Early on the Saturday morning, a lovely mother and daughter came up to the stand and I could see that the mum had real difficulty walking. This didn’t surprise me as it is full of copper sulphate, which is a natural anti-inflammatory.
The copper element of Malachite makes its vibration very low, so by bringing the Malachite close to the source of pain, we’re hoping the low vibration of the Malachite will pull the high vibration of the injury back down to a more normal level ~ and therefore ease the pain!
I didn’t hear from either mum or daughter again after that, but find great comfort in the fact that agreeing to do the show in Grimsby that weekend was the right decision ~ purely to meet those two beautiful ladies. Even the seemingly “minor” issues of reducing everyday stress and worry can be challenging if we don’t have the right tools.  We often go after mental and emotional difficulties by trying to change our thoughts and feelings. Aside from the obvious benefits of bringing the physical body into its natural state of balance we find that the mind and the emotions tend to follow suit.   We learn through the postures and the breath to appreciate peace in the present moment and in time we begin to view the bigger picture with some healthy detachment. In the Core Shamanic world view, there are three primary spiritual causes of illness that can be addressed with Shamanic healing methods: Power Loss, Soul Loss and Spiritual Intrusions.
If we think of the Soul as being like a flock of birds, we can see how the loss of parts of the whole can weaken the system, making it more vulnerable to intrusion, or further power loss. We may lose significant aspects of our nature, like the ability to sense when we are overextended, or whether it is safe to act on our instincts, or the understanding of how to navigate difficult relationship dynamics. The strength of the original Soul Essence with which we were born is diminished further each time the soul is fragmented.
Sometimes Soul Loss occurs when there is an early instinctive knowledge that something in life is “just too much to bear”, like being born into a situation where there is a lack of nurture.
Soul Loss can occur during emotional or physical trauma, such as an accident, abusive situation, sudden shock to the system, surgery, disaster, divorce, psychic attack, or death of a loved one. Soul Loss can result in post traumatic stress disorder, gaps in memory, or feelings of “being spaced out” and unable to focus or concentrate. Sometimes a Soul Part has been taken, or kidnapped, or unconsciously placed with someone for safekeeping. Soul Loss can make it very difficult to maintain healthy relationships, and may prevent us from living a fulfilled and satisfying life. Compensatory mechanisms and habits may be developed to make up for this loss of essential energy.
In order to return this essential life force to the client the Shamanic Practitioner performs a Soul Retrieval ceremony. Each available piece of the Soul Essence is located, and communicated with, in order to ascertain how or why it left and the nature of the vital life force it represents. Once the Soul Retrieval is complete, a process of integration and support for the returned soul parts begins, as the client continues the healing process. Personal rituals and ceremonies may be revealed through the Spirit Guides, that will help to transform old habits and empower us to create lives filled with joy and love. Modern Shamans may also follow through with spiritual counselling, or collaborate with psychotherapists, to support the client after Soul Retrieval. In my practice I have had some amazing and moving experiences with my clients, and the results are often miraculous, although for some it can take time to fully realize the benefits of Soul Retrieval.
Integration of self, I think, must begin with the integration of spiritual concepts into our every day lives. Historically, crystals have been used by the likes of the Romans, the Ancient Egyptians, the Chinese, the Ancient Greeks, Indians and the Ancient Japanese to promote healing, enlightenment and the attraction and fulfillment of all forms of desire. My journey with crystals started fairly recently, and now, not only do I carry one with me wherever I go, I gift them to friends and family, keep some in my water filter, make grids out of them, dote over them like they are my small (but very real!) family members and dream of mining crystals myself one day!
All crystals (or Crystalline Silica to be precise) are considered to be one of the building blocks of life.
When a quartz crystal is cut, or struck together, the pressure applied to it generates an electrical charge. Researchers have been able to demonstrate the ability to store massive amounts of data indefinitely in a synthetic crystal. This information suggests that crystals (specifically quartz) have the ability to store information through the medium of laser technology (which are effectively – wavelengths of energy). The damaging effects of high intensity ionising radiation appears to be at the forefront of our minds. The impact of radiation poisoning caused by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, for instance, can still be seen today.
