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Everyone and may be even you prefer to convert long and tedious URL into short URL to share it with your friends on social media, twitter, Facebook, etc. If you have created a URL and you can’t remember the URL or not even you can recall because of its long length and containing messed up alphabets then you can’t expect from others to remember your long URL to visit your page. Hence, one of the genuine reasons to convert the long URL into short URL is that it can be easily remembered and shared with others which increase the probability of interested people to visit your page using that short URL. After reading this some of you, who were not yet using short URL, would have thought to use short URL which you can share with anyone, right?
Now paste the copied URL in the text box given on this web tool and click on Uncover to analyze the safety of the copied short URL. You can check my short URL; it’s really very easy to remember this URL instead of original one.

Now let’s enter this short URL into text box given on URL Uncover web tool and check the safety of this URL. You can check in the above image that Uncovered URL is same as my original link for blog post.
This web tool extracts title, Description, keyword and trust level of the short URL along with screenshot of webpage which you will be visiting as soon as you click on the short URL. Now you know the site’s actual URL and have glance of that page from screen shot, so, it’s your decision to visit that page or not. Using short URL is very important and handy when you have to remember the URL like for Google doc, Google form, etc.
Don’t only feel free to use short URL but also feel free to visit the page link using short URL after ensuring its safety. If you find this web tool helpful please do help your friends by sharing this with them using below button. Shivkumar recently posted…How to Uncover short link URL safety before you click using URL Uncover? This is a good post because I have to something new which is required by almost every internet user because we daily get spam mails which contains short url and you never now whats there in that short url.
Indeed its a good tool to Uncover short link URL safety before you click using URL Uncover. Well to be honest I have no idea that there would be some plugins or extensions to safely click on short links.
There are extension available for chrome and Mozilla for checking safety of the short link, which I have mentioned in the above article. Perfect example of short URL tool, i like the way of starting your article and well explained. Subscribe for daily email updatesSubscribe for email update:Your email will not be disclosed to any third parties. A few taps on the phone and within 2 hours, or at your chosen time slot, you will see the products knocking at your door! In our case the maximum time limit would be 2 hours, but we would want to reach your doorstep sooner. Instead of send long link to everyone online, just dictate the URL and let it pass to everyone through your speech instead of internet.

I am always hesitant to click short links as I am really not sure where I will land up until I see the final result. Emails do contain short links which may affects our system if it direct us on virus infected pages. Only we are responsible to visit those site so we must ensure the safety of the link before we click on those link.
The invaders from space are about to attack and only you can help the humans beat these monsters.
Peppertap keep on releasing discount coupons and sure you will get less on your Grocery shopping. Always keep in mind, keep changing your passwords often for important accounts like bank and mail accounts. Are you aware of hacker, malicious virus, which can enter in your system as soon as you click on infected link, which redirect you to harmful sites? This tool will now help me to check the domain name and give some comfort to click the link. Virus is a word which makes us alert and gives a red signal to have cautions for the safety of our data. Instead of worry about the short URL which can affect your system and data you can check the safety of the URL before you click on it. Take numbers which is known by less number of people like birth date of your mom, room number, your last used mobile number etc. And no one can afford to click on any random link to get their system infected by malicious virus.
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Here we will learn some basic techniques on how one can create a strong but easy to remember password for all the online accounts.

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