Back in February on our hiking trip to Big Bend, we cooked two pretty tasty meals up on the mountain that I’d like to share with you. While hiking, especially on multi-day journeys, it’s important to have a real meal in the evenings at your camp site.
Of the two recipes, this was the one I had more reservation about but was the one that turned out best. Having enough nutritious food can make the difference in strength levels and overall general satisfaction levels.

All of these ingredients can be found at Whole Foods and likely any other large grocery store.
Our site is dedicated to exploring food and cooking via the lens of culturally relevant recipes, ingredients, and experiences. There were some massive changes aimed at improving the game’s, until now, shoddy performance. This time around, the updates that were put into place make substantial improvements to playability, and that is clearly reflected in how the app ultimately runs overall.

Niantic has taken to tightening up security in an attempt to keep users from getting any extra help from external apps.

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