Home improvementThe list should go on and on but many items on it are just a fleeting interest that may be gone when you revise your interests in a year or so. I am totally willing to tell you what I do and what people smarter  than me do during marathon training. And also make sure you are balancing your life with other stuff so you don’t burn out the people who love you (but don’t necessarily love running too). I just finished my first marathon, and I think my biggest mistake was giving myself a time goal. It depends on how sensitive your body is – if you can change up gels every time you do a long run you might be okay with the stuff on the course. I attempted a 20 mile run when I was already hurt because I thought I needed to get that run in. I definitely tried to do too much too soon for my first marathon, and I ended up injured and didn’t run it.
I was a slave to the training schedule during training which meant I ran when my body was really saying in needed rest. And on marathon race day I was so NERVOUS AND TENSE that my back and shoulders started to spasm before I even got to the double digit miles!
I highly reccommend walking around race morning with a smile on your face because it will help you relax and remember that this should be fun. Luckily I do not over run, and I take lots of rest days (too many..) but my mistake is worrying about time! I definitely had trouble with fueling during my training last year but Im glad I have a much better idea of what to expect now. I still have that same mentality, but am getting much better at realizing when I should scale back when I’m sick or injured so I can do better in the long run. I often get people asking me for advice too which I’m happy to give, but like you I always make sure to not just tell them what I would do, but advise trying different things to see what works for them. For me, the most important tips for a first timer are to remember the rest days (or pay for it later!) and above all else enjoy it as it’s meant to be fun!
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When I was writing this post and going through my list from year ago I found many things that I need to cross off.
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And most of the time they are similar concerns – time goals for a first marathon or ‘do I really have to do xyz?!’. Not training your head.  Running a marathon is one of the hardest physical challenges most adults will ever attempt. Stressing about running.  Unless you are a professional runner this isn’t your paycheck – it’s a hobby.
I have my first marathon this year and I think your tip about enjoying it I really need to keep in mind.
I didn’t meet that goal, and during the race I started to get upset, but then I realized I just needed to focus on finishing and not worry about my time goal.
I had to skip a run once or twice and then I tried to make it up and ended up with sky high mileage compared to the week before. These are good tips though and yes, the over-training one seems to be a hard one for beginners. Only until a few weeks before the race did I change my mentality to just enjoy my first 26.2.

I’ve been running for a few years now and have ran 2 marathons, but still am working on the mental aspect of it.
I just signed up for my first FULL marathon in October (the Chicago marathon!) and I know it’s going to be quite the mental game.
Or when I should get my whiny self out there and do something instead of eating all the cookies in the house.
Yes, these things are really interesting, but I just do not have the time to get anywhere with those.
I really wish I could chat with all of you in a big ‘first time marathoners message board, but until then…Here is the list of the most common mistakes many rookie marathon runners make (I did these too). I get so focused on a schedule and this is what I have to do rather than this is what I want to do. I was thinking about setting a time goal, but I’m just going to focus on enjoying the experience instead like you said!
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At the same time if you can’t take certain fuel or run with specific gear that Kara Goucher wears – that’s okay.
I think another thing we forget about is that our only training doesn’t need to be running! Completing a marathon is a huge accomplishment in itself, and I did it about a year after I ran my first half marathon! Listing the things you are interested in will help you choose what to focus on when planning different parts of your life. Ivan Joseph [TED VIDEO] 87536 views Positive Psycology Lectures by Tal Ben-Shahar 82552 views The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything by Josh Kaufman [TED VIDEO] 69241 views Improve Your Life #19: Celebrate! When you create the list you will also find the items that you are no longer interested in.
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