It can be overwhelming to look at all of the areas where you don’t feel that you are achieving exactly what you want in life.
The Healthy Lifestyle Wheel created by the IAWP is a beautiful visual that our Certified Wellness Coaches use with their clients. You feel so much freedom when you know you can call the shots and take yourself where you want to go…. In just one short strategy session, Suzanne created a major breakthrough for me in my health coaching practice…. I was scared I was going to have to give up on my passion and go back and get a “real” job …. After working with Suzanne and the IAWP, I got crystal clear on who my ideal client is and how I was meant to serve them with my work. If you want to become educated not only as a wellness coach but also become a successful one, this certification program is a no-fail system.
When I started my wellness coaching practice, I was not used to finding clients on my own, as I used to work for large corporations.
Before I found the IAWP, I was struggling with finding clients, pricing my services and with my overall business plan.
On December 30th I held a Vision Board brunch with a few of my friends, sister, and niece (yes my, then 7-year old niece, made a vision board). So then comes May and I went to New Orleans for Memorial Day and ate and drank more than I should. I had to complete my last summer of my 2nd graduate program and the schedule was 8-5 Monday through Friday and a few Saturdays. Open a newspaper, magazine or the web and likely you will see something related to health and how everyone needs to improve it.
We are so passionate about everyone hearing the message of good health, so we wade through the information for you and teach classes in a group setting, presenting it in an easy to understand fashion; and we help you apply this information to your life.

The principles we teach should not be, and are not, intimidating and are NOT designed to make anyone's life more difficult.
Phase 1 consists of 12 interactive classes and field trips to teach you how to shop and eat for a healthy body. Wellness Education Classes and One-On-One Training serving the Colorado Western Slope & Roaring Fork Valley - from Aspen to Parachute thanks to email, internet and phone I can work with anyone, anywhere in the world. I was able to determine how to price and package my programs and create a joint venture partnership to increase client referrals. I am now moving forward with confidence because I have a plan in place with systematic steps that generate revenue in my business now and for the future! I participated in the crazy physical challenge Tough Mudder in April, and after that my motivation to workout went down hill. I didn’t realize what the food and liquor did to me, but when I returned my family members were asking why I looked swollen.
I love food too much, and it seems like that’s the one convenient thing to do when dating and hanging out with friends.
That was definitely my season to flourish and bear amazing fruit in many areas of my life and I thank God for it.
On the contrary, we simplify and take out the misinformation and make it easy for you to incorporate into your life and the lives of your families. Congratulate yourself for the areas where you are in balance and return to this exercises as often as you like to gain perspective and set intentions.
Last year I had lost a tremendous amount of weight on the Daniel Plan (over 15 lbs, that’s a lot for me) and I was the smallest that I had been in years. It felt good when my classmates noticed my weight loss, but it was extremely difficult for me to maintain my new healthy lifestyle because the food near Columbia is just ridiculously expensive and I didn’t have time to meal prep. 2015 has started off a little shaky in a few areas, but I know this season, this winter I’m feeling, is temporary because no season lasts forever.

We believe this can be accomplished by: educating individuals, training and certifying instructors, and partnering with organizations. This educational program is designed to change your life and be part of your lifestyle FOREVER! This is foundational to general health, weight loss, your ability to fight or prevent disease, reviatlizing energy, vitality, longevity and just overall quality of living.
These are the essential social activities for young modern women in NYC, but it ends up being very expensive and sometimes takes you off track of reaching your goal.
You can be thin and out of shape, have high cholesterol and high blood pressure, but because you are thin you think it is ok.
We need help wading through all the advice and information presented, and while we DO need to make changes, we need to do it in manageable chunks. This is not about counting points, going by a number on the scale or a short term solution.
My godmother is a nurse and told me to get dandelion root tea to detox from the sugar, salt, and alcohol.
I cancelled my gym membership because I know I’m not going to go, but I have been taking advantage of the on-demand fitness options that I pay for with Fios lol. In addition to learning about cleaning up what you eat, you will learn and apply exercise fundamentals and principles by working with a personal trainer 1-on-1. Your goal should be health and happiness, and to look good in and out of your clothes (whatever looking good means to you).
My family is pretty good when it comes to eating healthy and working out, so to still have member inflicted with these diseases is scary.

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