The movement led by the Shaman Little Grandmother Kiesha, to place crystals into the Pacific Ocean to absorb radiation poisoning suddenly bears a lot more weight! My name is Risha Joshi and I am a team member, editor and writer for PowerThoughts Meditation Club.
I am an avid fan of meditation and strongly believe in the benefits gained by adopting it into our daily lives. My mission: To help and empower people so that they may see their abundant personal power and potential, in the hope that we may all realise our connection to everything and everyone.

Personal Development & Spiritual GrowthYou can sign up for our weekly Personal Development & Spiritual Growth Tips & Tricks for FREE now! There are many Reiki symbols that have already been revealed and each of them is thought to possess a unique vibration of energy. This can be used for aid in manifestation, cleanse negative energies, empower other Reiki symbols, for spiritual protection, spot treatments, and seal the energies after the treatment. Next is called Sei He Ki also known as the Mental Emotional symbol because it helps those who are suffering from an emotional or mental imbalance. Sei He Ki means “God and Humanity Becomes One.” This enables the person to find activate Kundalini during meditations, balance between the left and right side of the brain, bring harmony and peace, cleansing, improve one’s memory, clear blockages and aligns the upper chakras, provide psychic protection, remove addictions, bad energies and negative vibrations. This is an aggregate from the 5 Japanese kanji namely; source, origin, person, right or just, correct certainly and thought or idea. Next symbol is known as Dai Ko Myo that is used to initiate a student to various initiatory Reiki degrees. This symbol is used to heal the soul since it deals with the person’s spiritual self that can cure a disease or illness from the original source in the aura or energy fields. Each of these symbols are activated by drawing them in the palm of your hand, visualizing it or spelling the symbols’ name three times. Symbols have power and if you can’t remember how to right it correctly, try recalling the alias because this can also be used to harness that energy. And using the right one is the only way you will be able to solve a problem whether it is physical, mental or psychological. The Universe works in mysterious ways and am getting used to doing its bidding ??  I’ll be blogging next week about Malachite as it is one of THE best physical healers in the mineral kingdom. I was born in California in 1972, but spent a lifetime growing up in overseas countries and travelling the world.
Each time there is Soul Loss, a part of our vital life force becomes detached from the ‘flock’ and is unavailable. Soul Loss both before and at the time of birth is also possible depending on the circumstances of the pregnancy, and because of the attitudes and procedures surrounding the birth.
Not all trauma leads to Soul Loss, and sometimes the Soul Fragments will return on their own, but often this is not the case. It can manifest as chronic depression, dissociation, immune deficiency problems, addictions, prolonged and severe grief or — in extreme cases — as suicidal tendencies or coma.
If there has been a circumstance where there has been repeated Soul Loss due to an ongoing situation, there may be many Soul fragments of a similar nature that have separated over time. If you feel like there is something essential missing in your life, or that you cannot access a particular state of being, or if you struggle with feelings of powerlessness or chronic depression, you may have experienced Soul Loss.
During the ceremony the practitioner searches for and tracks down the Soul parts that have been lost, stolen or that have strayed.
Some therapists find that issues that have not responded well to conventional therapies may be more easily addressed after Soul Retrieval.
Often Soul Retrieval alone is not enough if there has been a long standing pattern of dysfunction or illness, and other shamanic techniques may be employed. To read articles like this one allows for integration of self in a moment within the idea itself. You can also subscribe without commenting.Yes, please add me to your mailing list for your weekly digest! Crystal use dates back at least 6,000 years to the time of the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Silicon is also an excellent conductor of electricity and, therefore, crystals are of great use in the technology industry. It is commonly used in transistors, the world of integrated circuits and is the backbone of all computer chips. A piezoelectric crystal converts mechanical pressure into electricity. That means that bending or stretching or compressing the crystal creates an electrical current. When an electric charge is applied to the quartz, the crystal distorts, and as the voltage is removed, the crystal creates an electric field…. Furthermore, it suggest that this absorption process works particularly well with high intensity waveforms.
