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Over the next forty years I stopped doing drugs, got into Vajrayana Buddhism, got married, stopped drinking, witnessed the death of my wife, and did my best to make the world a better place.
So now I teach social work, hoping to help my students become better at helping their clients.
A few weeks ago I cleaned out alot of my old books, books that in some cases I’d kept for over thirty years. The world we have created today as a result of our thinking thus far has problems which cannot be solved by thinking the way we thought when we created them. So it seems we need to change the way we think, which could be taken as needing to change our level of consciousness. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Facilitating the transition toward a new era for humanity that better addresses the most fundamental problems that we confront.

The Public Conversations Project prevents and transforms conflicts driven by deep differences in identity, beliefs, or values.
The Higher Purpose Project has made a conscious choice to support the efforts of those attempting to make a positive change in our World.
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The Valhalla Movement, led by Jordan Lejuwaan and Marc Coppola, is the perfect example of the action needed during this period of human evolution. As we desire to make this connection conscious, we begin to acknowledge and experience this chakra. Part of that was working TOOT – The Opposite Of Terrorism, and there is a web site that shows what that was about. The main thing is I’m afraid they will tell me this is stupid, or misses the point, or not that interesting.
From what I can tell folks searched for images of LOC, and found this image (which is also on another page of this site) and came here and maybe downloaded it and left. Yesterday I was reading it (I’ve been opening it up and reading it at random) and came across a quote by Einstein.

There is nothing to be done with this chakra other than to simply recognize it within us.Crown chakra controls the pineal gland sitting at top of the midbrain and below the cerebral hemisphere. Anyway, I remember thinking CC had it wrong, he was being too scientific about the mystical things the Shaman was showing him. Our Crown chakra influences the deep inner cycles of our psyche as well as sleep cycles and tranquility. You may be very sensitive about this phenomenon because it is so precious and rooted in the unfolding of your unique destiny on this planet. If you feel you are in the midst of this reconnection (which can take many years) then please trust yourself. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Current [email protected] * Leave this field empty Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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