Empathy is an important key to most areas of clinical health and to how clinical professionals relate to the people they treat. A large number of oncologists recognize the need for empathy when interacting with patients, but they do not know how to incorporate it.
In 2007, the Duke University Medical Center began studies to discover how well oncologists interact with their patients.
The studies concluded that when presented with an empathetic opportunity, oncologists replied empathetically a mere 22% of the time.
Due to the results of previous studies, Duke University Medical Center created a computer program to teach them how to use empathetic opportunities to help their patients. The program provides intervention in their home or office for a little longer than an hour, and for only $100 (as opposed to several thousand dollars for a typical seminar). When patients discover they have cancer, they must put a substantial amount of trust in their oncologist.
The business model should be such that the employees needed possess the lowest possible level of skill necessary to fulfil the functions for which each is intended. Gerber’s approach is about building a business that has a consistent way of doing things. So it is in the blogging world – everyone has an opinion and some will state theirs more strongly than others.
I could have read this passage from Linchpin and decided that Michael Gerber’s ideas are now redundant. When he's not blogging or working in his financial planning business, you'll find Allan playing guitar, reading or coaching his son's soccer team.
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One thing Godin writes that I disagree strongly with is “If you build a business filled with rules and procedures that are designed to allow you to hire cheap people, you will have to produce a product without humanity or personalization or connection. The advantage with Systemising and Gerbers philosophy of hiring the right average person to do the job, is the opportunity to train the average people to become the best people. I’ve just started reading Gerber’s books so a timely read- thank you for the insights from yourself and some savvy commenters! This blog uses premium CommentLuv which allows you to put your keywords with your name if you have had 3 approved comments. The 52-year-old could soon enter the record books, beating previous Guinness World Record holder,  American Jonah Falcon, at 34 centimeters. He hopes now to be in with a chance of entering the record books, following his dreams of a lucrative pornography career. Hopefully news coverage will finally provide some sort of medical help for Roberto, who can’t even find underwear which fits him comfortably.
This skill can make a huge difference in the processes and recovery of any ailment by adding trust between the doctor and patient, but it can be especially difficult for some medical specialties.

However, few have the necessary time and the money to spend on seminars and long training programs in order to learn how. They began by video recording almost 400 interactions between 51 different oncologists and 270 patients who were suffering from advanced cancer. Along with the intervention is a CD lecture about communication skills that helps the doctor be able to identify empathetic opportunities.
The cost of labourers has become lower – if a company wants to save money, it can find labourers who will work for less than its existing workforce. If you make your business possible to replicate, you’re not going to be the one to replicate it.
You can walk into a McDonalds restaurant today and copy the store layout, the menu, the kitchen layout etc, and build something identical next door. But just because I like them as authors doesn’t mean that I have to agree with everything they say. He is the founder of Blogger Business Plan and loves helping bloggers learn how to transform their blogs from hobbies into sustainable businesses.
I felt that some of Michael Gerber’s ideas were really bureaucratic and old fashioned. If you lack a crystal clear market focus and a specific narrow target market you’ll always have trouble. She didn’t hire drones, but she was able to hire people to replicate some of the work she had been doing to create a predictable and positive result. Based on this article I’m not sure how bloggers could earn enough in the first place to outsource tasks to others so that they can focus on their Linchpin tasks; a chicken and the egg situation IMO! In picking up my latest posts, only the ten latest comments showed up, not ten latest posts. The excess skin and tissue from his penis reaches his knees, which has prevented the Coahuila state resident from working. In particular, studies have shown that oncologists have a particular problem expressing empathy to their patients. A common contributor to oncologists’ lack of empathy is because many doctors simply miss the signs and cues from their patients. When reviewing these interactions, researchers marked where the patients displayed negative emotions, which they called empathetic opportunities, and then how the doctors replied. The researchers at Duke then tested the CD lecture, and their results show an incredible increase in the trust between doctor and patient. Duke University hopes that the tutorial program will help doctors begin to understand their patients on a deeper level in order to build the trust they need to help their patients fight cancer.
Years of experience and multitudes of happy customers have created a powerful brand that is ready to grow as the state moves forward with it's Marijuana legislation. This is possible through having defined systems and processes that show every employee how to perform their duties.

Whilst I still have a lot of Linchpin left to read, I can see where Seth Godin is going with it.
Being different to everyone else and providing something that no-one else can, therefore making yourself indispensable.
I’ve always maintained that the more you can differentiate and personalise your service the more you can charge for it. Adopting practices of large business without adapting them to meet small business realities, often damages SMEs.
As someone who has owned several businesses, I have been strongly influenced by both Michael Gerber and Seth Godin. The “average” systemised business, that can be scaled independently from a linchpin, will win everytime!! I went to another commentluv enabled blog to see if the problem was replicated, it wasn’t.
However, with a new system developed at Duke University, oncologists can learn how to be empathetic to most effectively help their patients fight cancer. Duke University recognized this problem and has created a computer feedback tutorial to help find a solution. The empathetic opportunities can be displayed through fear or worry and can be presented indirectly or directly. In addition with past studies on the topic of physician-patient trust, it also shows that the patients probably feel better because they now believe that their doctor is on their side and will do whatever possible to help them beat their cancer. What you need is to create the best system through which good lawyers and doctors can be leveraged to produce excellent results.
There are standard ways to do all the tasks in a business, and Gerber talks about documenting them and creating a turnkey business. You can have multiple locations of a business, but you know that you’ll get the same thing from each location.
Though the CD program is not widely distributed yet, the team hopes it can soon be made available to other doctors.
In a sense, his idea is that you don’t need brilliant people, just average people following brilliant processes.
You can teach others to produce your product or service that way you want it to be delivered.

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