There are approximately 500 nuclear reactors worldwide used for the production of electricity. In simple terms, this means, “put all the power of the universe here.” This allows the user to draw energy from the surroundings so you can focus it where you want it to.
This is a distance symbol that is used to enable the Reiki channel to be able to channel Reiki at a distance regardless if this event happened in the past, the present or the future. It is also know as a Buddhist chant which means right consciousness is the root of everything.

It can also provide enlightenment and peace as it allows the person to become more intuitive and psychic. Then this is placed or drawn on the client’s chakra, hands or wherever this should be treated. With practice, you will no longer need to remember how they look because you will be able to harness it when needed. Just remember that it is the intention that really matters because as mentioned earlier, each of them are used for various things.
It would be a long journey, I’d have to take my son with me whom had only gone back to school the week before.
We all chatted for awhile and the lady was really drawn to a large piece of Malacholla (a natural, but rare combination of Malachite and Chrysocolla). It can remove energy blocks and neutralise areas of the body that are in pain.  When we experience pain, that are of the body gives off a high, frantic kind of vibration. By the time they had reached home, for the first time in many many years, her mum was pain free.
I have had the experience in my practice of being able to gather up a number of soul fragments that, when reunited and brought back, amount to a significant amount of returned life force. A Shamanic Journey is undertaken in an altered state of consciousness, in which the Shaman meets with her Power Animals and Guides, seeking their assistance in locating those lost or stolen soul parts which are ready and willing to return to help the client. Often the Soul Part is reintroduced through the Shaman blowing it into the body through the chest and crown of the head. This may be because the Soul Part that needs healing has not been present to be healed until the Shaman has returned it to the client.
They are considered to have metaphysical properties and some even claim psychic abilities with regular use.
I have swallowed my pride and become a true convert … I am the proud owner of a wide array of beautiful crystals. These properties have made Crystalline Silica an indispensable component of the natural and technological worlds. It is also used in all forms of electronics including telephones, mobile military radios and advanced electronic systems. Certain microorganisms (radiolarians) use the compound, taken from water, to form their structures and shells. The reverse is also true; an electrical current causes the crystal to bend, stretch, or compress. He successfully recorded a 300KB digital copy of a text file onto nanostructured glass using ultrafast and intense pulse laser. This may be particularly useful when it comes to the absorption of other high intensity electromagnetic waves like ionising and non- ionising radiation! Certain forms of radiation are slower moving and are not deeply penetrating into the body (non-ionising radiation), like sunlight, heat and sound.
They are unique, in that they are conductors of light, sound and electricity, yet can absorb high intensity energy endlessly.
From a young age I have felt a strong urge to help those who suffer from the consequences of negative thinking patterns. The space to reveal, re-integrate and re-familiarize ourselves is infinite when we acknowledge it. Other types of radiation are fast moving and extremely harmful (ionising radiation), like the ones used in MRI scans and Gamma radiation.
A meltdown at a Japanese nuclear facility, near Fukushima, during the Tsunami of 2004, resulted in over 800 tonnes of radioactive material leaking into the Pacific ocean, every single day since then! With this class, you become a more advanced Reiki practitioner with a deeper experience of the extraordinary healing and transformative powers of Reiki. The daughter then caught the two buses back to the show to buy the biggest piece I had in stock as a present for her mum. They also stated that is able to store the vast quantities of data for more than a million years!
I greatly enjoy helping them to overcome their fears, as well as equipping them with the courage to face their experience.
I dreamt about the event, people kept asking if I was going and there was a nagging feeling that grew and grew that it would be important (even though my logical reasons for not going still stood!). Could crystals maybe help to purify radiation poisoning within the oceans and absorb the high intensity Gamma waves?

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