“Growing up in California has had us constantly surrounded by so many cool places. Despite its minimalistic attitude, each one of the staples is meant to create a one-of-a-kind look if mixed and matched properly, creating combinations that range from t-shirts worn underneath slip dresses, to shredded jeans paired with more clean-cut and sophisticated sweatshirts.Cute dresses with floral patterns, long-sleeved striped t-shirts with feminine bateau collars, cozy varsity jackets and mom jeans will make sure anyone’s back-to-school wardrobe is filled with all the essentials possible, whether one lives in California or in much colder places.
Needless to say, the pieces are perfect for those who are looking for something cute and wearable to wear at the university or on a day out with friends.The Kylie and Kendall Jenner x Pacsun Golden Child collection for fall 2016 features slightly sexier staples too, the curve-hugging lines of which are showcased by Kylie in the campaign.

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